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  1. I just came to ask the same thing.
  2. I have some declined ones in my unfinished list. Maybe something to do with them being pre new release. Also somehow they got a new declined by. The original decliner has been replaced by iryshe. Magic touch maybe? Mike
  3. I guess my original feeling that Waymarking was going to be too complicated for me to try to understand gets more valid all the time. I'm about ready to give up.
  4. I think that after doing an extensive study that a really lot of visit logs that don't meet the logging requirements are still there. What's the purpose of having requirements if they're not enforced? I think the answer is that visit logs are so rare it's just really hard to delete them. I think that the only real use of logging requirements is to discourage people from using the site. I am seriously considering archiving the waymarks that I own that have logging requirements that I can't agree with. But, if the majority want to still consider Waymarks Geocaches that's fine with me. I just don't think it is helping the site to grow. Mike Thanks to Firefox 2.0 Spellchecker
  5. It just quit uploading images all of a sudden. (Might be me, but don't think so.) edit: Sorry, I meant to put in the bug thread.
  6. But why did his name replace the original decliners is my question. Nothing clear to me.
  7. This is not anything important just curious. I have three Waymarks that were declined by two different approvers. They now show as being declined by iryshe. What's this mean. He's taken over the dirty work?
  8. Did we just lose the site or is it me and my flakey internet? edit: I got back in.
  9. Uh-oh, I see something I don't like at all. It appears that every Waymark has a visit now with the approver showing up in a visit log. I like to go through the new Waymarks and read the visit logs. Guess it don't really matter, I'm just nosey that way I guess. But that's out if I have to click every Waymark to see if there's a real visited log. I would like to see someday an option to see more than 10 Waymarks on a page. That's all, nothing serious and I could be missing something. Thanks, Mike
  10. First, select a location by either typing in an address, city and state (or city and country), zip/postal code, or all three into the textbox at the top right corner of the site. Or, you can select a saved search from the combobox right below the address textbox. This will filter your directory so that only categories that contain waymarks in that general area are displayed. Right below the filtered directory you will find a list of nearest waymarks. If you only want to see the waymarks and not the directory, you can click the "display waymarks only" checkbox right below where you typed the address. As you navigate to the various subcategories, you will see waymarks of only that category (and also its subcategories) ordered by closest distance to the location you selected. You can also sort these waymarks alphabetically or by date, but the logical choice is to view by closest. You also can opt to only display waymarks that contain images or to exclude waymarks that you've already visited. You can return to the full directory at any time by selecting "clear location" link at the top right, or right above the directory. You can also change your location at any time. We recommend you doing this often. It isn't intended to be like the "you are here" of the old site. We expect you to change your search location regularly. Thanks, I thought that was what I was doing but maybe I wasn't looking past the Catagories. Anyway, it is good and I think all my questions have been put to rest. Thanks again for the good work. Mike
  11. I guess I'm just too stupid to figure it out, or just tired of trying to figure it out, but I can't find how to search for nearest Waymarks.
  12. Is it safe to submit Waymarks or to save them without submitting? I'm sorta leary of doing any and my notes are getting cold.
  13. I also have an archived fountain that came back to life but I can't find it to rearchive (new word?) it.
  14. On My Waymarks page that is sorted by newest by default, if I change it to alphabetical it goes back to newest on page 2.
  15. I can't figure the map thing out. I found one waymark map but can't remember how I did it and can't do it again. Seems pretty clunky to me.
  16. Enter your location at the top right and the map will appear. EDIT: Sean is going to change it so the map appears on waymark pages even if your location is not set. It's "on the list". The only map I've seen is the map of "my location". I see the little thingy that I guess is the Waymark but can't zoom in on it. edited to try to say what I'm thinking.
  17. Is it just me or are the maps gone? I mean the map for each waymark. I need the map to check my coords. Help.
  18. Looks to be working with perfection for me, FireFox
  19. I finally got one Waymark recorded but I give up on the others I have. I'll do them another day, perhaps. Mike
  20. I can't look at Waymarks. Is it bogged down like GC when it gets overworked? Does Waymarking get overworked?
  21. An example, I have enough problem coming up with a short description and a long description. I just tried to record one that also wanted a (just plain old I guess) description (in a tiny little box impossible for me to do anything except copy and paste into it). (Well, copy and paste is about all I do anyway.) I really don't care but are they just trying to be different or something? It just looks to me like the harder it is to record a Waymark the less there's going to be of them. And I don't see it making higher quality Waymarks. (Maybe I should have put this in my Waymarking Blog and called it a rant). Mike
  22. It gets to be a little like work. Some catagories, in my opinion, require more detail than necessary. I can find the stuff, get the coords, and take the pictures and then it starts to feel like going to work at a regular job getting them recorded. Maybe I'll get fired. I can't quit, I need the job. Mike
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    I guess some people just don'd get it.
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