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  1. FYI....

    After doing the update, my waypoints are missing. Both in "Where to?" and Waypoint Manager. They still seem to be in the .gpx folder, but I can't access them in the Oregon 550. It also appears my saved tracks are not accessible.


    On my 550, all my waypoints and tracks were unaffected by the update. All both visible and accessible.

  2. I've never heard of a "Chipset" having an elevation mask threshold.???



    Regardless, exactly the same predetermined "set" of sats (almanac)are "available" to however many GPSs are at a particular time/location. Whether they "choose" to use them (lock on with solid bar) due to signal strength, horizon elevation mask, etc, is a different story.


    Whether they are used or not, the same numbers should be listed across the bottom of the page, whether bar is solid or not. You can tell what that specific list of sats "should" be by using the Trimble planning software.

    no, see above. if a satellite is ignored for whatever reason, such as elevation mask, it doesn't even show up.


    I stand corrected!

    Thanks, Learn something every day....

  3. I've never heard of a "Chipset" having an elevation mask threshold.???


    Regardless, exactly the same predetermined "set" of sats (almanac)are "available" to however many GPSs are at a particular time/location. Whether they "choose" to use them (lock on with solid bar) due to signal strength, horizon elevation mask, etc, is a different story.


    Whether they are used or not, the same numbers should be listed across the bottom of the page, whether bar is solid or not. You can tell what that specific list of sats "should" be by using the Trimble planning software.

  4. If multiple GPS are at the same location, then each one SHOULD see exactly the same satellites, both in Sat ID and in Quantity.


    Use Trimble Planning (free) software and you can determine which specific sats your unit should see at any given location at any given time, whether past or present, current location or other theoretical location.

  5. The 78 series has been out for a while now and I'm suprised at the lack of screen comparisons, either photo's or comments, out there on the internet.


    Screen readability is arguably one of the big selling points of the new 78/62 line and I can't seem to locate a decent comparison to the Oregon's, Colorado's, Dakota's, or the old 60CSX. Anybody know where to find a good comparison, either in photo's or description?


    The reason you cant find a decent screen comparison between 78,Oregon,Dakota, 60/76 series is because the 78 is UN-ARGUABLY better. Why argue about something that is obvious? Turn it on inside,outside, sun or shade, and YOU CAN SEE IT !, no tilting, turning, shading the screen,etc


    Some folks are totally happy with their Os & Ds, but no one says that screen visibility on them is better that the older 60's / 76's. The 78s ARE even clearer and sharper than those older models. I have a 76CSx, an Oregon 550, and a 78S.


    Forget the number of pixels ! and all the scientific babel.....again...turn it on and you can instantly SEE IT !

  6. I personally have a 76CSx, an Oregon 550, and just got a 78S.


    For track stability, I can already tell that both the 550 and the 78S are more stable than the 76CSx when all are in difficult conditions.


    The Oregon didn't start out that way but over several software & firmware updates it has become a very good track logging unit.


    The first test trip out with the 78S showed a couple of minor errors under some really trying conditions. However, Garmin has already released an update with changes that likely will improve on those results. Based on what they started with and the improvements that have happened on the Oregon, this one will be a "piece of cake".


    The 76CSx has always been my "Gold Standard" for track logging, but lately I find that the Oregon has fewer (if any) areas that need editing.

    The quad helix antenna on the 76CSx is more susceptible to multipath error unless used with an external antenna. It is also more prone to logging "random points" when stopped.


    "Future Fun" will be testing all the units simultaneously under canopy.


    Based on what I've seen so far, the 78S will prove to be a superior replacement for the 76CSx.

  7. At no point in the OP's post do I see the word Cache....so why assume that the coordinates are "cache coordinates" ?


    The question was whether the lack of elevation data would affect the accuracy of the coordinates.


    Post #2 fully answered that question.

    Post #3 was purely info on how to easily and accurately add that data later.

  8. I tried being serious , but it wuzzent any fun.....also kinda like trying to think, I wasn't equipped for it.....


    Personal opinion only......IT IS NOT ABOUT THE MAPS !!!!!


    I have a Nuvi 660, a 76CSx, an Oregon 550, and a new 78S with different maps on every one of them. Either the 660 or the 76CSx is the oldest, I don't remember which. I just gave away a 76CS and previously did the same with a 76S and before that a 12XL. Some where in that timespan I sent a PN 40 back to live at REI where I got it. I was not ready to "settle for" Delorme's propaganda and BS.


    I have CN2008, Topo2008 (a gift), Colorado, Ariz. Utah Topo from GPS File Depot, old Garmin Metroguide (back when it was routeable ) . I haven't BOUGHT maps in years. The CN2008 is on both the NUVI and the 76CSx...came on the Nuvi and could lisc free to the 76 at that time.


