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  1. There lieeth the problem, i have never kept the numbers, perhaps one should until it is cleared. terry
  2. Ok, here we go, I attended the SW Christmas congregation event and picked up several Tb's to move on. When I got home, I retrieved them from the event. so far so good. However after a caching day and dropping off some Tb's, when going to log them, they are not in my inventory but my cache page says that I retrieved form the event !!! I have managed to resolve the issue on one of them by getting the number again from the owner and retrieving it again, and this time it did put it in my inventory. Another one i am still waiting for the number from the owner but i have mentioned it in my log on the cache page advising the next retriever to "grab it" Come on then guys and girls why does this happen? Terry
  3. While we are on the subject of "where to buy"? My Vista's external surround rubber has split and i am wondering where to get it repaired?
  4. 24th December Capricorn, "we have bought you something extra this year so it's your Birthday & Christmas present".......Yeah RIGHT!!!! Wadders
  5. Just an observation!! Normally when someone reaches a milestone, and a thread is posted, there are responses galore and lots of "congratulations". However this afternoon i posted a "congratulations to Davy Boy on reaching his 300th cache on the pinned thread and alas, not one response not one! I was hoping for a few responses by the time he had returned from his caching trip to Hampshire . So i guess the pinned thread is not that successful so far! Just an observation Terry Any way Dave ] CONGRATULATIONS[/color
  6. At last DAVY BOY hits the 300 he's on his way back as we type, from Hampshire having done his 300th, well done mate. I have enjoyed our caching days Terry
  7. My missus sent me this today, Licence. Now if thats not permission to go out and cache, i don't know what is
  8. YUK YUK YUK Thats what i think of LED torches, i have both maglite and an L.E.D, My L.E.D cost £24 and it can stay in the drawer maglight, maglight, maglight, every time.
  9. I'll volunteer for that i've always been told i don't smile enough and don't look happy!! When will people realise i ENJOY being miserable
  10. OOOppps, Am i the only plonker who does this? According to geocachinguk clearly i am not Thanks to Davy Boy (who clearly has nothing better to do) he pointed out that the site has a section dedicated to people who have "double logged" caches....Mmmm and clearly my mind is going with age and i had done it twice Now corrected and a huge weight lifted off my guilty shoulders, at least i can sleep with a clear conscience now Thanks Dave (***)
  11. Gurgle gurgle!!!......the clue says it's under a rock.......................it does'nt say which one
  12. Well done Skate and thanks forsome great caches!
  13. Thanks to you all, hav'nt really been a regular on the forums, perhaps i should take more notice. Thank you all. Wadders
  14. Am i being a total dork? I have been trying to run some pocket queries, for example 50 miles from a particular cache and i end up with caches in the totl wrong direction,bloody miles away. Whats going on? Another problem is that i would run i the query and it would include my own hidden caches, ones that i have found even though they are excluded from the query i requested and it excludes ones that should be on there!!!! HELP> Wadders
  15. i came acroos the complete list of locationless caches the other day, and now im damned if i can find them, any ideas? They need to have their own link or something. Waaders
  16. thanks for that, it is possible then for the owner to remove the claimed logs,. but how would one do it? Waaders
  17. is there a way that a hider of a cache, can reject someones claim of a find if they have failed to email the hider first with the correct answer for the cache? Or should the hider make it so that the seeker has to email a correct answer first. we have a hider who has archived his caches because people were claiming the cache before emailing him. playing fair? Waaders
  18. I have found and logged 26 caches to date. 15 up to today then did 11 today, however for some reason it has me down as only doing 25 evn though there are 26 on my page. any ideas?? waaders
  19. Wadders


    anyone out there tell me where i can get the file file to enable me to download the waypoints from the geo site direct to my unit? many thanks Waaders
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