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  1. Oops, I left out the "hiding one last Geocache" part. Hope Jeremy don't sue me or something for sorta misquoting. But, I'm fairly confident that Jeremy wouldn't hide any Walmart LPC Cache.


    After closer examination of the quote I believe Jeremy was saying he wouldn't hide his last or any Geocache under the mentioned conditions.


    (edit to try to make sense of post)

  2. I have an eTrex H that has never been out of the box. I will sell it for $60.00 shipped anywhere in the USA. If you don't care for the box I'll take it out of the box and throw in a bunch of batteries. Cash, check, money order or credit card. Here's all the info you need from the Garmin web site.

  3. Actually, I think there is a way you could get the "Charter Member" title. You could seek out a Charter Member and obtain their membership from them. I'm guessing an exchange of money, goods or services would need to occur in order for you to obtain said membership. Do a quick name change, delete all of their finds, re-log all your finds under this account and bingo bango boingo you have your very own charter membership!

    Yeah, I guess I would do it for $10,000 plus Paypal fees. Email me for my Paypal address.

  4. This has got me to thinking that if I was smart enough to think up some good unique user names and get them validated maybe I could sell them on ebay or somewhere. On the other hand I haven't looked on ebay and I wouldn't be surprised if there's some for sale already. I've already figured out that in a few hundred years a charter membership should be worth something so I'm holding on to it. Guess this is kinda OT so I'm off to ebay. If anybody would like my user name or charter membership I'll let them go for $1000.

  5. I don't think there was a question regarding why do I keep paying for premium. I joined the Charter membership the first day that it was available (I think first day). I guess I was supporting the site at the time. Now it seems to me that paying to support the site would be like buying at Walmart to support the Waltons. Groundspeak appears to me to be a fairly big business now and should be supporting itself by offering value for the membership fee. Anyhow, maybe in a few years maybe I can sell my Charter membership on ebay if the price of memberships gets too high. I'd probably sell it today if the price was right. There's got to be somebody out there kicking their self for not getting in on the charter years. Sorry about this off topic essay, I'll shut up now.

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