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  1. WRT REI's return policy - it is one of the best in the business. I'm struggling with using it in my case, though.


    I originally bought a CO 400t mid May last year, then later bought an OR 400t mid to late July when they first came out. The CO was the latest/greatest geocaching device when I bought it in May and yet it was all but obsolete (in fact, soon to be discontinued at many stores) less than 2 months later. The CO is still sold, and I can see that it does have advantages over the OR for one-handed operation, but the units did not hold their value at all. To me, the satisfaction guarantee would be appropriate there as a sort of insurance against premature obsolescence of a $600 device. That's all arguable, I agree, but that is the way I perceived it.


    I had already loaded Nav maps on the CO which were tied to the unit, and the jury was still out on the screen usability of the OR so I didn't do an exchange at the time until I had time to make sure the OR would work for me. Since then, though, I had to return the OR twice for new units (one for a bad touchscreen, the other for bricking on me) and now I finally have one that has been flawless for several months. Somewhere in that process I reached the point where it seemed like abuse to return the CO, whether or not you think it was right to return it originally. Now, I'm left with a CO that has virtually no value as a used device - maps that are locked onto it which I can't transfer to my OR - and even though the OR is still seeing love in the form of excellent new features in firmware releases, the CO is the ignored stepchild. The slow, but steady, way that the CO has been margined out of its prime with the focus on the OR has me still considering that there is a case to be made for a satisfaction issue on it, but there is definitely something to be said for not waiting a year to make this determination.


    In the end, I hope I can get some money for it on Craigslist or Ebay, but I'm not holding my breath given how deeply discounted you can find them nowadays, and based on the incredible discounts we see on the OR units... :-(



    In your case, I would go back to your REI store with your explanations above and "get them in the loop" on the possible return. With their input on whether the extended time would "in their opinion" be taking advantage of their policy, you should be able to decide. Possibly then Garmin would allow you to transfer maps.

  2. Your tracks are automatically backed up to the microSD card in a Vista HCx.


    According to the Vista Hcx manual......logging tracks to data card is an "option" , not an "automatic" action.

    User must choose that option setting before tracks will be logged to the card, and therefore be "backed up".


    To the OP......

    Murphy's law says, Everything Electronic, Mechanical, Human, Etc, that CAN screw up , WILL screw up .............!

    SO...............Back Up.........it's cheap, quick, easy, insurance.

  3. Quote from above:"First, the calibration. You look like an idiot while you're doing it. "


    Since you seem to be classifying yourself, and apparently don't want to be perceived that way.........did you ever rationalize that the compass could be calibrated by laying the unit level on your flat outstretched hand, and turning JUST THE UNIT on your hand while YOU are standing still????????


    This realization generally comes immediately before one of those DUH ! moments...........

  4. Updates:


    Availability - July



    Garmin Oregon 550

    Garmin Oregon 550t


    Compare 400t and 550t


    Per the comparison above, of the 400t & 550t, the Display Resolution is still the same I wonder what they did to improve screen visibilty? Shows built in memory as 850MB which is less than the 400t. Waypoint storage has gone from 1,000 to 2,000, Route storage has gone from 50 to 200, and Track Log storage has gone from 20 to 200.



    Have any of these stated stroage capacities aleady been increased on the 400t from software updates?


    That was along the lines of my post above......... possibly a NEW screen?, possibly a NEW chipset? (Just curious-not trying to start any rumors).

    Like when they came out with the new chipset for E-Trex series, Just said "High Sensitivity" , which it was, but it wasn't SIRFlll, that everyone was expecting/hoping for, and which has been a source of "drift"problems.

    They didn't identify it then and they wouldn't identify it now as an advertised "Change"


    I just think it might be worth investigating by someone more knowlegable than I.

  5. G O Cashers......

    Maybe you could check the possibility of any change in chipset for the 550t?


    I don't have any reason to believe that there has been, but with a screen change ,high speed USB, increased wpt/cache /track#s and maybe as a fix for WAAS reception/trackpoint "jumpyness" etc, it does make me wonder if that might not be a possibility.


    You definitely know more places/sources to look/compare than I do.

  6. I think the OP (and all others so far) are confusing "Routes" and "Tracks" .


    A "route" is a series of points detailing where the user "wants to go". ie ahead of time/before the trip,etc. (whether it be done/created in Mapsource (manually) or on the GPS unit (auto routing)


    A "Track" is a logged record of "where the user has been".....after the fact... yes, it can also be a freehand drawn path in Mapsource. Within the GPS unit the user can use the "trackback" feature to be furnished with directions on following a "saved" track. A track only has two "hard points" , the Start and End points. The remainder of the path is the breadcrumb trail logged by the GPS.


    Hope this helps

  7. Red 90

    "It is not possible to send them to the unit incorrectly if you do it from GSAK."




    "The POI loader is the exception. If your lat / longs arent in WGS84 in your CSV file your points will be all over the place.".....

    So, you're saying, it can't be the Datum, but then again it can be.........is that right?


    Never say never........No item or action can be totally Foolproofed.........

  8. Compare the ACTUAL numbers ie coordinates .........are the coordinates (that actually end up in your GPS) sent by one method the same as the numbers sent by the other?


    Send an example...

    Post the coordinates for one specific point (the same point for each method) exactly as you read them off your GPS after sending to the unit by each of your methods.

  9. ....and the "drift" problem seems to be random. (but more prevalent with slow speed and difficult conditions)


    I recently worked on editing/trying to correct a series of (8)individual tracks from (8)consecutive days of hikes in dense forest.

