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  1. I just deleted a bunch of "discovered" logs made by someone in Germany. Some were on TB's that were never released. I found a few other bogus (I hate that "Armchair" word) logs as I was deleting them .
  2. True. Just look at this undoctored picture of a very happy pig: Wish I had my old GPS V that I loaned to somebody and never got it back.
  3. Oops, I left out the "hiding one last Geocache" part. Hope Jeremy don't sue me or something for sorta misquoting. But, I'm fairly confident that Jeremy wouldn't hide any Walmart LPC Cache. After closer examination of the quote I believe Jeremy was saying he wouldn't hide his last or any Geocache under the mentioned conditions. (edit to try to make sense of post)
  4. It's official Jeremy wouldn’t hide a tiny geocache in a Wal-Mart parking lot under a metal lamp pole skirt. (In case you didn't see this on Facebook)
  5. Well, I notice there's not a Paypal donate button on the site any more.
  6. I'm pretty sure that the Founding Fathers of Geocaching had to make a lot of concessions to the way the game would be played when it evolved from a hobby to a business.
  7. I have an eTrex H that has never been out of the box. I will sell it for $60.00 shipped anywhere in the USA. If you don't care for the box I'll take it out of the box and throw in a bunch of batteries. Cash, check, money order or credit card. Here's all the info you need from the Garmin web site.
  8. Yeah, I guess I would do it for $10,000 plus Paypal fees. Email me for my Paypal address.
  9. I think this is the best answer ever on this subject.
  10. Thanks Bruce. I fixed my link.
  11. Waymarking.com is Kim's Cool Site of the Day Newsletter today. She calls it a Location Locater. Here's a link to her site.
  12. This has got me to thinking that if I was smart enough to think up some good unique user names and get them validated maybe I could sell them on ebay or somewhere. On the other hand I haven't looked on ebay and I wouldn't be surprised if there's some for sale already. I've already figured out that in a few hundred years a charter membership should be worth something so I'm holding on to it. Guess this is kinda OT so I'm off to ebay. If anybody would like my user name or charter membership I'll let them go for $1000.
  13. Maybe Groundspeak's doing it just because everybody else is doing it so it must be the thing to do.
  14. Yeah, they fixed it. Maybe they didn't see the humor in it.
  15. Updated: 9:40 pm PST - February 29, 2012 Next update scheduled before 10:00 am - February 30, 2012
  16. Jeremy and maybe other Lackeys ride a Vespa. Used to anyway.
  17. Maybe you could get one from him. matt@42nd-dimension.com
  18. Wow, are we allowed to say her name now? I guess the statute of limitations has run out on that one.
  19. I've skimmed this thread and the big question that no one talks about is permission. I guess that's something a lot of us don't want to hear about. Was permission granted by somebody to place the cache? If I am responsible for a property I would never grant permission for a cache if I thought it would put people in danger on my property.
  20. There's Geocaching World on RVVN.tv but I think I think its just on the internet.
  21. I don't think there was a question regarding why do I keep paying for premium. I joined the Charter membership the first day that it was available (I think first day). I guess I was supporting the site at the time. Now it seems to me that paying to support the site would be like buying at Walmart to support the Waltons. Groundspeak appears to me to be a fairly big business now and should be supporting itself by offering value for the membership fee. Anyhow, maybe in a few years maybe I can sell my Charter membership on ebay if the price of memberships gets too high. I'd probably sell it today if the price was right. There's got to be somebody out there kicking their self for not getting in on the charter years. Sorry about this off topic essay, I'll shut up now.
  22. Guess I'll not do any more surveymonkey surveys. Maybe next time they want to do a survey they can pay for a more professional survey or something.
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