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  1. Did you get it sorted out? A member of the Oregon Wiki created a recovery package to solve that problem on the x50 series? Details here.
  2. Silvermine North area is now complete. Here is a link to the OSM page. I'll have the .img file containing both the back table and this area available shortly for anyone who is interested. Moving on to Silvermine South next. As ever, please send me any input, corrections, gpx tracks of these paths, etc.
  3. Updates for both the x00 and x50 series have been officially released via the Garmin Webupdater program, rolling up the last few beta releases. Unfortunately there are already reports of bugs in both releases (sigh), but at least the one in the x00 release seems more of an annoyance than a bug. The support for multicaching is fairly rudimentary, but an improvement at least. It allows you to enter co-ordinates of a "Next Point" and still have access to the cache description, logs, hint, etc. The cache filtering function is useful. You can filter based on Type, Size, Difficulty, Terrain, Status (DNF, Unattemped or Found) Here are the changelogs: Software 3.90 (x00 series) * Added ability to set user declination direction * Added Automatic Shaded Relief option * Added brightness adjustments for BirdsEye imagery * Added Geocache filtering. Select Setup > Geocaches to add custom filters * Added multicaching support * Improved WAAS performance * Fixed elevation profiles to always use the most detailed DEM data loaded * Fixed issue with calculator % function * Fixed issue with map POI's showing twice for a single point * Fixed issue with Oblique Mercator User grid * Fixed occasional shutdowns * Fixed spot sounding display on certain maps Software 3.80 (x50 series) * Added ability to move waypoints using the map * Added ability to set user declination direction * Added Automatic Shaded Relief option * Added brightness adjustments for BirdsEye imagery * Added display color to track gpx files * Added Geocache filtering. Select Setup > Geocaches to add custom filters * Added import indicator for gpx files * Added multicaching support * Added periodic track archiving * Added track review page improvements * Improved keyboard responsiveness * Improved WAAS performance * Fix hang searching for POI * Fixed elevation profiles to always use the most detailed DEM data loaded * Fixed future plot with tracks that have no elevations in them * Fixed issue with calculator % function * Fixed issue with map POI's showing twice for a single point * Fixed issue with Oblique Mercator User grid * Fixed issue with stuck route button. * Fixed occasional shutdowns * Fixed shutdown on About Page * Fixed spot sounding display on certain maps * Updated map review of tracks and routes. The distance shown is now the distance along the route or track.
  4. Drat! Finally something I knew and MWeb has ADSL problems so I don't get to see the question. Maybe the SA Ice Hockey team shouldn't feel too bad though. Armenia were subsequently kicked out of the league for having 15 ineligible players in their 22 man team!
  5. Now THIS sounds interesting! Please add me to your distribution list.
  6. I saw this on another forum. May be of interest to someone here. Garmin has just issued a product recall on some of the nüvi 200W, 250W, 260W & nüvi 7xx series models. Quote to context: "...potential risk of battery overheating ... may lead to a fire hazard." Details here + model serial number check: www.garmin.com/nuvibatterypcbrecall I'm unsure if the local agents are complying with the recall.
  7. I just found this nifty site that lets you create a pdf of any area of the OSM map that can be printed and taken along on a hike. Either to be used as a backup paper map or to make notes on that can be used with a GPS trace later when updating the OSM map. For example, here's the area we walked last week. On the way down we were debating which route to take and it's sometimes hard to get an overview of an area on the small GPS screen. Could also be useful as a link in a cache description to describe the best route to a mountain cache. E.g. Moss and Tears, Spilhaus or The Girl's Route in this case
  8. This all sounds like good advice. The last thing I want is someone getting into trouble by following a dangerous route. Hence my request for those in the know to check the map for me and let me know of any suggested changes. I just got permission from Mountain Meanders to include their gpx files into the OSM map as well. So I've plenty more work to do.
  9. Thanks Doc. If you (or anyone else) has gpx traces that you are willing to share, please send them to me and I'll add them.
  10. Outdoor Warehouse have a pretty wide range.
  11. Looks like Garmin have added a very useful new feature in their latest beta releases. The Oregon x00 & x50's (also all Dakotas and the new GPSMAP 62/78's) now have a multi cache function that allows you to enter the co-ordinate of the next stage of a multi once you have completed a stage, and yet still have access to the paperless caching information. More details and links to the beta downloads here: http://www.gpsfix.net/garmin-multicache-beta/ Recent beta releases have been causing problems on the Oregon, so you might like to wait and see what the feedback is before installing this, or wait for the official release. But it looks like a very useful function that's long overdue.
