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  1. Hello!


    I've been out of the loop, but here are some answers to some of the questions...


    1) Thanks, this is indeed 'Cool.'


    2) No, they won't drop it from orbit. NASA is touchy about stuff flying around at 17000 mph at that altitude.


    3) I will post pictures of the coin, the astronaut, the launch, and anything else I can get.


    4) Can't make the ISS into a cache...it will fill up with Happy Meal Toys.


    5) I will get the coin back, from Dr. Love (yes, that is his name) when he visits after his mission. He gets to go on PR trips, and he hopes to get up here...


    6) This didn't cost anything, just knowing him since junior high school and being his best man at his wedding. Sort of like a lottery...


    7) The GPS sattelites are in a much higher orbit...and I have no idea what a GPS would do if you were' above' them. I'll ask...the NASA types might be using them for some weird navigation calcs.


    8) I've asked Groundspeak to see if this coin could be logged through some sort of cache or event or something...will let you know what they say.


    9) The coin that is flying is a CRAKE astrolabe geocoin. I'll see if there is a photo of one on-line and post it.


    10) Most personal items that an astronaut takes up have to fit in a box 5" by 8" by 2" thick, and the total items in the box have to weigh less than about 1.5 pounds. That sort of nixes the idea of smuggling myself on board. Our family is also sending a rookie card of Scottie Gomez (NHL wingman) and a small icon of St. Herman of Alaska.


    I'll keep you all posted on how to log the coin, Groundspeaks response, and all photos I manage to get.


    Nate Grumby

  2. Now that I've broken my leg and dislocated my ankle I have lots of time on my hands. So, I'm just curious how many other people have had accidents while geocaching?


    I know that a man died while geocaching in Texas and have heard of other folks who have broken bones, sprained ankles, etc.


    Please provide the details of how your injury/accident occurred - were you looking at your GPSr and not the trail? Did you slip, fall, trip?


    What is the exact nature of your injuries and have you gone back to geocaching?


    It was this cache that did me in:




    You can read my log for the highlights of what happened.

  3. Sorry to see you go Eckers

    Geocaching is not what it was then.

    Look forward to seeing you around as a cacher.

    I once met a reviewer from Slovakia. He had driven 1000 non stop to Exeter, and when he left the pub, he turned right into the right hand lane of traffic (ie the wrong side), and nearly had a head on. I guess you feel the same


  4. They aren't telling us what to do on a UK forum. They are telling us what to do on a section of a US owned and administered site which has been set aside for UK cachers to discuss UK geocaching. If a US cacher came over to one of our regional hosted forum sites and told us what to do I would be alongside telling them where they stood, but that's not the case.


    I agree 100% with what kennamatic says here.


    It is because I agree that I have let Groundspeak know that I no longer wish to review caches or moderate the UK forum.


    In recent weeks I have, more and more, been instructed to do things I did not actually feel would benefit caching in the UK.


    I have been instructed, more and more, to do things that I could not actually see the point of.


    I have been instructed I felt – rightly or wrongly – to implement policies in reviewing or managing caches – that it seemed were not being made public.


    I tried to debate issues - but as much as GSP were not going to change philosophy, nor was I.


    Until recently I have felt totally backed by the GSP management team, though I have also felt that, rather than being evolutionary, and at times being prepared to "push the envelope" things had become more fundamental.


    I don't think this is the right way forward - I know that there are many UK cachers who feel it is, and it is this diversity of opinion that makes for lively debate - and goodness do we have that!


    I have had a great five years or so reviewing for the UK community and made many friends - I would not have changed it for the world. I have made many good friends, both on line and in the flesh at events - but the time has come to call it a day.


    I might even talk to my family again between the hours of 1600 and 1900 during the week and often VERY lengthy week end periods - especially if it has been a sunny Sunday!


    Many thanks to you all - it’s good night from me – and it’s good night from him.


    PS dodgydaved might now even find chance to visit a cache near you!

  5. Hello, and goodbye. After a great deal of thought I have decided to resign from my position as a Volunteer Reviewer for the UK and as Moderator of the UK forum. This decision is final and irreversible. No one thing has made me decide this, rather a gradual change in how things needed to be done. As a volunteer I did the "job" in the way that I thought benefitted the UK caching community and Groundspeak. This worked for several years. However Geocaching has grown in those years and it has become apparent to me that my way of doing things may not now be seen to be appropriate. I therefore felt it best for me that I stop now and make way for someone who will be more comfortable doing things the way they need to be done now.



    Over the years I have been involved, I have found Groundspeak very supportive of me and I have enjoyed what I did. I thank everyone at Groundspeak for five very interesting and worthwhile years. We may not agree on everything but I hope we can continue to respect each other.



    Finally I would like to thank all of you for the kind wishes that have been expressed both publicly and privately. Whatever your views now, I would urge you to consider what you are typing before hitting the "submit" button!! ;)



    Although Lactodorum is now bowing out, be assured that The Hornet will now be taking his place by contributing to the forum discussions and maybe will have more time to hunt Tupperware in the woods. :)



    Thank you and goodbye. Peter - Lactodorum

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