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  1. 1. Participating.... Yes 2. Received name.... Yes 3. Mission Complete.... Yes. 4. Package Received.... yes.
  2. Never done anything like this before, package is being built as we speak MISSION 1: 1. Participating: YES 2. Received Name:YES 29/10/08 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!:
  3. I have, at long last had enough, there seems to be too much in the way of politics running this forum/sport now, so much so that we have lost two great reviewers and even Dave is stepping away from the forum moderation, which now means I suppose that it's just "Big brother" watching us. A big brother that weilds the stick more and more with each passing week, stirs up the honeypot then runs away and does not answer when you ask why! I can't be doing with those across the pond spoiling how the sport used to be anymore, you can't do this....you can't do that, god it's like being back at school again. I have decided to use the GAGB forum as my main forum. I have made some great friends in Geocaching and in this forum and it's been a fascinating experience. I have 10 days to decide if i am going to renew my memership to Groundspeak......it's a close call at the moment...a very close call!! Have fun people! LOL, just noticed that was my 500th post..............................how apt
  4. This is getting unbelievable, it's not a fun sport anymore, it's just a %^*&^% dictatorship This forum WAS run perfectly well up to April, and now you wield the big stick at the slightest little deviation. I don't know about others, but I am getting sick and tired of it. You never rarley respond to the threads or even the former moderators/reviewers posts, and when you do, it is with a Politicians answer that never addresses the original question/point. This to me shows a could'nt care less attitude towards the 2nd biggest geocaching community out there, Groundspeak..... If you are bothered, which clearly you are not, nor are you listening, and nor do you care by the seems of it, for crying out loud................get a life and cut us some slack!!!!
  5. I was tempted, then realsied i too would be at the mega event Why arn't you going to the mega event
  6. Personally, in the geocaching world, I think we need another!!! No offence intended Don't laugh Mandy Don't laugh Don't Terry you are so dry it's hilarious M Why, thankyou
  7. Personally, in the geocaching world, I think we need another!!! No offence intended
  8. They don't seem to comment on much...do they!!!!!!
  9. With all the past problems with us in the UK, perhaps we are being treated like scolded children or perhaps it is just where we come in the pecking order nowadays Communication from Groundspeak oh dear that bit did tickle me, next you'll be wanting an invite to Jeremys BBQ Perhaps i should keep them waiting as long for the next years subscription which is due for renewal Wadders British and proud of it, and I don't care where those in the great US of A put us in the pecking order
  10. I agree with what you are saying Steve, I spent many months planning and implementing my own 5x5 cache. It is a multi, but there is a puzzle to solve to start with, however if someone has tried to solve it but can't I am more than willing to give some pointers in the right direction. As the cache setter, it gives me great pleasure to see positive comments about the cache, if the puzzle is a barrier, all they have to do is ask and i will help them on their way.....It's good to talk!! Perhaps Exon quest part 2, won't have a puzzle Wadders
  11. Anyone know if Dave is away? Sent him an email on Monday and had no response as yet? I suspect he's either away or snowed under
  12. Had to do it in blood twice now Forgot pen/pencil, found thorn bush or gorse, quick stab of the finger then use pda stylus to sign. Now bought myself pda stylus with inbuilt pen...............still forget pda/stylus, one or the other though.
  13. Many thanks Stu, I shall give it a try, still had no response from emailing direct Hope you are keeping well.
  14. If you read the opening post, I have highlighted the current issue, I also mention the lack of current customer service. 12 year old TV!!!! Not going to even respond to that one.
  15. Do they have better buttons? Who knows, but their customer service can't be as bad
  16. Look at the opening post, i'm sure it mentions a "call" and there's no need to shout
  17. The way i use it????? I would imagine that there is only one way to press a button on a gps unit!!! Unless i am lacking imagination. No the unit is not "Faulty", but if your car cost £6000 and you were quoted £2000 for a new key wouldnt you think that it was a bit disproportionate As for emailing them, I have tried the "contacts" and now via there home page......and still no response. If someone says hello, it's only common courtesy to reply But hey if thats their level of customer service and your willing to accept that, thats fine, it's your choice. I expect more. To be fair, in the past i have had good service from them and have recieved replacement units when others have gone wrong..............perhaps their having an "Off month "
  18. Mmmmm perhaps i sense a caching day coming up then near Romsey thanks Mike, i may try that.
  19. After having read so many positive things about garmin, i feel this one needs to be shared and i am also interested in others views. I have a 60csx and due to my rough fingers (Not about the numbers) 4 of the buttons on the gps have worn out, eg in/out and quit/enter. After emailing twice, a contact mentioned on these forums a few months ago and not getting a response of any sort this morning i gave them a call. "Could you send me out some replacement buttons for my 60csx?" "No, we don't send out spare parts" "what are my options then?" "Send it back to us and we will repair it, but i have to warn you it is a ridiculously high price" "How ridiculous?" "£90 + vat" "******"!!!!!! End of call, (After falling off chair) Perhaps they don't offer good service anymore, perhaps they don't need to now there are more and more units out there, just waiting to go wrong and be repaired at a minimum of £90 + Needless to say, i'll persevere with the buttons i have Who need Garmin anyway, there are other machines out there.
  20. I heard you were always undecided on "which way" you went anyway See you all there I'm hoping you mean North or South Mr Wadders and you're not being smutty! LMAO
  21. I heard you were always undecided on "which way" you went anyway See you all there
  22. Clearly, it's like talking to a brick wall then. They seem to have taken no head of all the comments in the recent threads. Pointless
  23. No not heard anything for ages, I had allready booked the week off for "Shrops" but am getting to the point, where I may go off to France instead with the family.
  24. Great OP Stuey, I remember passing the gauntlet between me and yourself on the most done in a day!! and I remember when I used to stop in laybys for something other than a micro I'm sure this is the reason some of us have lost the "Urge" or "Enthusiasm" micros have their place, but nothing beats a decent walk a nice box and a great view. (Sounds like life in general )
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