  12. I didn't take a snapshot, but I have a map that I downloaded form OSM before I started. Just got to figure out how to show a comparison of the two, as in a zoom that would fit on a page, a lot of the detail disappears. Most of the trails I added were in the Cecelia, Kirstenbosch, Newlands, Devils Peak areas and then along the Atlantic side. Also Signal Hill and Suikerbossie. Most of the Back Table was already there, but a few links between paths were added as well as the path up from Kloof Nek around the back of the table to the top. The image file is about 0.5Meg when zipped, so pretty small. Thanks, I'll look into Dropbox. It sounds like the right sort of thing.
  13. Just over six weeks ago the family and I had a brief brush with being lost on Table Mountain. We got caught by the darkness while decending through Newlands Forest after finding Jonathan's Log. At the time I had three maps loaded in the GPS, none of which showed many trails in that area of the mountain. As a result of this experience, I decided to see what I could do to improve the Open Street Map of the mountain tracks and trails. Pooks put me in touch with Larks, and he kindly sent me a fantastic set of gpx data covering the whole of the TMNP, which he had built up with the intention of creating a similar map to what I was trying to acheive. With Pooks' help I was able to convert the data into a form that could be uploaded to OSM. For the past few weeks I've been incorporating the traces onto the map and it's now reached a point where the area from Constantia Neck to Signal Hill is complete. The next step is to have the map tested by people familiar with this area of the TMNP and this is where I would like to ask for some help. I'd like some feedback on the map's accuracy, trail names, POI's that need added, warnings about dangerous sections, etc. I've compiled a Garmin img file suitable for upload to the likes of the Oregon and Dakota (and others?) and can also make the files needed for Mapsource uploads to older models available. If anyone is willing to assist with the testing of the map, please contact me so that I can send the files to you. Can anyone suggest a file sharing site to which I could upload the files to make things even easier? Here is a link to the OSM map of the area so that you can get an idea of the information that's now available TMNP on OSM
  14. Reminder - and this was asked before Spain won I figure that it has to be a team that has at present only won it once, so how about England 1966? BTW, did anyone else notice that at almost every match there was a Scotland flag on the front of the stands somewhere?
  15. Not at all. Please send your order via e-mail.
  16. Gr8Scot


    Well done Pooks on your 600th! Wow, how did I miss that? Congratulations to Pixel & Possum on your 100th during your KTP trip. That must have made it even more memorable!
  17. That's the original answer that I had in mind as well, having been told that in a Materials Science lecture years ago, so I'll give it to you. After posting the question however, I did some research to confirm that I had remembered it correctly and found the following: " * A thixotropic fluid displays a decrease in viscosity over time at a constant shear rate. * A shear thinning fluid displays decreasing viscosity with increasing shear rate. Toothpaste, ketchup, and paint are frequently mis-labeled as being thixotropic materials. In reality, these are often pseudoplastic or "shear thinning". The viscosity of these materials decrease under increasing shear rate, not increasing time. When squeezed out of a tube, toothpaste flows easily but will set-up on the toothbrush. When shaken or squeezed out of a bottle, ketchup will thin and flow readily but will retain its shape on a burger or plate. When modern paints are applied the shear created by the brush or roller will allow them to thin and wet out the surface evenly. Once applied the paints regain their higher viscosity which avoids drips and runs." Over to you, Discombob
  18. Very good Pooks! I'll revise the question - What technical property do Tomato Sauce, Toothpaste & (modern) Paint have in common?
  19. Both Pooks & Paddawan told me at the "Let's Celebrate..." event cache on Saturday that they had tried, but couldn't find, Alternative road to Bot River. I couldn't resist the lure of an old forgotten pass road on the way home, so I also tried (unsuccessfully) to find it. As I was now pretty sure that it was missing, and as I had a new micro with log paper with me, I left that for others to find meantime and notified the cache owner of what I'd done. My questions are: 1. It this considered an acceptable practice? 2. As the owner has accepted my invitation to keep the micro & change the cache description to suit the change in container, should I log this as a find?
  20. My entire first purchase of the Gidgit Waterproof Capsules got cleaned out at the "Let's Celebrate..." event on Sunday, including those I had bought for myself! So I'm placing another order. Anyone else like to join in at R 22 a piece?
  21. Thanks Trev. Here is one that came up at dinner the other evening: What property do Tomato Sauce, Toothpaste & (modern) Paint have in common?
  22. Oops - double post due to woking in the dark on a mobile while putting the kids to sleep!
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