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  1. I see a lot of bold, fonts, size and color on text on cache page listings. Do I need to be a PM in order to do this or am I missing something? I have tried to use MS word and copied/ past it, but it comes out just like this post. Thanks for the help.
  2. Im working on my own right now. I have seen some good ones out there. I'm making mine out of 2" Dia. plexi glass rounds about .12" thick. We have two Golden retrievers, Red & Jada, hince, our user name. One side of the coin will have a photo of Jada with her name and Red w/ name and www. geocaching.com on the other side. I will be using a clear epoxy to seal it all together. I will post a photo of one here in a couple days.
  3. Here's my idea. I'm in Kent, lets find a park/place that is close to all of us. Somewhere we can have a cook out and hide some cache's. Bring the kids, dogs, cats, birds or what ever you have. And don't forget the GPS We could do easy hides for the little ones and harder ones for the more seasoned cacher's (that leaves me out) but will give it a shot. Sound like fun? Lets do it. I will bring the burgers, what are you going to bring? If your interested, contact me through my profile or email to Patrickray_67@yahoo.com Lets get this set up. See you soon.
  4. I got it. Thanks for the help. Couldn't done it with out you all. So here's my log. Great day for caching.... GCHVNJ
  5. I have looked all over this forum. Even tried the search, witch always comes back as ERROR.... So, how do you add a photo to your "found it" log? Thanks for the help.
  6. As soon as I can afford it, I'm going to up grade. But right now, the cash flow isn't where I would like it to be. My old etrex works OK for now, at least until I get under some trees. Then Im pretty much on my own. Don't know what I'm going to do when the leaves grow in.
  7. I have the same unit. Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it. The only this is that if you want to put in the cache number, it only will except 6 digits. Most cache's are 7 digits. Besides that, it works pretty good. I'm waiting on my cable to arrive so I will be able to download from the web. If you don't have a 9 point serial port on your computer you'll need a USB Serial Converter. The cable cost $60 at garmin but you can get a better deal else where, like auction sights.
  8. I have been trying to do this. Here's where Im at. I have the photo uploaded to the cache page. When I click on the hyper link to open it in its own page, It just opens up on top of the cache page. The ULR stays the same. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help.
  9. I would like to add photo to one of my cache listings. But I cant figure out how to do it. Any ideas?
  10. We did take a look around the playground in general, searched the trees and such, but we were unable to locate anything. I'm thinking that as this is our first attempt at finding our first cache, we just might not know what to expect, so we don't know what kind of hiding place that it might be in. Im no expert, but I bet you looked right at it more that once. Mircos are hard first finds. Try looking for some regulars in your area. Just remember, the cache is going to blend in with its surroundings.
  11. Board Statistics Board Stats Our members have made a total of 3,483,779 posts We have 412,064 registered members The newest member is Walt-n-Jax Most users ever online was 1,330 on Today, 10:10 AM Seems to be getting harder and harder to get into to forums. I see GS posted a new record today. Why cant there more space...... Too many people and not enough room.
  12. Look, no disrespect or malice intended in the tone that no doubt will come across here, but I'm no stranger to wandering around in the woods. I have used my gps on many occasions to get myself out of the woods when my map was, for whatever reason, no available. I also generally travel using my map, compass and triangulation. I know how this works. You want to know what I need help with: finding one of these caches. Very simply put. Walking around the woods with a GPS or compass is easy. Finding a cache is different. You need to train your eyes to look at whats not there. What dosnt look right? Next time your GPS tells your close, look for places you would hide something. Remember, the cache is well hidden to blend in with the soundings. But if your always going to get frustrated, then maybe this game isn't for you.
  13. I'm currently working on the same sort of thing. Except I'm using Plexiglas to make mine. I may have a sample I can share in a week or two.
  14. So far I have done twice. Both of witch are owned by the same person. The owner hasn't logged into GS since 2007. Both of these cache's are in bad shape. I Logged a needs Maint. and emailed the owner through GS. After not getting a reply back, I put in for the needs archived. So yesterday we were out and found another one (GC13E48) Posted a needs maint. There was an contact email on the inside of the lid. But it got bounced back to me. "non deliverable" So, sent message through GS. Waiting for a reply. Two weeks ago, I found another one (GCXCFB) This time I got a reply back saying "thanks for the heads up" But after two weeks, it still hasn't been repaired. I dont want to a bad cacher, but when should you request a cache to be archived. The way I look at it. If your going to hide you should be taking care of it. And if you cant do that, find someone that will.
  15. You might be a geocacher if... You find your self always watching the other people around you. You feel like all the other people around are watching you
  16. Trick 1: If your just starting out, don't look for micros Trick 2: If your just starting out look for smalls and regulars Trick 3: If your just starting out look for 1 to at most a 2 star difficulty Trick 4: When your GPS says your standing on top of it, your probably not Think about where you would hide a cache and look there, your liable to find one there. Jim I'm New at this too. The cache's are camouflaged to blend in. Look for something that stands out. LOL, now that was funny. Your going to have to focus. When your gps says your there, look 20-30 ft around. You'll find it. Just look for something that dosnt belong..... and most of all, Have Fun.
  17. I only have two hides out, and both times I emailed congratulations to the FTF and posted it on the cache page. Just happens, the FTF were the same for both caches.
  18. I was just wondering. Is it appropriate to email the FTF cacher to offer congrats? And how about all the other finders of your cache? Do you send an email or just let it go? What is the proper thing to do when someone finds your cache? Thanks.
  19. I just submitted a new cache. I put in a new activated TB. This is our second hide. I don't see where I can add the TB to the cache right now. Do we have to wait until it gets approved? Or am I missing something?
  20. Thanks for the help. We went out yesterday and found it. It was a lot of fun. Were going to try another one soon.
  21. redjada

    Ohio Cachers

    Portage county here. Getting ready to head out now. See you on the path, if there is one.
  22. I'm going to try my first Multi Cache (GCM0DN). If I understand this right. The first cache I find will give me the way points to the second one. Then, find the second and on to the last? Is this correct? This is my second attempt at this one. The first time was my first time out hunting. I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Now I kinda know a little more, I'm going to give it a shot.
  23. I just got an garmin etrex (yellow) that I won on ebay. Now I need the PC cable. Looked at all kinds on line but not sure witch one I need. My etrex has four contacts (for the plug) on the upper back for the hook up. Can someone please point me in the right direction so I get the right cable. Thanks
  24. I have been using my garmin street pilot. So far its taken me right to the cache. Sometimes I'm almost standing on it. I just got an etrex (yellow) today that I won on ebay. But I need to find a PC cable before I can use it. But I only have 21 finds so I'm no expert. I'm going to try to log a few more this weekend with the street pilot
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