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  1. Charter members are members who purchased a premium membership during the first year it was offered and have kept it current. It wasn't offered until around March 2002. There ya go... Close enough for me, on to the next question.
  2. All I want to know is if anybody knows how to tell how long I've been a charter member.
  3. I guess I would have to know when they started the premium/charter memberships then I could figure out the answers. I wonder if any lackeys have done this survey.
  4. How am I supposed to know how long I've been a premium member, how long I was into Geocaching before I became a premium member and no telling what else. Am I missing something?
  5. I think that everybody is missing a very important point. We're talking about 8-9 years from now. So are we going to have the same old smartphones and other high tech stuff? I doubt there will even be cellphones as we know them now at that point in the future. Smartphones are evolving rapidly. The next Motorola smartphone (Razr) will have a Gorilla glass screen with a Kevlar back and be water resistant (nobody seems to want to say how water resistant, I read in one review maybe a quick dip). I'm thinking along the lines of a robot type thing with built in location finders and cameras and pencils and stuff that we can sent to find or hide a cache and there will be on need for any of the used to be high tech as we know them today toys. Well, maybe not this drastic, but who knows?
  6. The standalone GPS is on Yahoo's list of 7 gadgets that won't be around in 2020. I just got done reading the article and now it's gone. Here's where I saw it. 7 Gadgets That Won't Be Around in 2020
  7. I'm trying to understand the "including shipping within lower 48 US" thinking. (Unless you're shipping UPS). I see that a lot on ebay and have never understood the thinking on this requirement. (Sorry, off topic, I guess inquiring minds want to know.)
  8. Would be nice to see Heartland Cacher's thoughts shared here.
  9. Which region would that be? There's not a U.S. forum. There are several subforums for different areas of the U.S., but this isn't a Northwest or Great Plains only issue. This board seems to be the most appropriate place to have the discussion. OP is talking about Florida, which is his home too, so South and Southeast section will be fitting HUH!!!
  10. There's only 3 Geocaching rules that I know of. Quote from the Geocaching FAQ....... "What are the rules of geocaching? 1. If you take something from the geocache (or "cache"), leave something of equal or greater value. 2. Write about your find in the cache logbook. 3. Log your experience at www.geocaching.com."
  11. It may not be entirely true that a smartphone can't be waterproof and tough as a GPS. Here's the Casio G’zone Commando And the Motorola Defy
  12. Shooting pain Pain for an excessive duration. (like my spreading pain) Excessive swelling (more than 4") Excessive redness (more than 4") Hives Swelling of the mouth and/or throat Nausea Vomiting Anxiety Chest pain Low blood pressure (weakness or fainting) Large portions to entire body itches .....and sometimes death
  13. I guess by now you know you are one. I think you have to log in out of forums for it to show up here.
  14. I have a couple that are in Tennessee State Parks. The latest I've heard about Tennessee State Park Caches is that they let the old caches stay but they don't allow any new ones. I see no reason to deprive the parks of caches plus they are self maintaining and require no effort from me. Well, I just asked Google about the Tennessee State Park rules and Wiki says you can hide them with a permit. I don't think permission was in the Geocaching vocabulary when these were hidden. I can just imagine me trying to get a permit from them. Anyway, the rangers (at least the ones from a few years ago) know about them so I reckon they'll archive them if they want them gone.
  15. Groundspeak will restore deleted DNF logs and correct the cache owner's misunderstanding of logging principles in examples like the one described by the OP. I speak from personal experience with my player account. I am sorry to hear that there are CO's in the OP's area who do this. Thanks Keystone
  16. I would be curious to know if the admins would treat DNF logs the same as Found It logs and reinstate them if you asked them to. My way of thinking, the only reason to delete any log is if it's inappropriate with cursing or something.
  17. If you're going to include shipping in the price and ship USPS Priority Mail please, please don't say you'll ship to "the lower 48" only.
  18. Here's a Bookmark List of a few Bookmarking Caches. edit: here's another one. edit again: One more.
  19. A quote by Jeremy from the Waymarking forums from long ago. "Posted 09 September 2005 - 12:18 PM If I say the word "bounties" - what do you think you could do with that idea? Jeremy Irish" From this thread (from long ago). What happened to this idea? Wasn't this supposed to sort of compensate for the lack of smilies in Waymarking?
  20. I keep thinking I'm done with this but maybe you're the one to answer my primary question. Why have logging requirements and not require them.
  21. I believe there are three categories that do require gps photos to post a Waymark (they don't get many waymarks from me because I never remember to take the gps photo). This excludes the categories where gps photos actually make sense such as Confluence Spots, Coordinate Palindromes and GPS Art. Do you talk about posting a waymark or about visiting a existing one? I have never cared about the requirements for the former, but haver encountered many waymarks where a photo is required for the visit. I though that mikemtn was referring to visiting waymarks. Cezanne We started out discussing visiting and I just threw in the comment about posting. If there's only three categories left that require a GPS pic to post a Waymark it would be easy enough to ignore them. My original argument was that Waymarking is not Geocaching. If somebody had started Waymarking as a complete stand alone thing instead of trying to merge it with Locationless caches I believe it would have been a whole different game.
  22. What would the future of Waymarking be if all logs that didn't meet the logging requirements were rejected?
  23. Why weren't you willing to abide by that requirement? I was against ALR's long before Geocaching knew what they were. Don't even ask my feeling about the GPS picture thing to post a Waymark. (There's still at least one of those I know of.)
  24. I really never did understand the why of Waymarking but I really enjoyed it for a time. I was working away from home and it gave me something to do when I was stuck out of town on weekends. I guess what ruined it for me was there was a total lack of any kind of supervision. This is a quote from the National Register of Historic Places Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category which is a common requirement on the site. (I use this example knowing that BruseS is very active in this category and maybe I can hear his thoughts on it): "To log a waymark in this category, please provide a photograph that shows you (or your GPS receiver, if you're Waymarking solo) and the place." I never was able to live with that requirement and as I remember there was hardly anybody enforcing it. But it cheapened the site for me and I just quit playing their game the unprofessional (the way I saw it) way it was being played. I guess it was I wasn't able to break the rules just because everybody else was doing it.
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