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  1. I was going to go grab a couple cache's but when when I click on the "view on map" the map loads but the cache's don't. Anyone else having this problem?
  2. Being new to this game, I have started to carry some extra paper for logs. Being in NE Ohio, you tend to find alot of wet logs. And sometimes wet caches. That's just the way it is. Since we started in January, I have learned with the help of other cachers here, to give the CO a chance to get out in "good weather" to tune up their cache's. Sometimes, you just have to make the call. I believe if your going to stash a cache, then be ready to take care of it.
  3. Its almost done. probably another couple weeks. If I would just stay home instead of caching, It would have been ready by now. Everytime I do a little work to it. I keep thinking, I'm going to have to hide it at night. Any one else hide something this big? If so, how did you do it.
  4. Well, I guess for now on if I find a cache that is full of water or is in bad shape. Ill just leave it alone and move on Don't need to log caches that are in bad shape. If people cant take care of their hides then maybe they shouldn't be hiding them. That's all I have to say.
  5. Sorry, I didnt realize the cache police would come after me! I'm not he cache god like 'Harry Dolphin' is. Perhaps someone should double check their research And their spelling at that. Kiss off mate!!!!!
  6. I will start here GCXCFB. I logged the find along with a "Needs Maintenance" I also sent an email to the owner. Got a reply back saying,"thanks for the heads up". That was a good month ago. Still not taken care of. Then we found GCXCFZ. Again I emailed the owner. Heres the reply "Hello Redjada - Thanks for the note about our caches. If you stay in geocaching long enough, you'll find a lot of soaked caches along the way. We try our best to stay on top of our hides, but sometimes one or two slip by." Has not done nothing to anything.... This owner has 189 hides. And I would say the last 15 finds out of 50 were by this owner. And 10 of those were just soaked and in bad shape. We love getting out and finding the cache's but when you keep finding wet caches by the same person it kinda sets a trend. In my opinion, I'm thinking just logging the find along with a "Needs Maintenance" And if nothing happens then, put a SBA. I know there are guide lines, but they are kinda "not clear" I also know if you hide a cache, you need to take care of it. I only have 3 hides and will have 5 soon and that should be about it for now.That way I can manage my hides. But why hide 189 caches if you cant take care of them? There seems to be alot of new cacher's in our area. I dont think its fare to go find a soaked cache. Kinda ruins the fun. Just looking for an oppion...... Thanks
  7. Well, still kinda new to this. But I have found that the hints basically give the cache away. "don't get stumped on this one" or "be sure to sign the log" I would rather not have any hints. And I no longer look at them. I like to look for something that I don't know what I'm looking for but I know what it is when I find it.
  8. I know this is a stupid answer but I couldn't resist. Did you read that book thingy that came with it?
  9. When you goto your cache page. You have the option to check a box "post for reviewer" or something like that. Just don't check that box and click on submit. There should be a GC# when you look at it again. And just so you know, take a good look at your post. Check your spelling. Make sure you said what you meant to say when you said it.
  10. I had the same problem yesterday. haven't tried today yet.
  11. I did the same thing. My reviewer told me it hand to be at least 550' from the tracks. So I went and relocate it add the new cords and all is good.
  12. I got it. Thanks well then could you share your discovery? perhaps other people might have the same problem you had. Goto your profile page. Down at the bottom on the right side you'll see "download geocaching browser in Google Earth"
  13. Last weekend some how I was able to view caches on google earth. I just tried it again and now I cant figure out how I did it. Can some one tell what I forgot?
  14. I have post 2 SBA's and there owned by the same owner. So far, nothing is happening? The first one was on Feb. 20. Still hasnt been archived. How long dose the reviewer wait to archive it?
  15. I wasn't planning on using HTLM on standard cache pages. I'm working putting together an event cache. I thought the event page would look alot nicer in HTLM rather than the normal plain text.
  16. If they dont sign the logbook in the cache then delete their log entry on your cache page. That's what I plan on doing with my cache next time I run maintenance on it. I made my path tags just for some extra swag to drop in. I think signing the log book is a big part of the game. We will always be signing.
  17. Putting the final details together. Ill should be posting it soon....
  18. Is that picture protected from the elements? If the ink runs when it gets moist in the cache then it will become trash. Yes, protected very well by three coats of a clear epoxy. They are almost bullet proof.
  19. I used my Street Pilot c340 for my first 30 finds. Now Im using an eTrex yellow. But still need to get something better. I would say, just try it. But look for regulars at first. There easier to find.
  20. Here's mine. I just finished a few of these (working on more). Your looking at a plexi glass round about 2" in Dia. One side has Red and the other side has Jada. They are a major part of our geocahing team. Let me know you think.
  21. The last thing you want to use is Word. If you use Firefox, try installing the Xina Here! add-on. Otherwise, try using a basic HTML editor, like Nvu. And don't forget to check the Use HTML box on the edit page. I added this on yesterday have been playing with it. So far is seems to work pretty good. But it only has a handful of fonts. Anyway to add more?
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