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  1. Jest couldn't figure out what was so bad about what shape or what kind of paper it came as......if it cashes or deposits,or spends....that's all that counts!
  2. What would you do if "they" wrote it on toilet paper?
  3. Mine just says 1.3.0 and GUI 2....but who cares... as long as it works!
  4. If you want to ignore the barometer, why don't you just set your unit on "Fixed Elevation"? That way it forces the unit to use (record) the GPS elevation. At least that is my interpretation, based on my manual which says "Trip data is not recorded when in Fixed Elevation Mode". That's just another use for that setting, as a "disconnect" between GPS and Altimeter so that the Altimeter can function just as a Barometer. "Not sure what you mean by "the barometric elevation is the one that gets "Corrected" by the GPS." Unless I have the unit set to auto calibrate as Apersson suggests, the elevation data is not corrected - it is what the barometric altimeter records. My manual says"When On (Auto Calibration), elevation is corrected by GPS. " Personally, I manually calibrate the altimeter before leaving home (known elevation) or at some known elevation and always leave unit set on auto calibration to compensate for pressure fluctuations due to changing weather.
  5. Save a file that you want to convert.....wherever In GPS Babel GUI 2 Use the pulldown arrow and select the "type" of Input file. Use browse button (rh end that line) to "path" to the file to be converted. Output file-select "type" file is to be converted "to" Type in name for converted file (must also type "(.) & three letter extension " ...then use browse button on that line to "path" to location you want to save it "Let's Go" Done
  6. I will give that a try, I would have to say when we were kayaking when trying to determine the right way to go,we were sitting still. So with the compass off, is the only way to know which way you are headed by the North arrow on the map page? If not, how do you knowN,S,E,W? Thanks By the way.......I meant by poing the unit East etc, it would be off by several marks My personal choice is to have "map only" on map page (no data fields) and with unit set on "North Up". That way you can line up (the map) with terrain features just like with a paper map. If the "breadcrumb trail" shown on the map is moving straight up the page from bottom to top then your direction of travel is,or has been, North. Angling left is NW, angling right is NE, going from top to bottom is S, etc..... Note : If you hold the unit crossways of your body or any other position, it will still show the same "breadcrumb" trail because it is tracking your "direction of travel", NOT the direction you are pointing the unit. HOWEVER, When you stop moving , turn the compass on and hold it very level, and the compass pointer will show you which direction you are pointing the unit. I just did a trial experiment. I have a 76CS, a 76CSx, and a Magnetic Silva compass(with declination set). I laid all three on the floor to maintain level, pointed the Silva as close to due North as I could read the scale, and then lined up the two GPSs as close to parallel ( but separated) to the Silva as eyeball could get them. All three matched EXACTLY. I had to separate them physically approx 3-4" to eliminate apparent magnetic or electrical interferrence.
  7. No, the tracklog uses the baro altimeter. This actually isn't stupid because if you really care, you can go and shift it after the fact, but you can't really smooth it out after the fact. If that's true .......then what elevation is it that is included in the active tracklog from "Non S" units that don't even have a barometer/altimeter? With no sensors, it has to be GPS elevation. And according to Garmin, in the "S" units, the barometric elevation is the one that gets "Corrected" by the GPS, not the other way around. (not GPS elevation corrected by baro)
  8. You do know that you must be MOVING for the GPS to determine your heading don't you. Not just "pointed". If you are standing still, you are not HEADING anywhere, so the unit cannot determine where your track is second by second, and thereby determine your "heading". It's likely to tell you anything standing still. Leave the compass turned off (press Page, and hold for a couple of seconds) and be sure you have your unit set to display "Bearing Pointer" and NOT "Course Pointer", also have display set to North up , not Track up. Standing still, if you turn the compass ON then it will tell you which direction you have the unit pointed. Be sure it has recently been calibrated.
  9. If you can find trails on NG Map Exchange that interest you then you can use GPS Babel v 1.3.0 to convert from the NG "tpo" file to GPX format and/or many others . Converts waypoints, tracks,routes and other stuff as well. GPS Babel easily converts between many different formats.
  10. What about the active tracklog on the new "x" series that can be logged on the mem card? Wouldn't it be the GPS elevation that gets logged and not the Barometric elevation? The "non S" versions log elevation data as part of the active tracklog also. I haven't done anything to prove it , but I "think"that the barometric elevation is just for "looking at" on the GPSr unit itself.
  11. Alan2, I do some beta testing for NG and will send your question to them, and see what they reply. Will, let you know .... Quick response! Hope this helps..... From TOPO.... Carl, I can't think of an easy way - but this is a good suggestion. We'll try incorporating some auto-conversion process in the export-to-PDA function for this.
