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  1. DJM,


    Notice how most of the above responses have that "The check is in the mail" ring to them" ?


    Also note that the Delormer's party "line" will continue to try to convince you that you should "settle for" what their opinions of "good enough" accuracy and features are. Serious Tool?...Yeah,Right!


    Check on the Delorme forum for posted examples of "out and back" tracklog inaccuracies. (Recorded in "real world" tree cover , not wide open ideal conditions)


    Garmin's Oregon (same chipset)has the same problem(s), and the ETrex H series with the M Tech chipset has it's "drift" problem, and I wouldn't buy a Colorado on a bet.....even Garmin has already decided that it doesn't like them.


    In short, just because it's new doesn't make a product better, or even acceptable....as "we" have found out. I already solved my problem though, my PN-40 was returned.....and I'm sure it is now working perfectly!

  2. I wish solutions to all problems were as easy as this one.....


    Try "Expert GPS" by Topografix....free trial then $50+/-if you like it.


    Download all your original data from your GPS ,( waypoints ,tracks,routes, or just your original gpx track file)and save by date.


    Open a new blank file and move (copy & paste)"whatever" data for a specific area to that file and save the file with the area's name.

    Other data for another area would be c&p into another file with a different name ...etc.


    Now you have the original untouched file (saved by date) with ALL the data, and separate files with just the data pertaining to that specific area, and saved under the area's name for easy access at a later date.


    You can put as much or as little into a specific file as make sense to YOU.

  3. It surprises me that no one mentioned another setting..... Variable Elev / Fixed Elev


    As mentioned above, calibrate to a / your Known elevation or pressure.


    Travel with the unit set on Auto Calibration. (GPS corrects for pressure changes)and another setting...Variable Elevation


    At the end of the day (camp/motel,etc) change your unit setting to Fixed Elevation. That way, weather/pressure changes don't affect elevation displayed. The pressure can change but the reported elevation should stay the same overnight.


    Before you start out again, change unit setting back to Auto Calibration and Variable Elev


    It works, but only if you remember each time.......I don't ....,so I just leave mine on autocalibration and Variable, and know that it will likely be incorrect for a while after I first turn it on.

  4. TCP,

    Your eyeglass batteries are getting weak.....


    Roger that, which is why I asked for a link above in post #8, but received none. Which is url=__________?


    Now, any real, hands-on success?



    You do need to fess up here on the forum that you did, in fact, get the info by e-mail that you requested...

    and that it works, and that,yes, there are even Free softwares to do the same shp to gpx conversion.


    It's kinda bad when more time and effort is spent trying to "shoot the messenger" than taking information provided and doing further investigation for oneself.

  5. TCP,

    Your eyeglass batteries are getting weak.....


    What was referenced was Expert GPS not Easy GPS....and to be more specific, the Pro or GIS Option version of Expert GPS is what is needed to open the SHP and convert to GPX.


    There is even FREE software that can do it.....


    Better yet, (and to prove a point) ask the people at Delorme. I'm sure they will be happy to tell you.

  6. Expert GPS


    ...............and others...............


    No P.M., but "Delormers" do get a little "testy" when anyone refutes their "Talking Points" ......especially with factual data.


    I was just trying to be helpful to another GPS user by passing along other less expensive or free alternatives instead of strictly sticking with the "party line"..............

  7. The problem with satellite photos is that they typically do not show the trails where they are most needed: in tree canopy. In open terrain: sure they're great, but then who needs to average? I find the most difficulty in obtaining accurate trail data is in situations where the satellites can't see.


    My "real world" track logging has found that with my 76CSx if I use my high (cap) mounted external antenna (I always use one when mapping a trail) then even in difficult conditions the tracks repeat within less than the mapping tolerance of the USGS maps. In that case, why bother averaging?


    In very isolated instances (slot canyons,tunnels, etc), nothing works. I have never had a problem with even the densest canopy with the 76CSx and ext antenna. That's not to say it's impossible, just that I haven't experienced it after mapping several thousand miles of trails and ditches.


    Once however, I did turn my GPS off while taking a break on a hot Summer hike, and forgot to turn it back on when I started again. It failed to log the last half of that hike and I had to go back and re-do that portion the next day. Ungrateful piece of equipment! It should have known that I MEANT to have it on.....and of course that was the steepest portion of the hike.

  8. I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, but if its visible on an aerial photo, that's perhaps the most accurate way to draw a track.



