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  1. Here's a page from November 29, 2001. Remember, Geocaching started as a game versus a business. Notice the Paypal Donate button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Things have changed a little bit since 2000. Here's the first Geocaching web page available on the Wayback Machine from November 8, 2008.
  3. I can't figure out how to respond to the reviewers note for this disabled cache. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC1D40_gobigorange-ii
  4. I would venture to guess that a vast majority of the cachers today don't realize that this was strictly a hobby of Jeremy's for the first few years of its existence. I think that I paid for my membership the first day it was available. It probably saved me money in the beginning. How many remember when there was a Paypal Donate button on the site? How many clicked that button? I did many times. I still donate my $30 month even though I've become too lazy or something to cache. I've wondered if there would be somebody sorry enough to buy my Charter Membership if I listed it on eBay.
  5. The purist that only does traditional caches might be a bit unhappy after finding(?) this one.
  6. When I first learned about Geocaching I had to drive 40 miles to the closest cache to me. The next one was about 60 miles. As they became a little denser I would limit myself to one cache a weekend so I wouldn't use them all up. Now there are 2092 caches within 50 miles of me. For me, it's just not the same and I have little interest in it anymore.
  7. I didn't read this whole thread but I have my opinions on the topic. I've not Geocached much in the last few years but have a lot of swag from when I did. I've been stocking a cache (not mine) with some pretty good stuff and some great stuff a few times and I have the cache on my watch list and have not seen the first log describing a trade but all the swag somehow gets gone with nothing in any logs showing where it went. My opinion (and it's the one that counts the most) is that Geocaching has evolved into something entirely different from Jeremy's vision in the beginning. And for me that's not a good thing.
  8. Here's the NTF prize. My link You gotta click My Link. I'm too tired to figure out how to make it open.
  9. But you do realise that the main reason why GC.com encourage people to log online has very little to do with your satisfaction as a CO and has EVERYTHING to do with bringing traffic to the site so they get more hits on their inline ads. So what you reckon it meant before there were ads?
  10. I'm not giving in to anything but I can say it's just a beta idea I had that might require a little more thought. Thanks for all the comments.
  11. "Now"? Was it announced? "Next to find"? The watchlist or anyone reading the note has to understand this in the first place... It was announced in a previous note, four days prior. "Something new (I think it's new) coming soon to Hobo's Cache." Yeah, its in someone else's cache... so what? It sounds to me as though he was simply trying to add to the fun for somebody. I like this idea a whole lot better than the "FTF prize". As for trading, he said "Remember to trade (don't worry about trading up on this one.)". So, trade something for it, but he doesn't expect you to trade up. I see it as sort of a random act of fun. Thanks
  12. Cool idea. But I guess noone understands your note...how to claim it (by a note? Not by just findig it in the cache?), trade or not to trade for it (you described both)? What and why is that anyway? Out of the context of this discussion this just gives a big question mark from the view of an innocent watcher... Sorry, I guess I can't help any more. I've gone over my actions and everything is completely explained in detail from my perspective.
  13. Okay, I don't get it... You don't say, is this your cache? If not, why would/should anyone "understand the greatness" of you placing something in another's hide? All the trackables belong to others, so that ain't it... But you do get it. You're just not curious enough to check it out (if it was close to you) and that's what I had in mind. If you knew what it is you'd go look. It's meant to pique somebody's curiosity. No more information is necessary.
  14. Yesterday I added a NTF (next to find) prize in Hobo's cache. I just thought it would be something different. I did put in an easy cache with a lot of finds and posted a note on the cache page. It's been over 24 hours and haven't gotten any bites. I guess if it's on anybody local's watch list they don't understand the greatness of the prize. Anybody can claim it with a Found It or a Note log. I do hope that whoever takes it posts that they took it. Guess I'll check often to be sure nobody took it and didn't log it.
  15. I have 147 finds since I started. Most of them were in the very early days of Geocaching. If I'm doing the math correctly when I figure in "cache inflation" that would come out to around 4,000 caches in today's cache numbers.
  16. Has the insert link button quit working or is it just me? It and the insert email button both have a little green thingy on them.
  17. Held for Ransom by Russell Atkinson http://www.amazon.com/Ransom-Cliff-Knowles-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B005WCUSOY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1382464795&sr=8-2&keywords=Russell+Atkinson Fatal Dose by Russell Atkinson http://www.amazon.com/Fatal-Cliff-Knowles-Mysteries-ebook/dp/B00F70SZXW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1382464795&sr=8-3&keywords=Russell+Atkinson Neither of which are Geocaching novels.
  18. No container, no log, it's not a Geocache. (OK, I've broke that rule a couple of times)
  19. I see Russell Atkinson's Fatal Dose is for sale on Amazon. I'll get it as soon as I finish Cached Out.
  20. There was a big thing a few years ago about a cacher's name. I think Jeremy tried to get him to change it and he wouldn't do it. I don't remember the final outcome. His name was Up(something).
  21. I would be happy if Geocaching was what it was in 2001. All the discussions like this would never have happened.
  22. I just got finished reading Held for Ransom on my Kindle. Today I got Cached out. Both were my free rentals with Amazon Prime. I don't know if anybody makes any money on free rentals but I have to do everything I can to justify Amazon prime. I did enjoy Held for Ransom and am looking forward to Cached out.
  23. If a cacher is using PED's is it fair for him to log a hard to find/retrieve cache?
  24. I'm not smart enough to post a photo but here's a link to the November 10, 2000 Geocaching home page on Wayback. It's evolved a little in 13 years.
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