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  1. In the "Library", you have "My Collection" and then individual folders listed under that.


    If My Collection is highlighted, ALL data in ALL folders is displayed on the map.

    If an individual folder is highlighted, only the data in that folder is displayed on the map.


    Important Note: When viewing data in an individual folder, and need to remove a specific waypoint , or route,or track......"Right Click" and choose "Remove from folder". DO NOT use "Delete", because that will remove that item from not only that specific folder but ALL folders in the entire program.

  2. Please excuse if this is out in "left field"....


    I know there have been cases where users have accidently deleted their pre-installed maps and have been able to re-install them by ( I believe) getting a new "image" file from Garmin.


    Couldn't that be done "intentionally"also? Then couldn't a "c" file be put into a "t" unit?


    Sorry if it's just a goofy idea that won't work.

  3. Lee,

    I personally think several of your posts could have been a lot more negative and STILL would have been fair.


    If, in one's opinion, some feature is good, then, they should say so and say why. AND, if a feature is lacking ( either missing OR doesn't work properly) then they should also describe that and say why. How much more fair could you be? It's an opinion, and everybody's got one......


    Instead, the fan club (I call them the cheerleading squad) pushes the PN-40 as the absolute cure for every problem from terminal cancer of the big toe to bad breath! ....and do they really have to get their opinions/submissions screened? (by Delorme?) How can that then be considered a valid honest opinion?


    It's The maps, the maps, it's all about the maps and APs. Get real! The maps are really not that accurate or great and the APs get pixelated and fuzzy before you get zoomed in to a detailed level. There sure were a lot of caches found and trails logged before there were maps IN GPSs.


    Let the unit's actual GPS results stand on their own merits. Forget all the BS fanfare. Actual side by side comparisons and pics carry more credibility than subjective opinions.


    Yes, I'm 100% Garmin, but I don't care for several of their (newer) models either......and have sent constructive criticism ( but still scalding) letters to them about deficiencies.

  4. Assume (everyone here) geocaching? No....bad assumption.....


    Starting back before the Geocaching game was even a concept......

    Use for:

    Mapping Snowmobile,ATV,Hiking trails and logging isolated random POIs


    Locating irrigation ditch headgates plotted on USGS maps from old legal descriptions.

    Mapping irrigation ditches.

    Plotting and locating mining claims from old Claim "legals".

    APRS radio use.

    Benchmark hunting (only previously unfound/older than XXX)

  5. Here's a YouTube of how the track playback works.



    Maybe that's the way it is "Supposed to" work, but on mine, the arrow just sits on the starting point and occasionally jumps around that one trackpoint, but never advances.


    edited later..

    I had to select the X100 multiplier to get it to move....and it's not exceptionally fast there...


    2nd edit...

    The speed multiplier is "relative to" how far you are zoomed in. I can't see how anything below X5 will ever get used. Zoomed out where you can see an entire medium length (3-4 miles) track, you won't see any movement except at X100, or possibly X20.


    It also blows it's mind, during playback, if you have any edited/joined tracks. Apparently due to the different times the trackpoints were logged.

  6. I think I've run across a major malfunction .....


    I've imported several different gpx files and made different folders in the "library" for each.


    I then downloaded all data from my GPS and created a new separate folder to work with. Since the new download contained some of the same data already in other folders, I was going to delete the duplicated data in the new download folder and rename the folder to "latest data" (or similar).


    When (duplicated) data was deleted from (only) the new folder, it appears that the data was also deleted from any/all other folders in the library where it was found!............NOT GOOD!

  7. I have a problem, seems to me while i am holding my gps "THE ARROW THAT SHOWS TO BE ME" should be facing forward, it always seems it is backwards, i turn left and my arrow shows to be going right, am i that illiterate or is it supposed to be like this, is there a fix. I have a garmin gpsmap 60Cx, any and all help would be appreciated, Thanks




    All these posts, and NO ONE is paying any attention to what the OP said........what he's talking about is the little black triangle on the screen that shows to represent the current position......and THAT only shows the correct direction when the user is moving.


    Contrary to what the OP says, the 60Cx DOES NOT have a compass. As mentioned above, it has a GPS "compass function" that only displays (compass) direction (when moving) as established by the direction of trackpoints plotted.

