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  1. Well done to you all, enjoy the next 1000 in Oz
  2. Yep I always carry a loud whistle on Dartmoor, would be so easy to break a leg and not be heard up there. I also carry a flourescent vest too. You never know!!! Wadders
  3. daughters new Nintendo ds lite won't charge
  4. Never realised you had so many Steve, i really hope that someone takes on the Fentynyow Kernow Well series. I think they are an ACE set of caches and they are what caching is about for me. (Note to oneself......must get down to Cornwall quick before all these caches dissapear) I hope you get takers for them. Terry
  5. That happens some times i'm afraid, i used to go in there quite a bit, but i don't now. There are some very nice peolple in there though. It's the same as any party you go to, some will speak and some won't, and not everyone logs out of the room when they are not near the pc. Persever, i'm sure the tea trolley will be around soon. Good luck Terry
  6. Tim........you really do have too much time on your hands
  7. Found a lovely pair of Black lacy knickers today .......trouble is no one was in them Wadders
  8. Take ypur breath away? Probably not! Pleasing to the eye.....Maybe! A late afternoon on Dartmoor and a wild pony. On the way to Stueys house one day. Crooks peak in Somerset, well worth the climb, just for the view.(The hill took my breath away!!) A nice sequence of photos for this one, so i picked just one, another walk on Dartmoor with Jester.
  9. None in or around Exeter.....................Bah Humbugs!!!!
  10. All sorted, i was using the gpx file and not the zip file
  11. I have tried to update my profile page several times over the last couple of months, but it never seems to work. I have even tried to contact the page owner to no avail...................is it just me or are other users having the same problem? not about the numbers
  12. Surely, you are shooting yourselves in the foot by not holding it in the school holidays! It was always dependant on the date, but by holding it outside of the holidays you lose the families..AND the children that would have helped with the numbers!!! Heres another -3 And i thought the 1st comittee meeting took place in January!!!
  13. I think that is a good shout, I have just put a flag on Harrogate and one on J22 of the M1 and then looked at the density of towns and cities below and above. I would have thought that the balance of cachers north/south would have been closer nearer to the J22/M1 site. However it looks like this is a dead argument as it seems the area has been chosen. You'll never please everyone I suppose!! Good shout though Alice Wadders
  14. Personal preference is Worcestershire, but I work every other weekend, so it would have to fall on the right one for me.
  15. Tried and tried and no one will let me in
  16. Harrogate.......long way not sure i would go Swindon .......more reasonable, would definatley go Good luck with organising it. Wadders
  17. Thank you, no wonder i could not find it Wadders This thread can be closed now.........Thank you.
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