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  1. Was he was a Scottish castaway who's story was the inspiration for the book Robinson Crusoe?
  2. Was he was a Scottish castaway who's story was the inspiration for the book Robinson Crusoe?
  3. Wasn't this a great idea for a cache series!? From Canada GC28FXG World Cup 2010 Wish I'd thought of it. There was one cache for each group. Description follows: World Cup 2010 - Group A FIFA's World Cup, the premier international soccer tournament, will be played this summer from June 11 to July 11 in South Africa. This is only the end of a very long and intricate series of qualifying matches that have taken over 3 years and included more than 200 squads representing countries from around the world. 32 teams have advanced to this stage and will compete in a round robin (Group) stage and with the top 16 advancing to the knockout stage to determine the champion. It is one of the most anticipated sporting events and will also be the most watched televised sporting event in history with over a billion viewers expected to tune in. So we'll a have a little competition of our own. Group Stage: This cache is one in a series of eight representing the eight groups of the round robin tournament phase. You can find them in any order you like. If you wish to be part of the competition, when logging your find include in your log the two (2) teams you think will acquire enough points to advance out of the group phase. After the last group game June 25, I will tabulate the results and the top 16 cachers with the most correct picks will move on to the championship phase. In the event of a tie between 2 or more cachers, the earliest date of finding the last of the eight group caches will be the tiebreaker. If there is still a tie, the winner will be determined by a random draw. Championship Phase: Shortly after the last group stage match, June 25, the top 16 cachers from the group stage will recieve (via email) advance notification of the placing of the final cache. The race will be on. World Cup Champion FTF - Certificate and Commemorative World Cup ball. 2nd - Runner up - Certificate. Sorry, no FTF for the group stage caches. When logging your find, include the top 2 teams from this group you think will advance to the knockout stages: Group A South Africa Mexico Uruguay France
  4. Gr8Scot


    Congrats from me too. I'm suitably jealous.
  5. Further update: I managed to get the price down to R 22 each. Size is 64mm long by 18mm diameter. Here is a photograph that gives some idea of scale.
  6. After unsuccessfully hunting around all my local stores for the Gidgitz waterproof capsules, I finally got a direct route to the local distributor. If anyone is interested in buying some, I can get them at R 26 22 each. Delivery in the Cape Town area free if you are anywhere near one of our delivery routes or I can arrange delivery elsewhere by post or courier at your expense. Please let me know soon so that I can add to my order.
  7. Correct with the first answer. Zoliswa Gila is the country's first female crane operator. She was trained by the by the main contractor as part of the skills transfer requirement of the project. She was also chosen to present President Jacob Zuma with a pair of gold-coloured soccer boots when he visited the stadium for the one-year countdown to the 2010 FIFA World Cup. She continues to work in the stadium, but now as a tour guide. Here she is on the left being applauded by Miss Scot's class during a stadium tour earlier this year. Less than 24 hours till we go to see the Italy v Paraguay game - can't wait! Pass to you malo mystery
  8. Wow - what an opening day for the World Cup! Sticking with that theme..... No one in Cape Town who watched the construction of the new stadium could have failed to be impressed by the number of cranes that were used. Few know, however, that there was something unique about one of the crane drivers on the site. What is it? GO BAFANNA!!!
  9. TRY!!!!! They played Wales and Ireland in round robin, beat Scotland in quarters and England in semis. It is not recognised as a grand slam, and I think the probability of happening again is slim, pure fluke that the draw allowed it to happen. I pass the ball to you.
  10. I'm told by someone who prefers to search for lost golf balls rather than caches, that they could also be Ping golf clubs Back on the sporting theme, here's a question that was asked of me recently by our resident rugby guru: A ‘Grand slam’ in rugby is achieved by beating England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland on a tour to the UK. A team achieved an ‘unofficial Grand Slam’ by accomplishing this outside the UK. Who did it and when?
  11. Gr8Scot


    Congratulations to Trevorh7000 and ten times that to CnC!
  12. Could you possibly use the free OpenStreetMap for anywhere in the world from here? This gets you a map that can be loaded into Mapsource as well. Only good for Garmin owners but I'm sure there are other sites like this for other makes that can provide you with OSM data.
  13. I still have a ZX81 and just recently found my old "Programming the Z80" handbook. Remember just how much machine code you could cram into that 16k (if you upgraded from the 1k internal memory that is!) I'll have to give it to cincol, despite the "shotgun approach" used, as he listed all the top contenders. I had Tetris as the answer, but further research has shown that Super Mario & PacMan are up there are well. I feel that Tetris should get the crown though, as most of the others have faded away. Seemingly since 2005 Tetris has been installed on over 100 million cell phones alone, which proves that it's still being widely played today, despite being born in 1985. Over to you cincol
  14. Fairly authoritative I think, and probably based on most installs. So you need to go back further. Remember that the last couple of questions relate to ancient history in computer terms!
  15. Hands up all those that still have a ZX81 or a Spectrum stashed away in a cupboard somewhere. Sticking to the theme, which game has been cited as "The greatest computer game of all time"?
  16. If I recall my ZX 81 book correctly it's something like: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  17. I think it is that machine thingy that cleans up the ice on an ice rink - if I'm correct I saw it working when attending the nICE event? Quite correct! It's a machine used to resurface ice rinks, invented by Frank J Zamboni (whom I was privileged to meet some years ago in Las Vegas). It was based on the chassis of a WW2 jeep, the dimensions of which it shares to this day. It performs three simultaneous tasks while out on the ice. It first scrapes the ice with an 8ft wide very sharp blade and the shavings are picked up by a series of augers and deposited into the ice bin in front. Then water is sprayed onto the newly cut ice, vacuumed away, filtered and re-used to wash any dirt out of any remaining blade marks. Finally HOT water is deposited onto the clean surface to replace the ice removed by the blade. Hot water is used as it contains less dissolved air (which would make the ice brittle) and also helps bond the new layer to the existing ice, so as to avoid an "onion skin" effect. For some reason, the Zamboni out on the ice always fascinates spectators. Charlie Brown said it best: "There are three things in life that people like to stare at: a flowing stream, a crackling fire, and a Zamboni clearing the ice. " Back to you
  18. That'll teach me to guess! Ok then ... what is a Zamboni?
  19. Van Riebeeck's successor as Governor of the Cape?
  20. Please excuse me if this has been raised before, but I couldn't turn up anything in a search. I'd like to see an option in the PQ builder to limit the number of log lines that are included in a PQ. Please understand that I in no way wish to discourage long logs as I'm all for them. In fact I actively encourage new cachers to write as much as possible about their experience in their log. They do become a problem, however, when included in a PQ to be downloaded to a paperless caching device like the Oregon. Scrolling through them to get to the next one or the additional info at the end can be quite daunting!
  21. Fully agree Doc! The only thing I have against long logs though is the amount of scrolling it takes to get past them to get to additional waypoints when they appear on a PQ downloaded to a paperless caching device. It would be good if Groundspeak could offer an option to just show the first few log lines in a PQ. That would solve the problem without putting aspiring authors like Henzz off from writing shuch entertaining logs. Actually I think I'll post that as a suggested enhancement on the GS forum. Anyone know how to do a smiley with a lighbulb over its head?
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