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  1. I need wait no longer! My Polar Bear tag, which went off to Alaska, has just been dropped into a cache in Alaska, and the first column now shows him as 4500 and something miles. Thanks Searcherdog, I owe you one.... John
  2. Searcherdog, you may just have hit on the answer! All those that are not showing are, indeed, with cachers, and the other two are in caches. The one that I am in possesion of, has done 22 miles, according to the end column, and that is correct, it was started off, but it was a bit of a false start, [long story], and was returned to me on Thursday evening - I intend to drop it into my favourite "TB starting cache" tomorrow, and if your theory is correct, it should start clocking up mileage in column number one. I'll put the result on here... Thank you
  3. Thanks for the reply but no, seven of the eight are in normal, traditional caches, and the eighth is held by me, at the moment. These eight have never shown anything in column 1 of the list, and I can't remember whether the other two have always shown up, but I think that they have - it's very puzzling!
  4. I own ten trackables, and when viewed in my "Owned Trackables" list, each shows me its total mileage, in the last column. The first column shows the present distance to each, and direction, but only for two of these trackables, does anybody know how to get all of my trackables to show the distance/direction information, please? Thanks in advance, John
  5. Thank you, to all that replied, Once I have it back then I'll grab it, it's easier than we realised. John
  6. Not so much a "How do I?", as a "Can I?" The question is in the title - I think that I have read this question before, and that the answer was, "Yes", but I can't remember where. We are not wanting to change ownership, we simply want a TB, [which is owned by me, as it happens], and which is in his inventory, transferring to my inventory. It was picked up in error, and the online transfer completed, then the error was noticed, and if we can transfer it to my inventory, I will meet him at an event next week, pocket it, and slip it back into the originating cache, which is close to where I live. Can it be done? John
  7. Done it! Quite easy, a revelation in fact, I won't brag and say that I've another "bing to my strow" , but I now know quite a lot more than I did. Thanks to you both John
  8. Thank you each, Cerberus 1 and Kunarion, I shall spend the evening with your suggestions. John
  9. Hello All, I have had to move my one and only cache rather quickly. It's at the side of a Motorway service area lorry park, under some trees - I adopted it earlier this year, but I've had problems with stuff going missing, and the lorry drivers find it easier to use the area beneath the tree's as a toilet, rather than walk to the main building, [and it's not just for a "leak"] Fortunately, the site services manager knows all about geocashing and was very receptive to the move, although the cache is now exceptionally easy to find, but it's in a far more sanitary and secure place, and it's particularly easier for those, [sometimes older and less nimble people], on short stops in the coach parking section. I've written a new "blurb" in the Geocache Description section, but I cannot get it to accept line breaks, paragraphing etc. There is mention of "HTML", which I gather it needs to see before it will obey my commands - could somebody please point me in the right direction for a "Total idiots guide to tryping in HTML", please? John
  10. Thank you, that's quite a lot more than I expected; certainly enough to keep me going at Blackpool next month! It also means that I don't need to take my baby Acer PC. Thanks again, and good hunting, from John, in sunny Staffordshire.
  11. My Etrex 10 currently has 36 caches on its list, does anybody know what the maximum capacity is, please? John
  12. Thank you, Isonzo, Yes, you are correct, it's my fault for not waking up fully before looking for the answer to a problem that wasn't there! Thanks again....
  13. I've now checked other trackables which are already being watched by me, and they have the option to "Remove from watchlist" - there are only two, and neither are mine, so I'm thinking that it's something that's only affecting my trackables, or I'm doing something wrong!
  14. I was referring to the list marked, "Trackable options", because I thought that's where it should be. It's not in that list, nor is it anywhere else on the page. I've tried logging out, and back in again, just in case it had not been "picked up" during the start process, but it's still not there.
  15. It seems that my "Add to watchlist" option, on the right hand panel of my trackables page, has gone missing. Any ideas where it might be lurking, please?
  16. Well, you know us Brits, a bit reserved, most us don't like to interfere too much!
  17. On several occasions, I have donned a "Hi Viz" jacket and either a hard hat, or a woolly bobble hat. Although you are very visible, you also blend in, nobody questions a worker who is inspecting the underside of a park bench, or the (safe side) of the roadside barriers, and if you occasionally jot something on a piece of paper, "I never noticed him, he was just a worker" Works for me!
  18. Watching a local cache is also useful, if you use it for TB's that you have asked to be returned at the end of a mission. It's almost like having a bell on your letterbox at home.
  19. G8HWI since 1973, mostly PSK from IO82wv 73 John
  20. Got it! It's now loaded the cache, and as proof of its success, "Garmin Express" comes up with the message, "Download failed" - whoever designed it quite obviously had a cunning plan. I always know when my Ipad mini is close to the target, it get to 11 feet to go, then the arrow changes by 180 degrees and the distance becomes 45 feet, perhaps the same software designer? See what tomorrow brings when I throw the Garmin at the real thing at Trentham Gardens! John
  21. Thanks for that, it seemed that the Garmin Express that I had downloaded and installed, had not fully installed; only about two thirds of it. Now installed, but when I disconnect the Garmin, after a download of the cache, there is nothing in the "Geocache" section; it just asks me to go to garmin.com/geocahes. The instrument is working in other respects - it knows where it is, and the date/time etc. Getting fed up and tired now, been up since very early this morning. I think I'll ditch it for now, and try another day, I usually use my Ipad mini, so I can carry on with that for now.
  22. I've just read this thread with interest, as I aquired a Garmin etrex 10, only this morning. I have created a list, filled it with caches, (just one, as it happens, it's only 4 miles away), to test everything. Everything is OK, until I reach the bit that replaces the "Send to GPS" button, and I understand that it is now, "Send to Garmin" - but where is the instruction? I've read the previous posters' statement about using pocket queries for bulk caches, but what do you do for just one cache, for test purposes? John
  23. Thanks very much! John
  24. Good Morning, I am to give a short presentation about Geocaching to a group; all are adults, I know most of them reasonably well, and I know that most have enquiring minds. This may be a chance for me to discover, and explain to others, something that has always puzzled me. Are the code letters/numbers which identify a cache, convertible to it's global position, or is each group a unique, randomly selected set, that is used as an identifier, and under which, all of the data belonging to the cache is stored? If I don't know, somebody is bound to ask, and I think I may know which one of the group it will be!
  25. I have discovered the original entry does still exist - it is in the gallery of the trackable; in this case, a rather handsome Geocoin that was taken by a "player" some 16 or so months ago, and although he has admitted to me, by Email, that he still has it, he doesn't seem to want to either let it continue its wanderings, or send it to me as an "Amnesty Item". Actions like this leave a bitter taste with me. I have printed off a screen grab of the original, and of the modified, (falsified, perhaps?), entries. John
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