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  1. Just watched your video, looks like you all had a great time But.....you call that.... mud? Look forward to seeing you down here in October If you dare
  2. Welcome indeed, indeed it has not been the best of few weeks and it is not normally this bad, however i must say counting to 10 is a bit short for me i need it to be around the 75 to 100 mark Before i get any snide comments, yes i can count that high................just
  3. Mmmmm What are you on about.......When you do go out to find them you can't find them anyway
  4. I work in customer support, at the sharp end. One of the most important aspects of such a role, in my opinion, is approachability. It is my personal opinion that wielding a "big stick" does not present such a persona. And all we have had form missjen..................silence came the stern reply!!!
  5. As this is a comment directly due to comments I made elsewhere, maybe you'd like to quote me in full. As the reference to the Air Ambulance, was to not being allowed to be mentioned as a thank you by any unfortunate UK cacher having to use their services and the inability to link to their web site as they are a Charity and as such mention about Donations on their websites which might generate a couple of donations from UK Cachers. No Charity Solicitations but as it's a charity they can't mention it. Please do not use what I post else where in your arguments against the UK Caching Community. Oh and I did mention a UK cacher who had to use the services of another UK Charity which again can't be mentioned now for the same reason. Yours and Groundspeaks view of the Commando thread is at opposite ends of the opinions on it from those of the UK Community. And to be honest neither side is going to agree that the other side is right. Where on earth do people get the idea that they are representing the the views of the UK Caching Community, when they quite clearly fail to appreciate the views of sections of that community. For me the commando challenge posts were irritating. We all have hobbies outside caching BUT a geocaching forum is not the place to chat about them, it's all the more irritating when these activities are fund raisers and you're left with the niggling suspicion that it is a ploy to advertise the event or solicit sponsorship. Views differ within the UK. Will those who claim to represent UK views please make the effort to understand all the views within our own country before they start arguing about UK/US divisions? All they are doing is damaging our hobby based on the opinions of just one small clique within it! If you must discuss non-caching things maybe we need a "UK chat" forum on here to remove clutter from the UK forum itself. It works on other forums and allows those who don't like the non relevant chit chat to view and partake in relevant discussions and easily filter out the non-relevant stuff if they wish to do so. Uktim, you are way off the mark in regards to the commando challenge! The CC is not a hobby!!! A group of us last year entered a team as "Geocachers" in a social aspect. This to me was no different than a group of cachers meeting at a pub or at an event, remember the whole team were cachers. Forget the charity side of things, it was done as a social thing, for a laugh and for a challenge. This year it was decided to see if any other "Nutters" wanted to play. Most of us in this life enjoy a challenge, to try and push the boundries and to look back and say "I did that" Look what I accomplished The charity side was always and still is a side issue, it is a bunch of cachers socialising in a way that is different in some way. It can't be helped that some threads "Irritate" people, there are threads on there that irritate me, if you don't like the topic, then don't read them
  6. So, with all these arguements going to and fro, regarding the closure of two threads that our reveiwers deemed to be ok and more importantly the way that they were closed and by whom they were closed. Since that has happened there have been many posts, but i feel we have still not had a satisfactory answer.....from anyone! Is anyone listening? is anyone going to resolve this issue? I am seriously debating archiving all my caches, albeit for a temporary period! I'm fed up with this hard nosed attitude. Your thoughts?
  7. Nope, i don't think you have missed it, it is exactly what i asked for about 5 posts up, and still we wait....................................
