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  1. I used a metal coffee can with plastic lid once as a "trash cache" that was expected to leak, fall apart, whatever. (part of the cache theme) It lasted for years & never got the least bit wet! Ya just never know....
  2. You might wanna master the art of caching during the day before you attempt it at night. This type of thing with an "uninformed" person is what causes conflicts between Geocaching & Law Enforcement. We really don't need the bad publicity.
  3. Does it pop loose or come apart with a screwdriver? There's an indention in the back but if it's a screw I can't get it loose. The GPS doesn't work but I'd like to get the keypad out & put it in my 330, or figure out why the screen won't work on the 320.
  4. I'd almost forgot about this, Thanks for the reminder. I had a flat-rate box here but don't know if it's the largest or not. Anyway, only one would fit but only misses fitting two by an inch or so. Even if they have a "slightly larger" box I can't see getting more than two in & at $9.80 that still wouldn't be much of a bargain. Oh well, we tried......
  5. I've bought the true LNL's at Walmart & Target & it seems they're about $1.50 each (for the smaller ones) when you buy a 3 pack. Here's their site, lotsa neat containers there.
  6. For me it's my 7 yr old! I can't keep a good pen long but do like the Pilot G-2 07.
  7. I couldn't interest you in taking an Etrex in on trade could I?
  8. Wow, those things have went up. This site gets $999.99.
  9. I wonder how many 30 cal would fit in a large flat rate box.....(thinking out loud) If I get a chance tomorrow I'll try it & post back. Might make it easier to sell them.
  10. I want to trade the Etrex for/toward a comparable Magellan.
  11. Yes it does, with "etrex" written below it. When I just powered it up it reads "Copyright 1999" if that means anything. Also version 2.03. It hasn't been turned on in a few years. Sitting inside it took it about 5 min to get signal the first time, then I turned it off, went outside & got one in less than a minute. Best accuracy was 26' but I live back in the sticks. I don't know if thats normal or not. The screen looks good with only light, normal scratches like from wiping it off. No cuts, scrapes or big ones to interfere with it. Overall it's a pretty clean unit.
  12. I've got an Etrex yellow (older unit) I'd like to trade for/toward a basic Magellan like an Explorist, or even a Map 330. My nephew's interested in caching but I'm not familiar enough with Garmin (& too old to wanna learn) so I'd rather stick with what I know. Unit is in great shape with a good screen. I bought it here as a backup a few years ago & other than testing it out it's been put up ever since. Any interest?
  13. Recieved the 330 today in every bit as good a condition as CC said it was. Very pleased. He's good people!
  14. I sent it again. If you don't recieve try emailing me through my profile. Thanks
  15. A little more than you're planning to spend but sounds like a good deal: Enter savings code EX400 & get it for $99.99.
  16. Yea, but you're a Platinum Member & we're not allowed to discuss that....
  17. Didn't realize I was "thread trashing", just thought I was making conversation with KoosKoos about a GPS unit thats similar but not even the exact model as yours. Good luck with your sell.
  18. I've got one of those from years ago that's about 8" long. Guess it was for a 2 liter. It originally had a metal top that had "vent holes' in it (this was 25 yrs ago) & it leaked but I put a plastic top from the current bottles & it works great, very watertight. I've threatened to make a cache out of it but it's awfully handy to keep stuff in while in my backpack. I have saw them pretty cheap online but don't remember the size.
  19. Here's a 60CSX for $256 after rebate. They just keep getting cheaper. Edited to add plus $14.95 "estimated" shipping.
  20. I can't remember if I saw it or not. I thought the blank one was pretty funny. He could ruffle some feathers.
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