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  1. Is your GPSr a Garmin? The line is probably a navigation line to one of the Garmin Waypoints (ususally in the unit by default originally) Try going to the waypoint page and finding the Garmin wpt and delete it(or them) and see if the line goes away. Or go to the map page and "toggle" the pointer to the Kansas end of the line and determine what waypoint is there and then find it in the wpt list and delete it. Also when on the map page, hit menu >stop navigation
  2. IMHO..... Mapsource -For installation in your GPS (only one possible for most people's ability) NG TOPO!- For the absolutely best quality digitized maps. Expert GPS - For the most flexible Data management and also Aerial Photos
  3. Robert, Tell me where to insert those command lines...(in GPS Babel)...now be nice I've only used it to get Tracks from tpo file to GPX file before. Thanks
  4. JV, Sorry to get the thread back on subject.......but try contacting, Dan Foster (support2006@expertgps.com), he's the developer of Easy, and Expert GPS......However,he'll be "Out of Office" from Aug 31-Sept 4. Also check out http://forums.topografix.com/
  5. Yes, they are compatible. You can use the serial (4 pin from your 76S) or the mini USB that will come with your new one. For uploading maps or downloading from your GPSr you'll want to use the USB.......mucho faster!
  6. Thanks everyone! I'll try'em and see what works the best.
  7. Is there "anything out there" that will convert waypoints, tracks,routes, notes/Labels, symbols from a GPX file into separate Shapefiles (for each type data) Thanks
  8. Site unavailable. Anyway, what did it show? Yeah, I had trouble getting on it this AM but made it in this PM What it gives is the chunk sizes of the different versions of most of Mapsource's software. #MB for each area, etc
  9. Robert, Have you seen this site? http://www.geocities.com/stuart_mw/ It answers a lot of the "How big" "What will fit" type questions
  10. Hertzog... That interesting point is an interesting point itself.....and since I never thought of it before......I wonder if you can have 20 saved tracks w/500 points each and still have 10,000 trackpoints in the active log? (ignoring the "x" models with separate memory card) Anyone ever do that little bit of trivia?
  11. See if this helps or confuses.... If you go to where you want to start logging a track, at that point clear the track log. When you start moving, zoom in and you will see a breadcrumb trail on your screen . At some point down the trail if you want to save that "first portion" ,l go to the tracks page and hit "save". It will ask you "entire log" or how far back in time you want to save to. In this case you would choose entire log. The "saved track" is named by the date and date(2) for the second track that date etc. The time and speed is only stripped from the "saved track" and you still have the active log in your unit (duplicate info as saved track + time and speed) As you continue down the track , you add data to the active log. (but not the stored "saved track") If you turn the unit off and then back on later ,then you will start a new "active log" but you will also still have the first active log in your unit. To get the active log(s) out of your unit you have to go to the tracks page and "clear" ....entire log?> yes When you do that it clears the active log(s) but NOT the saved tracks. If you also log tracks to the Micro SD card it is the active track log that is being saved (with time and speed) in addition to being saved in internal memory but without limits on number of trackpoints (just controlled by available memory on card)
  12. In Garmin units, the "saving " operation strips the time and speed info , apparently to conservememory space. It also limits your trackpoints to 500/saved track. 500per track X 20 tracks is where your 10,000 tp limit comes from It's really not a big deal now that you know about it. If you need the time and speed info,use the active log ,if not,use the saved track. You can have it both ways since you can now also log the track to your m sd card.
  13. You can easily do it with Expert GPS by Topografix. If you can find one pin and if you know which one that is on a survey etc, then by using "project a waypoint" (with distances and directions), you can construct the whole property layout and display it on a Topo or Aerial Photo
  14. I'm not sure which came first but TOPO USA may have been around for longer than auto routing GPSr units
  15. No you are not missing anything and understand correctly......It was TOPO USA that I was refering to that does not auto route / give turn by turn directions. Sorry I missed your location.
  16. If you don't do a lot of traveling in the bigger metropolitan areas where you might need the absolute latest minor street information, then I think you would even be fine with the older version of Metroguide(4.01) and Topo. I have both loaded for all of Colorado. That older version (MG4) will autoroute on your PC as well as your GPSr. Topo will not autoroute. Neither of those are "locked" software so you don't have to put up with that hassle. Sorry but I don't know about the Lakes software. My GPSr is a Map76CS with 115 mb ....not an "x"
  17. Sputnik, Congratulations! That is the clearest, most concise and accurate explanation of the differences in Mapsource "streets & roads" software that I have ever seen. With an added blurb about "Topo" showing only the basic roads and NOT having autorouting capabilities I think that Robert ought to include it in the FAQ at the top of the forum. Many posts could be referred directly to that explanation.
  18. Sputnik There may be other factors to consider... My GPSr is a Map76CS Mapsource Topo, and Metroguide 4.01 (and Basemap) I have 232 Waypoints in my unit at present. Waypoints only...not POIs Distance from my home varies from 0 to 192.96 miles Waypoints-If I choose Find Nearest, the list shows only the closest 50 waypoints ,and #50 is only 19.94 miles away. POI- Find Nearest list shows closest 50 and the max distance is 11.97 miles Cities-Find Nearest list shows closest 43 and the max distance is 61.93 miles Exits-Find Nearest list 200+(still going) and max distance 400+ miles(and still going) This is with Routable Americas Base Map So.......maybe "nearest" depends on software installed as well as difference between units ?
  19. His is probably set on "Find Nearest" instead of "Find by Name" On the Waypoint page, hit Menu then select Find By Name
  20. The "Reposition Here" mentioned above is the most accurate. You must have the original waypoint displayed before pressing Menu. Also note that the "Reposition Here" option doesn't appear in the list on the first page that shows up....you must scroll down one place.....at least that's the way it is on my 76CS
  21. Topo 24K NP is only detailed IN the National Parks.....NOT detailed outside the parks. So the "regular" Topo is probably your best bet....unless you only camp inside the Natl Parks.
  22. I'd call and complain to Garmin. With their customer service being what it is, they might surprise you.....Just my .02
  23. Also, are you using USB cable or Serial cable? Live tracking (I believe) requires a serial cable hookup to support NMEA data transfer. And as the previous poster said, recent versions of Mapsource won't do live tracking. Use nRoute.....it's free.
  24. Try Map 76S ...the 60,76 Series are all similar until you get to the new "x's". I just downloaded a bunch of stuff from my 76CS to TOPO! ver 3.4.3. -----Wpts,Tracks, Routes...no problems. If you have a track that is ONLY in Mapsource and not in your GPSr, then the only way I know to transfer that track is to export from Mapsource back through your GPSr, and Import into TOPO! So first work on getting yor settings where you can transfer data from your GPSr to TOPO. Let me know if you still can't transfer data. Are you using USB cable transfer or Serial cable? If Serial, be sure transfer interface is set to "Garmin" from Main menu....Menu> System>Interface>be sure Serial Data Format says "Garmin"
  25. Using a thin piece of open celled foam between batteries and the cover on the loose ones will solve the connection problem and won't hurt anything on the tighter ones.
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