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  1. redjada

    Geo Coins

    Unless its unactivated, you treat it like a travel bug. If its unactivated, you can treat it like a trade item. (unactivated coins are rare, and usually only left as rewards for FTFers). Ok, how do I know its its activated or not?
  2. redjada

    Geo Coins

    Being new to this, I was wondering what I do if I find a cache that has a geo coin in it. Im planing on some hunting this weekend and one has a coin in it as well as a travel bug. I know what to do with the travel bug. But what about the geo coin?
  3. I couldn't down load coordinates from the cashe sight. Done it before with out any problem. Now I get the mesage "garmin plug in not detected" So I put in the cords into Google maps and down loaded it that way. What happened to the the web sight?
  4. redjada

    New Cache

    Im very new at this and have several caches in my area. I was wondering if there is a way to be notified of a new hidden cache? Or a way to search for new ones in my area.
  5. YOU can't publish. You fill everything out, check that it's ready to go and submit to the site. It will be looked at by a volunteer cache reviewer for compliance with site guidelines. After that you should see or hear something in three days or less. LOL, after clicking the "edit" button 3 or four times. I noticed I had like 5 emails. Guess from where???? I think I have it figured out. Thanks for the help.
  6. Well, I guess I just wanted to get the big one first. I guess we have some learning to do. But it was nice to get out and look. Even though there is still about a foot of snow, but temps are around 50. Had fun trying.
  7. I have everything filled out. Seems all I can do is edit. I don't see anywhere to click to publish?
  8. Went out to try to find GCM0DN today with my Garmin street pilot. I know its not the proper unit to use for hunting but it got me there. I was walking with it and got with in 4 feet. Now, the ground is snow covered and I know it could be any where. But from the clues given and the Sat. map. Im pretty sure it was under the bridge. Being very new at this. How do you know if the Cache is still active?
  9. Well, going to try my first hunt with this unit. I was kinda surprised to find one hidden 7 trees down from where I live (GC133MR) I down loaded the info to my streetpilot and got me with in 5 feet as I drove by. Unfortunately, I know the person owns the property where that tree is. And sometimes she's not very nice. I don't want the problems. I want to do this to have fun..... The wife and are going to try our first hunt. Looking for Silver Springs Load (GCM0DN) Its not to far from us and the weather here in NE Ohio is nice today. Been cooped up to long. So wish us luck. As for the software EasyGPS or MapSource. Is this software that I need to purchase or can I download it from the web? May sound like a dumb question, but I am new at this. Well, time to go hunting. Heck, may even BBQ when we get back. Thanks for the help....
  10. I have a Garmin GPS, the kind you use in your car so you don't get lost. I can download coordinates of Caches to my Garmin. Now I think Im ready to hide one. My question is; I can pin point the location of the hidden Cache on the GPS. But can I upload the coordinates from the GPS to Groundspeak so everyone can search for it?
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