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  1. What actual NGS data do folks load into their GSPr's usign the above suggestions? I have a new Garmin 76CSX, I used a *.loc file with all the local BMarks into GSAK. Then I filtered on BM type and exported them to a gpx file. I used Garmin's POI loader to create a custom POI database of all of those BMarks, but now want to include more of the description and details either in the POI database or in Cachemate on my PDA so I can on the spur of a moment go looking. Has anybody sucessfully exported the NGS datasheet stuff into Cachemate so you can go paperless with the descriptions and recovery logs appearing like they do for a Cache? Yep....Download NGS Datasheets by County, Convert the DAT file to a GPX file with BMGPX and load that directly into Cachemate. (PPC) Tap and Hold on a record , then tap on View Record. Entire Datasheet comes up just as you would see it on your PC. Note: You must use the file just as created by BMGPX ! If you open it with another program and save it you lose the Description data. At least I haven't been able to find a program so far that doesn't "lose" it.
  2. My interest is in being able to make additions, subtractions and other edits to the GPX file (NGS Dat file converted thru BMGPX) on the PC without losing the description data. I've also contacted Dan at Expert GPS about it having the same capabilities,and to see if he would look in to it. I'll bet you two "Brainiacs" could make it happen.
  3. Are you aware of any program that IS capable at the present time?
  4. Ver 1.1 for PPC Shouldn't I be able to open a GPX file exported from Cachemate with "Watcher" to view it's contents? Hasn't worked so far....at least the first 10-12 times tried. Message...Open a GPX file to begin....
  5. All Pros -----Only Con I can think of is that it's not also Free ! Well worth the $60 though. Has both Topos and Aerial Photos all over the US. Good data management features
  6. Be sure Mapsource is set to your correct model of GPSr. Mapsource should then show the same symbol choices as your unit. If the Mapsource file is an old one that was made using a different choice list then you would need to change the incompatible ones. (in Mapsource, before transfer). However, once that is done they should transfer back and forth between GPSr and Mapsource and retain the same unique symbols. On the Map page.... Menu>setup map> toggle over to the "blue flag" at the top.... On that page you should see 4 user selectable choices.... Changing the top two from "Auto" to whatever distance you want controls when(at what zoom level) certain features appear. Also on the Map setup page ....go over to the first icon on the left side....on that page there should be 4 choices....change Detail from Normal...... toward More or toward Less and see if tone of those does what you want. There are enough user selectable choices on your unit that you should be able to get it just like you want it.
  7. Has anyone done a comparison of features on these two for use with a PPC? Mainly for use BM hunting. Transferring GPX files to a PPC, and features after installed.
  8. Your default marker is whatever marker you used last., so whenever you change a marker, just leave that symbol selected, "quit" or "page " out and the next and subsequent wpts will use the "New" selection. (until you change it to another) For just individual wpts with a different symbol, change the symbol on a new wpt then change it back(leave the desired one selected) to whatever you want as default
  9. Complaints 1-6-What this shows is that you haven't tried to use your GPSr very much since purchasing it. At least 5 of the 6 complaints are "User selectable" items....you just haven't "selected". Read,re-read and re-read your manual....(it ain't real clear or very descriptive sometimes) and take your GPSr out and "Play" with it. It's got more features and options(menu pages and menu pages of them) than you will ever possibly use. Between the manual, this forum and lots of "play" time, you'll get there.....and a little "hitting the menu buttion at the right time" This is not intended to be a put down, more like a "Been there done that" tale. I just recently discovered (with help through this forum) an option on my 76CS that I was complaining about being "Missing". .....This was after ONLY using my unit DAILY in both work and "play" for several YEARS! And to think that I thought I knew which end was up! The first option I changed on mine was the "dreaded blue flag" to a City small "dot". Display any saved waypoint, toggle up to the waypoint symbol, enter,voila!, you can "picks the one you likes"
  10. GOT IT ! Did the NGS dat file download> BMGPX conversion to GPX> Installed GPXSonar on PPC which will read GPX files directly. All information available. Thanks !
  11. I had already done the NGS download by county >BMGPX>to get the GPX file. And I can use GPS Babel to convert the GPX to a LOC file. I can open the GPX file in Expert GPS and see all the BM coordinate locations on the map . What I don't see anywhere, is a way to view the information on the datasheet describing distances from,etc.(without "Viewing online") Are you saying that info is actually part of the GPX file and then the LOC file but only available after you use Cachemate to load onto your PPC? I was hoping that was something I could do with Watcher or someway to export as a txt file to view with Word.
