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  1. Yes. I'm using my Trimble Pathfinder "GPS Pathfinder Office 2.70" desktop software and my session planner data reflects what I see displayed on my Map 60Cx right now. Not sure if another free version of this operates the same but it sure should. A few things to check first. You need the current Almanac from Trimble found here, called GPS Almanac is .SSF file format. Download this file and save it. Open a session and point to this current almanac file. The almanac should not be older than 30 days to be accurate. Next, be sure you have your correct location entered for your session. Finally, make sure you have the correct time zone for your location. (Adjust for daylight savings, etc.). If you can specify a narrow time frame it should then agree with your GPSr. Hope this helps answer your question. Timpat, Thanks ! It was the Almanac file. The "Current" Ephemeris file on the Planning Software page is NOT current in spite of it's name. Used your link and now everything agrees exactly. At the same time I downloaded the planning software , I downloaded the Current Ephemeris file, so that's where I got the almanac. I was using Lake City for a station. 38 03 lat, 107 18 lon, Sun 6/25, Elev cutoff 20 deg The time I was looking at was 3:30 pm Program said I should only be seeing G05,G17,G25 (due to high Position DOP) My GPSr was seeing 1,16,20,23. With "Your" almanac, program now says 1,16,20,23. Thanks again
  2. Ill try it and let you know .
  3. From another perspective... What would your elevation on the airplane show if you had a Cx not a CSx?
  4. Shouldn't the satellites shown as being visible at a particular time for a station location be the same "Numbers" as what the GPSr actually "sees" at that location and time?
  5. Unless I am totally mis- understanding the problem, which is entirely possible.... On my 76CS on the altimeter page one of the choices I can change the data fields to is Elevation. That would be the elevation as calculated by GPS, nothing to do with pressure. The other data field can be set to show whichever pressure you desire, Amb or Baro. and have auto calibration "OFF" to keep the GPS Elevation from trying to adjust the barometric altimeter "altitude" I've never even heard of the term "GPS altitude"
  6. Why not just go to the main menu page>altimeter>enter> and turn auto calibration off/ That should "disconnect" the barometric altimeter from the equation and then the GPS elevation is just that....the GPS elevation. In the airplane the altimeter reading will be affected by the cabin pressure but the GPS elevation should read correctly if you are locked onto sattelites When they are "connected" by "auto calibration" it's the GPS that corrects the barometric altimeter , not the other way around.
  7. Grasscatcher

    76csx Owners

    I have a 76CS..... Would anyone with a 76CSx please check to see if the "X's" still have this option? On any specific waypoint's page, with the name, date/time,coordinates showing, press Menu. On the next page, which should start with "Average Location, Project Waypoint,etc", see if there is a "Reposition Here" option. You may have to Toggle "Up" one position or Toggle all the way "Down" the page, plus one more. Thanks in advance.
  8. I had the same problem. As stated above, some batteries are shorter than others. (By as much as .010-.012). Not a bunch, but enough to cause interrmittent contact loss on some units. I've got one set of batteries that I always use a small piece of 3/16" thick open celled packing foam between the cover and the batteries to hold them snug. A few folds of kleenex (not too thick) will also work until you find the right foam.
  9. Forget the ground plane and extra weight....put velcro on the bottom of the antenna and the other half on your cap, or pack frame orcar dash, or whatever. It has worked perfectly for me for years.
  10. Now you know. I'm not aware of any feature differences, it's just that every so often they will come out with a new set of map CDs . With the Streets & 3d upgrade that will take you to software ver 4.0.Then you will be prompted to download the latest ver which will take you to 4.2.2 or possibly 4.2.3 which is what I'm running. When USGS releases new versions of the quads you can DL (free) as a new function of the software. The Tiger Streets data is the 2004 ver I believe.
  11. You forgot to mention that with the Streets & 3D upgrade you can also now download the latest version of the USGS quads if any newer versions have been released since the ones on your CDs. Also can download the latest Tiger Streets data available.
  12. Grasscatcher

