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  1. Does anyone know if the 60CS settings are similar to another GPS as it is not in the list of Garmin GPS units on the software?


    Try Map 76S ...the 60,76 Series are all similar until you get to the new "x's". I just downloaded a bunch of stuff from my 76CS to TOPO! ver 3.4.3. -----Wpts,Tracks, Routes...no problems.


    If you have a track that is ONLY in Mapsource and not in your GPSr, then the only way I know to transfer that track is to export from Mapsource back through your GPSr, and Import into TOPO! So first work on getting yor settings where you can transfer data from your GPSr to TOPO.


    Let me know if you still can't transfer data.


    Are you using USB cable transfer or Serial cable? If Serial, be sure transfer interface is set to "Garmin"

    from Main menu....Menu> System>Interface>be sure Serial Data Format says "Garmin"

  2. Pinout is in your manual toward the back.

    Serial connection/Power plug is also used for NMEA for live tracking hookup

    new "x's" can also be powered from USB cord w/12v auto addapter


    Forget the high$ Invis.Shield--go to Office Depot and get a package of screen protectors for PDA. Get a size that's bigger than your GPSr screen and trim to fit. I've had (the first) one on my GPSr probably for longer than Invis. Shield has been in business.


    And after all of that.....send the unit back to Garmin "Rat Now" , it will probably be free and may not take as long as you think.

  3. Unless you've been in GPS'ing for a while, I know that the question(s) of what mapping software, what's the difference , which (ver & name) is compatible with what GPSr, and why...(big chunks vs small chunks) ,all of this can be very daunting and confusing.


    What will autoroute and what won't , whether only on the PC but not on the GPSr, etc


    I regularly see that Metroguide wont autoroute on the GPSr, but mine will because I still use an early version.


    That (old Metroguide) is an inexpensive alternative to CS & CN and the owner doesn't have to worry about lock codes etc. . Of course,if you do a LOT of traveling, and NEED the absolute latest metro streets, then you'll have to go with CS or CN.


    Stuff like that, if it can be compiled maybe in a flow chart style or something along those lines, might answer a whole miriad of questions.

  4. There will still be the problem with the Posters that write,

    " I just took my new fantastic GPS out of the box...now,how do I turn it on???? Please Help!, I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow"

    Every new GPS comes with a manual......some are not as informative as they could / should be, but for an owner to not even be willing to TRY to exercise any self help is ridiculous.


    Some of the top of the line new GPSr's are somewhat complicated due to being so feature laden. IMHO those really shouldn't be recommended for "newbies", but that recomendation is exactly what happens time & time again on this forum.


    Sputnik's and Robert's sites should absolutely be REQUIRED READING, before being allowed to post a question, but, I don't know how that can happen.

    Also,at the head of the forum, there should be a list of the Top 10 websites for purchasing GPSr's, or a link to a search location with "GPSr" already entered.

    I already did a tongue in cheek posting on "What Batteries?" months ago. Carry extras and find out for yourself what works the best in YOUR unit!


    OH !, and have you heard, "they" are coming out with a 37 GB micro SD card for the new Garmin"x" models. Can I put all of Rhode Island on that one card??........ Like who even CARES?


    Robert, your suggestions are excellent, but as you can probably tell, I don't have the patience!

  5. Why is this thread entitled Mapsource Topo 6.11.1? It is a little deceiving, don't you think? This update has nothing to do with updating Garmin's Topo USA software.

    NO, It's not deceiving......It's just that YOU don't understand....there is Mapsource Topo, Mapsource Metroguide, Mapsource City Select, Mapsource City Navigator, Mapsource (etc,etc.......)


    My original Mapsource program CDs, that the above posted update applies to, say Mapsource Topo.

  6. I would almost bet what is causing the additional active track log(s) to be created is loose batterie(s). Connection lost only for an instant and active log restarted but lost connection not long enough to have to restart unit.


    Was there any "Jarring" on your trek? I've had it happen several times on an ATV trip on rough terrain. Small piece of open cell foam in batt compartment fixed it.

  7. http://trimble.com/planningsoftware_ts.asp




    Try the Trimble Planning program above (free) It will help you understand what is going on, not just morning vs afternoon, but day to day, location to location. Best conditions are when you see the combination of numer of Sats are at least greater than 5 and PDOP is Low(est). Show both graphs (Sat # & PDOP) and tile horizontally.