    The random nature of points plotted while standing still causes "the pointing of current position triangle" on the screen to vary. When movement starts again, the arrow points correctly again.

  8. Highly unusual.


    Unusual?………..no, not really……..historically predictable for Delorme.


    THEY have decided that you don’t need a bigger screen.

    THEY have decided that their units will only work with THEIR software. (in spite of what the customer needs)

    THEY have decided that if you want to work with more file types, you must buy more software.

    THEY have decided that you don’t need longer battery life. (even with small screen)

    THEY have decided that you don’t need an external antenna.

    THEY have decided that you really don’t need WAAS…except sometimes.

    THEY have decided that whatever tracking accuracy you get is “good enough”

    THEY have decided that you only need a GPS that works sporatically ?


    Never fear, the Delorme cheering squad will surely try to convince you that “the check’s in the mail”……and remember now, you are supposed to believe it.


    Even on the Delorme forums, the people that “just love their’s”, and have had no problems, regularly add an “except for……..” qualification. Kinda like reading the fine print on medications.

    It’s amazing what some people are willing to “settle for”.


    Yes, I HAD one. (PN-40)

    No, I don’t HAVE one.

    RETURNED- Cute little colored TV, but definitely Not a serious tool.

  9. Bob,

    Do this...

    Create a folder, wherever, and name it XXXX

    Put all your shape files with the "same name" (but different extensions) in that folder.

    Now, open Mapedit and go to file,import.....and "path" to that new folder...

    Mapedit will show only one file....choose "it" and you ought to be in business.


    If you look at that folder with MS Explorer you can see all the different files with different extensions, but Mapedit recognizes that all of them create a "shapefile".

  10. Bob,

    Put all the files (XXX.dbf,.prj,sbn,.sbx,.shp,shx) into one folder, then point your import or conversion operation to that folder. Some operations ACT like they only see one file (.shp) but really they are using multiple. Some operations need more than others......I know....I know ...?????


    Long story short, whenever working with shapefiles, just consider all the "same name" files with different extensions to be a "single" file. If I were to select a shapefile to send to you by attachment, depending on which software it was coming from, I might select a single file and when it was attached to an e-mail it might show up as 3(min, maybe up to 6) files. From other software , I might have to select all the different extensions and send as a group....and the software on your end may "see" the group but only display it as one file (the .shp)


    I hope this helps instead of confusing the situation.

  11. In less time that it took to make your forum response, you could have looked back on your breadcrumb tracklog and found where you lost signal at the mine entrance , ( even if you didn't do it before like you should have) made a waypoint there, and navigated to it ......


    Even in total darkness, no pictures, no maps, whatever!........only common sense and minimal intelligence.

  12. DUH !........If the GPS users don't save waypoints along the track at important points, or other points that they may want to go back to, then they are collectively wearing their heads on the wrong end of their body(s).


    Oh no......., we must endlessly argue over whose miniture TV has the prettiest pictures!


    Bah-Humbug ! Used properly, even a mapless GPS would get you safely back, or, Heaven forbid, ever hear of a paper map & compass?

  13. Glad to help....


    I ONLY use UTM and don't understand why more people insist on using Lat/Lon in the various formats.


    I can only speak for myself but, my brain only works in "distance", not in degrees or minutes or seconds,etc


    Ask yourself, how far do I need to go or how far away is that location? Do you mentally determine that in degrees, or decimal degrees or minutes or seconds? No, you determine the answer by mentally estimating the "distance".


    There are only two directions in UTM coordinates....East and North. From your current position , you either need to go More East or Less East, or More North or Less North, to match up with the coordinates you are looking for.


    Forget that the numbers are metric, just consider that the numbers are "(walking)steps" or paces.


    Ok........., from here, I need to go about 73 steps,yards,meters,whatever, More East ( to correct for a low easting # at your current position) and about 127 s,y,m, Less North ( to correct for a high Northing #)


    Works for me, I hope it will for you.

  14. Only relevant if a user has something OTHER than (CO,OR,Nuvi)......and that constitutes a greater % of the population


    Wouldn't the 24K maps (not incl the 24K NP maps) being available only on card (up until now ALL, and still Some) and user prevented from transferring maps to PC etc , be at least a "form" of locking. They are "locked" to the card but the card can be moved from GPS to GPS.

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