    True, or at least reasonably correct, as long as it IS NOT aerial photos from Google Earth.


    GE's geo-referencing in many locations is absolutely atrocious. Looks like it was done with a "H.A. guess " method.


    Try Expert GPS by Topografix.

  9. Based on my most recent testing the Colorado using 2.8 GPS firmware is about as good as the 60csx in terms of track accuracy. Two readings on different days from the same unit are going to vary 30-40', even the 60csx.




    Did you miss the part about the external antenna?


    Even with the SIRF III chip , a high mounted E antenna (velcro on cap) is a great variable eliminator.

  10. Easier solution....


    Find a friend with a 60CSx or a 76CSx and an external antenna, and map the trails using that one. Use the active log track from the memory card not a "saved" track.

    I would bet that that track would be more accurate than either one you have now. It won't even NEED to be averaged.

    Before anyone asks.......Yes, there is that much difference.

    Don't stop and stand in one place for any length of time because, with the high sensitivity chip, it will log a scatter of points surrounding that area.


    Use Expert GPS for any editing you feel is necessary.(like the above mentioned scatter)

  11. The track examples that I've seen so far (as above and on the Delorme Forum) would indicate to me that the PN-40 only tracks accurately if very carefully positioned for ideal conditions and it does fine under those conditions. That is not "Real World"....


    A number of folks say "just carry it in a chest pocket, or clipped on your belt ", but that's not what the actual results say is needed. The track logging results say that the PN-40, with a patch antenna, needs help....... from an external antenna.......the one that Delorme does not offer.

  12. I assume you are asking because you want a better track than you are getting
    Good assumption. I actually find my Legend HCX to give a better track log than my eXplorist 210, but neither are completely free of the occasional "spikes" you mention.


    In another context, I've seen apps on the iPhone that really show off how sensitive a cheap accelerometer can be (e.g. a siesmometer showing the vibrations of someone walking by).


    The "spikes' you see in track logs are just calculated fixes that are wrong. By adding in data from an accelerometer, a GPS could br programmed to smooth those out or ignore them in the track log.


    Was just wondering if there are any handheld, consumer grade devices that already do this.



    Here's another unsolicited opinion...

    I recently was trying to edit /smooth some tracks that came from a legendHCX, and was amazed to personally see just how many random and unexplained errors there were. They absolutely were not due to operator error. I had heard of the "drift" problem with all E-Trex H series but had no idea just how "sorry" the tracking results were, as compared to tracks recorded with my 76CSx. I feel that the problem chipset for the H series is totally unacceptable for recording accurate tracks right now. To be corrected in the future? Who knows!

    Have you personally compared your tracks to some that were recorded on a 60 or 76 x series? Do you still see the problems?


    There is a software program by the title of Expert GPS by Topografix, that is the absolute best (my opinion)

    for editing tracks.....even down to working with individual trackpoints. A user that is familiar with that program can quickly edit a track where it appears as smooth as the proverbial Baby's Behind.

  13. Is there a way to use the information on our property survey and put

    it into MapSource. On the survey I see a location that says Beg Point:

    D.BK 1430 pg 119. From that point there are lines with lengths and

    angles but nothing I see that has coordinates of any format.

    Thanks for any and all help.


    Go to your county courthouse records area and "ask for" and "look in" D Book (probably Deed Book) 1430 0n page 119, for the legal description for the "Beginning Point" for your specific property. You should be able to determine the coordinates for that point from that description by plotting it in Expert GPS. Be sure to note if they used Mag North, or True North and duplicate in your work.


    Find someone that uses Expert GPS by Topografix, or download the free trial version. Using EGPS and starting at the first point, project subsequent points from the distance(lengths) and bearings(angles) on your deed and determine the coordinates for those points.


    Then you can plug the coordinates into your GPS and go directly to each one. (probably within a 10 ft circle)


    Been there ,done that, numerous times.

  14. I'm in the process of trying to edit separate tracks from eight consecutive days of hiking for another individual. This is the first track data that I have personally seen that came from a Legend Hcx. I use a 76CSx so I don't have the problem.


    I don't know what software or firmware version are in his unit.


    In one location on one of the tracks, the trail was going around the base of the mountain, maintaining approximately the same elevation. At a random point, the track takes off (veers to the left approx 45 deg) up

    the side of the mountain (steep,steep), still logging points at approx the same interval.