    Expensive Gpsr

    I've got a Map76CS which when I bought it several years back listed for over $500. Since I also live in the Rockies (SW Colo), the altimeter gets used regularly and I have seen a legitimate elevation reading of 14309 ft and an accurate recorded track of how I got there. I regularly map Snowmobile trails and ATV trails and it will save up to 20 tracks with 500 track points each and using an external antenna allows me to keep both hands free if needed for climbing or just to keep them warm in the Winter. I can save up to 1000 waypoints and can view them on Topo maps or on Auto routing Maps. I got it as soon as the 76CS's became available (several years ago) and it gets used extensively and DAILY. I put a screen protector shield on it as soon as I got it and the rest of the case is totally scratch free and in perfect condition. I see some pictures on the forum of units beat up and scratched up. That is totally unnecessary, and uncalled for, even if they are used regularly. Now, why did I get that one? Because I wanted it..... and it had all the features I wanted and I use all of them I personally like the size and form factor of buttons above the screen. More stable when operating it with one hand. It's NEVER been dropped.
  13. Expert GPS will do it easily. Select the track. "Simplify" (remove some of the trackpoints) the track. (perform this operation maybe more than once) "Convert to Route" You are through!
  14. Ambient pressure is the actual pressure as felt by a guage. Barometric pressure is that (ambient) pressure calibrated to sea level ie Two locations, one at sea level and one on a mountain top, can have the same ambient pressure but the higher elevation one would show a lower barometric pressure at the same ambient pressure. Thats the reason you must calibrate your (barometric pressure) altimeter to a "known" elevation. edited for spelling....left out an "h"
  15. Are there any Garmin dealers or salespeople out there that might have a clue or possibly have heard rumors about why there's already a $100 rebate on these two? Surely it's not just over production vs the 60s. I already have (since first introduced) a 76CS and had made up my mind to wait on the next Major new product release. However with prices at $399 & $439 (Cx& CSx) and now an additional $100 rebate, it sure is tempting. I personally like the size and format of the 76 series much better than the 60 series. Different strokes..... Is there any scuttlebutt floating around about new models coming out? If that is so, to me it would seem to be awfully early after the "x" introduction. Maybe both L2 & L5 signal compatibility? Anybody think of anything else? Serious Responders only...Let's don't make this thread a "Wish List" for GC features.
  16. You also really need to try Expert GPS.... I'll bet you will find that the more you use it , the more you will like it . ....no matter how many other programs you use. And you will find a new capability almost everytime you use it.
  17. Yep, NG TOPO used to have two different file types(tpo for maps, and tpg for waypoints labels etc),now just tpo for everything. HOWEVER, now NG TOPO is compatible with GPX files, which can be used with multiple other softwares. SO, you can do almost everything you used to be able to do with the tpg waypoint files. Just export the waypoints as a gpx file and take it to another program,or whatever you want to do. I haven't found TOPO support to be totally terrible or totally fantastic either. I have made several suggestions that have been incorporated and others that have not been. Different Strokes......
  18. I'd contact Garmin Tech Support. I would be surprised if they didn't fix it or replace it free of charge
  19. I regularly use several different mapping programs and have found the two that I use almost exclusively are NG TOPO and Expert GPS. NG TOPO probably has the higest quality topo maps ( and you can now get online updates of the quads as they become available) but Expert GPS also has Aerial Photos. What you plot on the topo also shows up on the AP. Both programs provide excellent data management also.....and have short learning curves. Expert GPS has unparalleled tech support and a free trial period ....then($59 ?) See Topografix. Another program worth looking at is USAPhotomaps-Free ....Not as good data management though. In my opinion, Delorme is not even close to being in the same league as any of the above. Delorme wants to tell you what features you want and how you should do things instead of listening to their users needs.
  20. I notice you used the word "UPWARDS"in refering to your compass pointer....... The compass must be held flat and level to function.It will not work when held vertically.
  21. Grasscatcher


    Most (if not all) GPSrs "Think" internally in WGS84. .....but can "Talk" (display) to you in whatever datum you have chosen by your settings on the unit. It's like a person that can speak several languages. (Ever wonder which language they "think" in?) They can talk to me in one language and to you in another ,etc What IS IMPORTANT is that, any data that you input into your GPSR MUST be entered in the same format as you received it. If you get it as WGS84, set your unit on WGS 84 BEFORE entering the data then enter it. If NAD 27, change your unit THEN enter. If NAD 83, change your unit THEN enter. Then your unit will have the correct information internally and will display the correct information to you, no matter which "display" format (datum) you choose. As mentioned above, if you are plotting points from coordinates on your GPSr, or getting coordinates from a paper map to put into your GPSr. Then your GPSr should be set to the same Datum as the paper map(before data transfer either way). Hope this helps.
  22. I assume you want to export tracks? Select a track and convert it to a Route in TOPO. Export it as a text file (comma delimited or gpx) If the TOPO ver you have exports it as a gpx file, save it then go back in and change the extension from gpx to txt. (because Excel doesn't recognize gpx as a text file) Ignore any warnings about changing the extension. Open the txt file with Excel (select Comma delimited) and tell it to start the import with line (Probably "3", due to having 2 lines of text at the top) In other words , don't import the text lines. I do it all the time but I use UTM coordinates. You may have to change the coordinate format in TOPO before you export ( to whatever format you want afterwards) All the data then should line up in nice neat rows. After you have the text file in Excel then you can save it as a csv file if that's what you need to proceed to the Majelly
  23. Neo Geo, You are right... I got my vers and facts wrong....and the bad part is that I've kept MG 4 (instead of upgrading) specifically for that Autorouting reason...... Sorry 'bout that....must have had a "Senior Moment"
  24. Metroguide 4 only provides Autorouting on the PC...but not on the GPSr
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