    The only thing I use Mapsource for is to load maps to GPS..........PERIOD ! I have multiple, multiple "Mapset XXX" .gdb files with various areas covered by whatever maps are appropriate for whatever activity.


    I also have APs as recent as 2009 in color for any area I NEED.


    Just how much detail is ACTUALLY USABLE on a 2" GPS screen? If you really NEED that much help, then you probably need more help than a GPS can give you.


    The object shouldn't be to see how much time you can spend cramming absolutely as much data into your GPS as possible to use as a crutch. Shouldn't it be actually USING the GPS ? heaven forbid, maybe even WITHOUT maps???


    Why should I care that a map doesn't already have every single tiny trail ? At some point, there comes a time when it's time to turn your brain on.....


    There.......I feel better !

  9. BUT LEE...!!!!, fer cryin' out loud,


    If it's NOT the pictures, then why the absolutely, TOTALLY AWESOME NEED / Requirement, for the ability to "install on my GPS" (all at the same time of course) just THESE few maps:

    ALL the Topos (both 100k and 24K)for the entire USA, plus all of CN for USA, and All of Canada, an Europe , etc,etc....Then whine about segment limits !......and of course, don't forget the "elebeenteen hundred thousand" caches with ALL the notes, and last, but not least we MUST have at least a million POIs.


    Hey, I couldn't hep-it....the Debble made me do it!

  10. SOME of you guys are STARTING to get the true Delorme picture....


    The check's in the mail.....

    If only you'll upgrade to .....No, it's not free....BUT....

    Oh, to have "that" feature you have to buy ......

    .....won't open "that" kind of file,... for that you have to buy......


    etc,etc, etc...................same o,same o

  11. Sometimes "project Gurus" speak "without benefit of brain...."


    Contact a local surveyor or the city/county GIS office and find out where the closest survey control point to your area is. Either get the accurate coordinates from them or physically visit the site and record your own.

    I'm sure the city will have an official plat that you can get a copy of to work from.

  12. ... the polygon did not close to the starting point. Probably an error on my part.
    Or mine :D. I wasn't sure I did it right to begin with.



    Download the free trial of ExpertGPS (if you don't already have it) and do that exercise.


    Go to the starting point and create a waypoint, right click on it an choose "project waypoint", plug in bearing and distance and also and "move to point". It creates a waypoint at each corner and lists it with exact coordinates. (for the exact distance and bearing specified)

    It "closes" perfectly, no hand drawing of a "polygon" with drawing errors, no guesswork. The coordinates are absolutely correct.


    Display it over Topo map or aerial photos, save it as gpx file for transfer to-----


    Picking points off of Google earth or APs the coordinates are as likely to be wrong as they are to be correct due to georeferencing errors which vary area to area and amount.

  13. The original problem as stated, is not a problem. The OP could send the old deed map to someone with software that can project waypoints accurately, or learn to do it himself on Google Earth as you did, take the coordinates and then go find the points with any old, even borrowed GPS, and stick a stick in the ground or make piles of rocks at the locations.


    "what ELSE do you want to do with it, and what's your budget? " THAT is the big question! (But you still don't need no stinkin' maps or aerial photos...Ha !)

  14. If the starting point is referenced from a USGS section corner or quarter corner or similar, there will generally be a database with accurate coordinates available where you don't have to physically visit the spot.


    I don't know about RI, but here in Colorado I use the BLM Cadastral Survey database.

  15. Lee,

    Yep, IMHO they(maps) are just pure convenience, but the new units also have additional goodies.


    Starting point.... As I said above, on the old deed plat there will have to be at least one legally described reference point. Even a surveyor would have to have that.


    On finding several mining claims , I've started at a referenced section corner, on one at an old rock cairn, on another, I lucked into finding one of the original 4X4 posts and took coordinates to start from by comparing to plat and determining which corner it was on the plat.

  16. He said "tracts" were hard to find on foot.


    At least one reference point would have to be legally described on the deed map.


    From that one point , the remaining points for however many tracts could easily be projected and plotted (in EGPS) in a matter of minutes. which would create waypoints at each corner.


    Then all you're doing is looking for specific point coordinates which could be done with even a B&W "Pre map" GPS.


    He said that he was just looking to establish rough property boundaries and planned to have a legal survey done at sale.

  17. However the tracks are described on the old deed maps,the distances and bearings could be projected and plotted in ExpertGPS and then the coordinates picked off the map for those "theoretical" prelimary corners.


    I've done it from old mining claim plats and walked right to the corner markers and that was very steep mountainous terrain.


    But, hey!, you guys are missing the most important item.....what Delorme product could POSSIBLY be an upgrade from an e-trex.....??? Ha!! Gotcha!

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