    Get the latest almanac from the second site above, instead of using the "Current Ephemeris" file on the first site because I have found that the Ephemeris file is sometimes not up to date.


    You can set up a "station" as your house with the known coordinates, or any where else that you know the coordinates of and want to know the GPS satellite viewing conditions, or when your GPS readings might be best (or worse)


    Look at some of the reports etc and you will be able to see what sats (actual individual sat ID #) should be available at what times, and if you go outside with your GPSr at that time .....voila!, that's the Sats it can see!

    And you could tell all that information even before you went outside to try it!


    Excellent program for understanding why you see what you see on your GPSr, and that some of the "Unexplainable" is actually "to be expected".


    Try it, play with it, change things, see what's available, screw up, beat your head on the wall, start over....that's the Brute Force method of learning, sometimes slower, sometimes faster, but you will always "retain" more. ....because you've learned what "not to do" along with what "TO DO".

  8. When navigating to a spot, (cache,car,whatever...) leave the compass off. If you have selected a "Go To" item, follow the arrow.....it is pointing to the spot. That is what you have told it to do,

    The compass only confuses the issue. ....only use it when standing still, and then only use it after calibration and like a manual compass. (you just don't have to carry an extra item!)

    Calibration? In the field, just hold your palm out in front of you and level, rotate the GPSrs on your palm with your other hand. At home, lay the GPSR flat on the table,carpet,counter (away from any metallic objects) and rotate it.


    No good automatic routing software exists for GPS. OK, make that NO software exists.



    NO ??? None??? Did I really find something that I can do that no one else in the world can do? I really doubt that!


    Not actual "Autorouting" with "dummy" screen written instructions, but nearly.....


    Use Expert GPS from Topografix....On your PC at home....On trails that you HAVENT traveled (or want to travel (PCT)), hand draw a track (not a Route), add any intersections or side trails or points of interest,etc. ......"simplify" the track to reduce the # of trackpoints if necessary, transfer the track to your GPSr, "Save"it, select the track on your GPSr and use the "trackback" function. Start at any point on the trail, with the track selected, and "tell the GPSr" any other point on the trail to "navigate to".....which is part of the trackback function. Can use either the compass page OR the Map page , with the track displayed to navigate. It actually even appears to anticipate an upcoming turn slightly before you get there.


    Note: In Expert GPS a "hand drawn" track will not show the elevation profile, but after you have traveled the trail, a "saved track" as downloaded from your GPSr WILL.


    I'm not associated with, and this is not a comercial for, Expert GPS. Just a response from an avid,(say rabid), regular user. IMHO, you can't beat it for flexibility and features and data mgmt. Has Aerial Photos too....your data on the topo map also shows on the AP. And the software developer is SUPER responsive with updates and changes and new features. Unbelieveably so.....

  10. Shouldn't the satellites shown as being visible at a particular time for a station location be the same "Numbers" as what the GPSr actually "sees" at that location and time?

    Yes. I'm using my Trimble Pathfinder "GPS Pathfinder Office 2.70" desktop software and my session planner data reflects what I see displayed on my Map 60Cx right now. Not sure if another free version of this operates the same but it sure should. A few things to check first. You need the current Almanac from Trimble found here, called GPS Almanac is .SSF file format. Download this file and save it. Open a session and point to this current almanac file. The almanac should not be older than 30 days to be accurate. Next, be sure you have your correct location entered for your session. Finally, make sure you have the correct time zone for your location. (Adjust for daylight savings, etc.). If you can specify a narrow time frame it should then agree with your GPSr. Hope this helps answer your question.



    Thanks ! It was the Almanac file. The "Current" Ephemeris file on the Planning Software page is NOT current in spite of it's name. Used your link and now everything agrees exactly.


    At the same time I downloaded the planning software , I downloaded the Current Ephemeris file, so that's where I got the almanac.


    I was using Lake City for a station. 38 03 lat, 107 18 lon, Sun 6/25, Elev cutoff 20 deg


    The time I was looking at was 3:30 pm


    Program said I should only be seeing G05,G17,G25 (due to high Position DOP)


    My GPSr was seeing 1,16,20,23.


    With "Your" almanac, program now says 1,16,20,23.


    Thanks again

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