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  2. Likewise, MTN allow up to 5 SMS's a day, but the restrictions on sending seem to be the same. You have to register the cell number that you wish to send to and can only send from the "registered" address. This is the link for registration www.mtn.co.za/MTNServices/MessagingServices/Pages/Email2SMS.aspx
  3. I spotted on the web that Nokia have now released the 5800 Navigator version in Europe. Basically the same phone as the 5800 Express Music that is available in SA, but comes with a free lifetime voice guided navigation licence. It might be worth enquiring from Nokia SA if it will be coming here if anyone is considering this phone soon. Something I have found irritating about the 5800 (and I assume other Nokia Navigators) is that the map does not orient itself to the road you are driving on. Sometimes the map travels across the screen, sometimes even backwards. What I'm looking for (but haven't found) is a setting like the the Garmin "Track-up" or "Automotive Mode". Does anyone have any input on this? Having solved the unzip problem, I've also got smartGPX to work well with a PQ extracted from an e-mail. Something I've yet to try is to store the extracted gpx files in the phone's internal memory, replace the 5800's microSD card with the one from my Oregon, copy the gpx files from the 5800 to the Oregon's microSD and then put the card back into the Oregon. I believe that the Oregon will find any gpx file anywhere in internal or card memory, so the latest cache data should then be available for paperless caching. This would enable PQ's to be created, received, extracted and transferred to the Oregon without a PC. A complete mobile solution! All that's worrying me is the possibility of corrupting the Oregon's card in the process. Any SD expert's comment on the safety of this idea would be appreciated.
  4. I've had the 5800 for about six months now and have been very impressed with it. Until I saw your post I hadn't tried it for geocaching (my Oregon handles the paperless caching for me beautifully), but your last comment sparked my interest. Loaded SmartGPX and set about getting a PQ to the phone via e-mail - no problem. But then discovered I had no unzip app. installed, so I'm working on that now. But once that's installed it SHOULD be possible. Will report back soon. BTW, I found a nifty little app that turns the 5800 into a handy torch by switching on the flash LEDs. Very useful for searching for caches in dark corners. Let me know if you would like the link.
  5. That IS brilliant! Thanks. I've seen the same thing from time to time as well. Very frustrating.
  6. Hi All. My first post on the forum. Does anyone know of anywhere in Cape Town where I can buy suitable micro containers? I tried the new big CUM store at Canal Walk, but they had no idea what I was on about.
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