    (The trail that the hiker actually stayed on continued on around the mountain maintaining approx the same elevation.)


    The coordinates with each of the trackpoints (as the track erroneously went up the mountan) were correct for their bad locations, however, the elevation data for each of the trackpoints (going up the mtn) was logged as if the hiker stayed on the approx level trail .......which in fact he did!


    At the upper end of the "bad" portion, the trackpoint elevation said 4196 (approx the same as the trail at the base of the mtn), while the elevation on the map contour lines at that point said 5000+.

    Logging bad coordinates but correct elevation??


    At that point, it "snapped back" to correct location and elevation with no Off/On or other correction/input.


    Somebody please "splane" THAT one!


    I'm just thankful that I don't have an e-trex.

  15. I can't help but wonder how many Colorado and Oregon users jump ship when the Delorme PN-40 comes out and lives up to it's marketing hype? For that matter, I'm sure all of us with the MTK chipset will be watching this closely! 90% today? Maybe. But 90% 6 months from now? We'll see!


    I'm sure there will be quite a few G & M users jump........but it will definitely be out of the frying pan into a smaller pan on a hotter fire! Don't let my disappointment influence you. Do your own investigation , read, ask, try and decide for yourself.


    All you have to do is go to the Delorme forums and carefully pay attention to the problems/questions that get raised and more carefully to the answers or "non answers". Portions of questions that fall in line with the "marketing hype" and can be "favorably" answered are handled but others are conveniently sidestepped or ignored. This applies to hardware issues as well as software issues/capabilities. Don't assume anything.....ask, and you'll find some big surprises.


    I was really hoping that Delorme as a company had changed, but, in their own forum, there are multiple indicators otherwise. The "listening to the customer" hype that they are promoting is only very superficial. You shouldn't have to be willing to "believe" their way is the only way and "settle for" extremely limited software.

  16. They also mention there will be a limited-run offer of the PN-40se. 8GB internal memory; $100 more.
    Since 8GB SDHC cards are $15-20, why does this make sense?


    You got that right......$100 for 7 mb..........bargain???.......................NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Why is the 76CSx cheaper than the 60CSx? It appears they have very similar specs.


    Really it's strictly just a "form factor" difference, period. Buttons above vs Buttons below.


    Unless you just ABSOLUTELY MUST have the latest Colorado or the Oregon (and the associated problems /issues) for some unknown "latest, greatest, status" reason , you will be VERY satisfied with the 76CSx.

    The 60 & 76 CSx's both are fantastic, stable,extremely capable units.

  18. [


    GC, a recorded track from my PN-20 in GPXas exported from my Topo USA 7.0? I can't imagine that it would be any different from one generated by a PN-40. That is, assuming that Topo USA 7.0 would also have to be modified to accept and process tracks from the 40 as different from those of the 20, or export them in two different GPX formats (which is a contradiction in terms).


    Hopefully, Chip will concur that I'm not violating any PN-20, Topo 7 license that I've accepted.


    TCP or CS

    I was just trying to cover all possible differences......since Chip says it takes a different version of T7 to be compatible with the PN-40, and I didn't know if there were any official objections etc, (like you referred to).


    Thanks, we'll see what their response is.

  19. Since I can't yet work with a T7 file directly, can anyone (Chip ?) download some track/waypoint (mainly track) data into T7 from a PN-40 then without any editing, export that download as a gpx file and attach it to an e-mail or post it here?


    I'd like to see what I can do with it, compatibility wise, with several other programs I use.



  20. Chip,

    I didn't mean that post as negatively as it may seem.


    I honestly believe that Delorme will have hit a "home run" with the PN-40.......if it is as good as it sounds., and so far, I have no reason to think that it won't be. As I said, Delorme SEEMS to be changing and they SEEM to be listening more than other manufacturers and are genuinely concerned about customer service.


    However, I'm from the old school, (really really old) and I used to have a Boss that had a sign on his office wall that said...... " When all is said and done, there's a whole lot more said than done".......


    The comments about small market share and needing to make changes if the device is successful was only addressing the fact that right now, Delorme as a company is addressing responses from a "relatively small" pool of people, both customer service related and suggestion related. How big of an influx of both "Real" and "Perceived (these are worse)" problems would it take to totally inundate the service dept and customer service response dept, and turn them into another "Magellan"? (wash my mouth out!)


    I'm waiting for OCT 15 and hoping for the best!

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