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  1. It's sad that this is even a discussion. It's sad that there's so little common sense left anymore. It's sad that we need guidelines and forum opinions to make our common sense decisions for us.
  2. Check your state and local laws. I'm pretty sure they will override any Geocaching guidelines and forum opinions.
  3. I'm just scared they'll do an update before they figure out that this is really big problem. If everybody would go to the Android Forums and vote on this issue sooner or later the admins are going to have to tell us something.
  4. I think the issue is many people don't realize its happening. You probably hit the nail on the head. If people don't read the forums or the comments on the Market page they probably never look at the battery usage. Thanks. I don't know about that... After using my EVO for a couple of days I went geocaching. Found one cache, had the app running for all of 10 minutes. A couple hours later my battery was nearly dead. "Whoa," I thought, "I usually can run for a full day. What happened?" And I clicked on settings, etc. and saw that 80% of my battery usage for the day was from the Geocaching app. That bit of information sent me to the forums in search of a solution, not the other way around. It's really pretty hard to miss. Run for days without running down your battery, then go geocaching, get dead battery. I don't think it's that people don't know they have the problem; it seems more like it's only a few phones, all of them made by HTC, that have the problem. So it only affects a few of us. But for those of us that it affects, it's a real deal-breaker. It's enough to make one switch to The App That Cannot Be Named In These Forums. I don't know, I was thinking, (I know, that's dangerous for me) maybe it's a phantom type of thing. I know that in addition to the app I always have the GPS running and it is a battery hog. I really don't know for sure how much difference there is in battery drain or how to gauge it when not using the app. Either way it ain't right. I have a Motorola Droid so it's not just HTC. Just cause the admins can't reproduce this issue it's not going to go away.
  5. I think the issue is many people don't realize its happening. You probably hit the nail on the head. If people don't read the forums or the comments on the Market page they probably never look at the battery usage. Thanks. Mike
  6. OK, so I guess this not as big of an issue as it looked like and that I thought it was. I guess the few of us that have this problem will have to live with it. If Elias wants to buy me a plane ticket from Tennessee I'll reproduce this issue for him. Thanks for the replies we did get.
  7. I don't know if this has ever been done or not but I'd like for everyone that has issues with their Android phone using the Official Geocaching App using battery with the App closed to go to the Android Forums and let your concerns be known. It seems kind of funny to me that with as many comments there are in the forum and on the App page in the market that the admins are having a hard time reproducing this issue. Maybe if everybody goes and posts and votes on this one it will wake them up a little.
  8. My Travel Bug From Jonjaben has been traveling for nearly nine years and has traveled over 100,000 miles. I believe that the vast majority of these miles are real travel miles. I don't know how many bugs that are than he is are still active but he is travel bug #106 to be released.
  9. Snapware made in the USA if anybody but me cares.
  10. I have this manual for which I no longer have the GPS. Somebody needs it. Totally free.
  11. Hey, I might come up with another one of some kind if I need to.
  12. I have an older original etrex Vista that I'll give to you if you want it. I have the cable for it also. PM me if you are interested. Mike
  13. I can't view any Travel Bug pages. Last night I could get to one every once in a while but now nothing but waiting for geocaching.com. Well, just looked at one. Guess I'm just not waiting the required minute for the pages to come up.
  14. My intent was not that this might be the oldest TB. I was just impressed by the length of time he was MIA and the circumstances of him being found, bought at a garage sale.
  15. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=109 Just change the number at the end of the link I tried that but never made it through all 108 of them to see which ones were still alive.
  16. My Travel Bug Smokey_3, which was the 109th TB to be released, has just shown up after being MIA for nearly seven years. Somehow he got to England and his travels become sort of mysterious. Anyhow, he just got found by a Cacher in England at a car boot sale. I have to guess that would be something like our garage/yard sale or flea market. It's good to see an old TB resurface after so many years. Thanks petebw. (Is there any easy accurate way to see how many of the first 109 TB's are still around?)
  17. I reckon we're dumb. I can't figure it out.
  18. Cool, when i log in from my work PC it is picking up the HQ in Islandia New York and points me to the closest 5..... but i am physically in the Netherlands. Maybe better to use the home coordinates for this feature and secondly leveraging the IP address. I don't have to worry about where I am cause I can't figure out what you'all are talking about.
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