  12. In Mapsource, be sure that you have the correct (your model) GPS selected. Set Mapsource on YOUR model, and it will only show what symbols are compatible to YOUR GPS. The only reason points sent from Mapsource to your unit defaulted to the blue flag is because that is what symbol YOU had selected in your unit WHEN THE POINTS WERE TRANSFERRED. Re-read and understand the last paragraph in the quote above.
  13. Go to Garmin site and update (free) to latest ver of Mapsource (6.11.5). In Mapsource, be sure that you have the correct (your model) GPS selected. Mapsource and GPS should then agree, and upload/download symbols should transfer correctly. At the time of the transfer( either way) any symbol that is not duplicated in the receiving unit (like maybe custom made symbols) will be assigned the default symbol. (whatever the receiving unit is set on at the time). (Or in the case of Mapsource on your PC, the little black square)
  14. Sputnik 57, Note: link doesn't work ..... Thanks, I had already found that one and was looking more for non GC specific icons. Just something unique for marking different classes of Custom POIs. Also, maybe some more unique Benchmarking ones. I've only seen three so far and couldn't identify specifically what they were. I've created 4-5 and modified several others. When I do a few more I'll post them. In order to do that , do I just capture a xImage screen shot ,convert it to a jpg and attach it to a "post"? With lots of artistic minds out there, it would be interesting to see other, more imaginative creations than mine.
  15. Mine read 14306 the other day on Uncompaghre. Elevation was -3 ft off! Just kain't get good GPSs any more.
  16. Go to your list of waypoints page, hit menu, then select Find By Name You'll find that all 250 are there. When you have Find Nearest selected , it only lists the closest 50. GPS and GPSr are the same.(GPSr = GPS receiver)
  17. Mark a waypoint or select one of the waypoints in your unit now. With a waypoint selected, toggle up and over to the symbol and hit enter. All the choices in your unit should be visible. Select something other than the blue flag (I use "city medium" and hit enter. "Page" forward (or "quit") . That waypoint and the next waypoint and all future waypoints will be marked with whatever symbol you selected. (until you change your selection in your unit) Waypoints will be transferred to and from Mapsource with the correct symbol(s) (whatever is shown in your unit.
  18. Got GPS, Do you still have these Icons ? More? and would you be willing to post them? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=2560582 This link helped me get started , and I'm slowly creating a few in Adobe Photoshop Elements
  19. Got GPS, Do you still have these Icons ? More? and would you be willing to post them?
  20. Only ignorant people aren't "still learning"! That's why I love the forums. I'm always learning from them. Yep, Me too! It's especially rewarding after my usual "Brute Force" method of learning has failed and I run across a Forum "Tidbit" that makes me feel like I was only "Slightly older than dirt" or "Denser than rock"
  21. Thanks to both of you , I'm back on a roll again The links were great information.
  22. You can go to the Trimble website and download their Trimble Planning software (free). Then you can set it up for a particular specific location, and be able to tell what all the xDOP's are for that particular location at any specific time, and which satellites are visible to your unit. You have to be sure and get the latest almanac (from Trimble site). I can tell when will be the best time to GPS a location and what and how many satellites will be visible, and which specific number birds I will be able to see, even before going out in the field. I don't think it will identify the WAAS birds. Using that software and a little intuition, the user could probably tell which unit is the "more correct" one. Likely one is using a different almanac and seeing different waas birds. Going to an "adjusted" BM location would also tell which was more accurate, but would not address the "Why" issue.
  23. I'm trying to make a few custom waypoint symbols for use on my Map76CS and a Map 76CSx. I wanted to start with something DB simple like a Yellow dot and a Red dot about the size of my standard City Medium icon. After several failures, I read in the xImage help files that you cant change the size, pallet, or color depth. If you do they won't reload to the unit. That is the problem I'm having ! How can you make the standard blue custom symbol into something else if you can't change any features??? With xImage I import Waypoint Symbol 000.BMP (thru 023). I select one of them and open that image with Adobe Photoshop Elements. It's a 16X16 image--Blue dot with a fuchia (transparent color) background I make a yellow dot barely smaller than, and center it inside of, the blue one. I don't mess with the background. Save the file as Waypoint Symbol 001.BMP xImage won't send it back to the unit and gives me an error message about not being compatible. What am I doing wrong? I'm about to get a complex! What I'm shooting for is to have several different custom icon files to display symbols differently for different Custom POI files. If I make a copy of the different BMP files and name them the same as the POI data files, and place them in the data files,that should display different icons for different "classes" of POI's won't it?
  24. Now that the actual effects of "Lock on Road" are out of the closet and better understood, how about some of you conducting experiments with the compass "turned on" vs "turned off" and its effect on the accuracy of the bearing pointer (not course pointer) during a "go to". Compass actually turned off , not just set to turn off below a certain speed, for a certain length of time. I do believe there will be some more learning going on..... Probably should be started in another thread.
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