  12. Do you then have access to the datasheets on your PPC ? The GC sheets or The NGS sheets?
  13. Maybe I just haven't struggled long enough, but I haven't been able to figure a way to do this....so far.... I want to create a file of BM Datasheets to put on my PPC to carry with me when I go BM hunting. I don't care if it is data from GC or NGS or ?, as long as it is in a format (or one that I can convert) that I can get loaded on my PPC. Based on the route I will be traveling, I'd like to (manually if necessary) select which BM I may be passing close to, and then create a file of the datasheets to upload to my IPAQ. I already have the coordinate data in my GPSr, so that is not a problem. I just need to have the complete location description available. I have BMGPX, Watcher, Expert GPS, TOPO!, Mapsource, USAP, and a few others. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. "Could I ask where you obtained your MCX connector? With shipping, buying one online from the sources I found is almost as much as a new antenna!" I'm interested in one (90deg MCX) too!
  15. Use the toggle button to "pan" back over to Missouri to the area where you hiked and see if in fact the trail is there. If not ???? If so, then next time just before you start your hike, at the start point go to track page and "clear track log". Sometimes upon startup, before actual lock, GPSrs will show some wierd positions ,and that may be included in your tracklog. Download the tracklog to your PC if possible and see if is visually more apparent what happened.
  16. TOPO still has a problem with recognizing which streets have already been updated, but they are working on it. Also has anyone noticed that with one of the most recent updates, TOPO can now import/export Wpts and Routes directly in GPX format! Finally!! You can also indirectly export Tracks.... ....by converting to route before exporting. Then when you get that route into something else,you can convert back to a track to load into your GPSr
  17. Expert GPS supports the USB 76CSx. I don't know about the rest of the project.
  18. NG TOPO does have a Mac version and they also have Pocket TOPO for the Palm. Will the pair would work together to do what you want to do ?? I'm not sure.
  19. Quads that were downloaded before installing 4.2.2 apparently not recognized as being the newest version (even though they are, and display as such). I just re-downloaded a bunch of (previously downloaded) quads and now 4.2.2 recognizes them. And,as you have discovered, that same principle DOES NOT apply to streets, no matter which version they are downloaded with. Yep, you have to do a lot of "Clicking" don't you! Either a "click and drag to select" or a "select all" feature would be great.
  20. Just as a followup to my earlier posting about arguing with TOPO .... After 4.2.2 patch update. They STILL have a problem with the Quads & Streets update ! In my area, when you identify and download an updated quad,all works fine and the quad displayed is the new updated version. However, when you go back to select additional quads to update, you'll notice that the first ones you did still show to need updating. (red dot instead of then being a green dot) Contacting them again..........
  21. In my area of SW Colo, it updates them to the latest 2001 release by the USGS. Not all in the area have released updates, but the released ones are identified when an area is specified in the Live Updates window
  22. Also, should fix problems with downloading updated Quads and Streets. The note below is the end result of three days arguing with them that they had a problem. Patience?? I wouldn't even recognize it if I met it face to face on the street! Our TOPO! developers are going to hopefully release a patch to version 4.2.1 in the next few weeks that should address the issues you are experiencing with the Street Update Feature. Thank you for your patience. ~Please include all previous correspondence with your reply~ Technical Support National Geographic Maps Evergreen, CO
  23. If the difference in coordinates between WGS 84 and NAD 83 in the Seattle area is 308 ft.....these definitely are terrible times we live in !!!!!! In Mapsource , with Mapsource set on NAD83, make a waypoint. Click on the waypoint tab and expand the list out where you can see the coordinates for that point. Then go to Edit>Preferences>Position...and change from NAD83 to WGS84 and note how much the coordinates for that point "DON'T" change between WGS84 and NAD83. If you do the same thing except change to NAD27Conus, THAT is where you probably came up with 308 ft.
  24. In SW Colorado, Sunday AM (3/19) I was getting a strong signal from both 38 & 48.....no solid bar but strong signal and D corrections on all sats. (8 at the time) Map76CS Then on Monday I was getting strong signals from 35 & 38 but no solid lock again. All Ds again. Both days error was down in the range of 6-8 feet ! I'm in a N-S high mountain valley GREAT reception lately. Absolutely NO complaints. Since around the time they started moving 35 we've been getting better and better.
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