  8. Asking for a charitable contribution is a solicitation. The above covers both. Neither post 191570 nor 189846 (The Commando Challenge threads) asked, either directly or indirectly, for any donation - but they were both locked by MissJenn seemingly for just mentioning the charity aspect. How far down does the commercial ban extend? If somebody won a new GPS in a raffle run by a charity - or with a lottery win - would they be able to mention it in the forum? Or would that be seen to be soliciting for donations? I've pretty much stayed out of this, however I have to say that I have yet to see anything that explains the reasons behind what Keehote has asked up above, about the commando challenge threads! Has anyone actually explained why they were against the rules? or am i just being thick here and have missed the response? I have seen the link about missjen commenting on the virtual cache in the states and the response form the cache setter , and I have to say that if that is the way missjen communicates with people on a daily basis within the forums, then i'm not surprised it's all blown up like this
  9. Let me know where you plant it.........................and i'll muggle it
  10. Just a proprietary memory card (SD in your case) reader - plugs into a spare usb port on your pc - P*u^d74nd have got them on the shelves for £1 (yes ONE Pound!!!) at the moment. Once the readers plugged in, slot in the card and your pc should pick it up as an external drive - then either "send map to pda" from Memory Map, and it'll give you the option to send to the card instead, or drag and drop from your Memory Map disc (or wherever on your hard drive you've got the maps saved) to the Memory-Map-OS/qct folder on the card - assuming you installed to the card and not the pda's main memory in the first place.......... UMmmmm, I'm telling....Thats comercialism, your promoting a particular shop.............please sir...please sir Tims being naughty
  11. We went to LA last year in February, and managed 444 in the week, our best day was 75! However that did take some doing and i think you would be pushed to do the 100+ in a day in LA. Like you we had a few that you could reach out of the car and grab (If Steuy's arms were longer anyway) Some of the caches were great a lot were not!! Several of the ones in Palm Springs were very good including the one at Elvis's house and Liberaces house. Wadders
  12. So, I have a cache right outside a quite unique pub here in Devon, the reason for the cache is to get people to go and have a look at the pub as it is that unique. I have also suggested people go inside and have a look around, I have not however told them to spend any money in the pub!! So if we follow the ridiculously strict guidlines of TPTB I should archive this cache?? Mmmm and if we follow this even furthur, when I put caches out miles from anywhere and people have to spend money on petrol to get there, perhaps I am just swelling the coffers of BP and Esso and doing my own bit of commercialism! Perhaps i should just archive all my caches. Disclaimer PS, just because i have mentioned BP and Esso i am in no way suggesting you buy your fuel there, nor am i in any way getting a free swimming pool from them for mentioning their companies on this forum as an advertisment. PPS If any of you are involved in petrol distribution and i have failed to mention your company, please put the swimming pool in the post and i will ensure i do mention your company on my next visit to these forums
  13. NOPE, it is not back, yes i have been out and done a few but still the enthusiasm is not there. Perhaps it will not return, i did a few in Taunton and they did nothing for me at all (No disrespect to the cache setters) and i attended an event and did a few with Stuey the other night. enjoyed the evening? yes...the company?.... yes, the walks? .....Yes. However apart from the one exception not enthused Now don't tell me that you still ain't found it , not after finding 60 caches on Sunday plus another 20 Saturday . Good to have you back, you just know that it's pointless trying to fight the addiction Mmmm, ok i can't sit here and say it's not back after doing that many can I? Mind you i do have a load of local ones to go and get.which i can't be bothered about Enthused? More enthused than i have been, i did enjoy the ring, (enjoy? Probably not the right word) the challenge was fun, but carrying or pushing the bicycle was'nt. I also found out that the travelodge allows pets to stay for an extra tenner, have to remember that my dog Jester would have loved that. Just a shame that the forums have gone the way they have with "freindly fire" again. Certainly puts a damper on the sport
  14. I wish you both, all the very best. Thank you fopr what you have done in the past and i hope you enjoy your freedom. As a side issue, i used to enjoy promoting and inviting people to participate in the sport or at least visit geocaching.com.....................i wont be any more because i think i may be breaking the rules and be promoting a profitable buisness.......................couldnt have that now could we!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps we archive all the caches in the UK and say stuff em!!
  15. self plug.............Obelisk view Not a bad veiw from here.
  16. Ooooh i fancy this one, time to book a weekend off me thinks.
  17. Enrolled.......paid.........and going to pysciatric nurse tomorrow cmon you Devon lot!!!!
  18. Oh noooooo.... foiled! I've been out today and all the bins near me are modern plastic ones mounted to wooden posts. Disaster! No Poo Bin Pandemonium caches in this part of East Devon Will just muggle it Stuey. Don't bother........
  19. I just knew this sport was going to the dogs
  20. If that is the "Wellington " in Somerset, i may be able to assist if any of the more local cachers don't help. I'll leave it for a while to see if they want it, if not feel free to give me a shout.
  21. NOPE, it is not back, yes i have been out and done a few but still the enthusiasm is not there. Perhaps it will not return, i did a few in Taunton and they did nothing for me at all (No disrespect to the cache setters) and i attended an event and did a few with Stuey the other night. enjoyed the evening? yes...the company?.... yes, the walks? .....Yes. However apart from the one exception not enthused
  22. Well done to "The Kinkys" AKA Kim and Andy on reaching their 1000th cache , at a very favorite place of mine over the weekend. Stonehenge. Well done to you both.
  23. Sorry, don't visit here much lately. Well done on the 500 Tim
  24. Stuey........................you been dogging again?
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