    All were done using a Vista Hx, by the same user, logged to card , all done correctly.


    2 Days were error free.

    2 Days only had minor errors

    4 Days were totally "unfixable"

    with unexplainable errors like (on a track that stays level at the base of a mountain) trackpoints veering off, but elevation (for those same trackpoints) staying correct.....


    Go figure!

  10. Sure is hard to separate BS opinion from facts here isn't it?


    Easy fix.......Just simultaneously log a track under difficult conditions with both units. On the Garmin use a high mounted (on your cap) external antenna and on the PN-40 carry it in the "No problems at all " position pointing down at the ground. (I really can't believe he really said that). Make the track an "out and back" type track to check the repeatability of each unit to itself and the other brand.


    On the Garmin, track logging method use "Auto" and "More often" for frequency.


    Compare the results of both with Expert GPS by zooming in to the level where map contour lines start to become pixelated and you can see the accuracy of individual trackpoints . That way YOU can tell what is really going on, and separate fact from fiction.


    I did, with my own HANDS ON, and the results were scary.


    If you don't have both type of units, borrow a 60 - 76CSx with an external antenna. Then buy a PN-40 at REI with their return policy, because you're going to need that.

  11. Prime Suspect,

    You haven't heard of E Trex H problems? You have GOT to be kidding !


    Look closely at any track logged in semi difficult conditions by an etrex h ..........ever hear of the "drift" problem? Track will go ambling off and then suddenly "snap back" to reality either on it's own or when power is cycled off/on.


    That condition was present even before the "h" model, but the higher sensitivity h just made it worse.


    Common thread? ......both have Patch antenna.

  12. Does anyone know where to find a 90 deg MCX connector or a place to have one replaced on my Garmin 27C external antenna?


    I also have a 25C antenna, in good shape, so I'm not in a real bind, but surely just the MCX connector on the 27 can be replaced. (and I'll probably shorten the cable too).


    Several thousand miles of trail mapping, with numerous snags on tree limbs,etc, have wiped out several of the little spring "fingers" on the connector. Now it no longer fits tightly.

  13. Excellent information. :D


    @ Grasscatcher: That's a great tip. I didn't know that "internally", the 76 series is exactly the same as the 60 series.


    Is it just me or does the screen on the 76 Cx look much smaller than the 60Cx?


    However according to the specs the 76Cx screen is 4.1 x 5.6cm which actually makes it bigger than the 60Cx 3.8 x 5.6cm !!!

    There must be some kind of optical illusion going on with the housing of the 76Cx.


    @Red90: Excellent photo. :D I love seeing the internals of GPS units. The quad helix antenna is clearly visible.


    Just another aside....

    76 screen is barely bigger, not noticeable.

    "Buttons above" make it easier/more secure to operate one handedly.

    IMHO, there is still no unit "available now" that surpasses the 76CSx or 76Cx. That includes the Colorado/Oregon series.

    The 60-76's have the SIRF lll chipset , no "drift" problems, no WAAS problems, just less problems overall.


    Before anyone gets their tail over the dashboard over my opinions, I'm only interested in overall accuracy, accurate track logging, external antenna capability and waypoint accuracy . I really couldn't care less about "Paperless" geocaching.

  14. Red,

    Excuse me ,

    but the OP DID NOT say that he transferred /sent the coordinates by GSAK.

    ...he may have , but didn't say it....


    Transferred electronically, you are correct...but if he just got the files with GSAK and transferred manually, or manually entered into GSAK without having datums correct, then transferred....


    I'll still bet that the problem is datum related....but I'll shut up.....

  15. Datum and compass can have no effect on the problem if he is sending the coordinates to the unit.


    If he is sending a set of WGS 84 coordinates to a GPS set to NAD83, he will be off when he tries to find the cache. That is the whole point of synchronizing the datums.



    You are Right On with the concept,

    but you picked a bad pair of Datums to use as an example.....because WGS84 and NAD83 are so close to being the same that coordinates might not even change appreciably. However, between WGS84 & NAD 27 or other Datums there can be BIG differences in coordinates.......


    .......Red 90 must have just had a mental lapse, because he knows better.

  16. Of course, this kind of thing will only save you if:

    * the gps has signal under the canopy (this dictates having something with a High Sensitivity receiver like the 60-series or the new H models, etc) ; and,

    * you have the tracks turned on (IIRC)

    Yes, you do have to have tracks turned on to use the Backtrack feature. I found this out the hard way just a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time in months I really needed to use Backtrack, and discovered I hadn't turned on tracks. Took me forever to find my way out of those deep woods .... ;)




    I'm seriously puzzled here........why would anyone, EVER, have "tracks" turned "OFF" ?????


    Trackpoints are "Free"( or reasonably inexpensive if you catch them on sale), and there is an unlimited supply. (as long as the Clear button remains functional)


    ..........all tongue in cheek..........

  17. NO....the "NEWS FLASH" is only that they came back with an answer closer to what you want to believe......NOT that there is any proof that they are any closer to actual facts.....


    The only sure way to know is for different ones that actually have each variety to post the same type data for each that Mattalbr did for the 400t above.

  18. "I would want as much "internal" memory as possible. I guess I am going to send the 400c back and buy the 400t and then figure out how to get the img from the 400c to load on the 400t for the g2 charts.

    What do you all think ?"

    In answer to your question....... I would think that EVERY RESPONSIBLE Colorado or Oregon owner would have, by now, "Backed up" their image files, just in case they messed up and deleted them from their units.


    You take it from there.........

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