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  1. Generally, from what I have seen. This is the normal, with a few exceptions. I only have a couple hides but I always stock them with good swag to start off. Finding good swag isn't important to me. Just the thrill of the hunt. And if I do trade swan I always trade up, usually I'm trading up a couple notches.
  2. The funny thing is, there is probably a great spot for the 5th stage right under my nose. I just cant see it.
  3. The first four stages are basically grab and go's, not really any place to hide an ammo can with out it getting muggled easily. I could put stage 5 way back into some woos/parks but two things. 1. We get snow here and I want people to be able to find it. 2. These have just about all the caches they can handle. Take a look at my Nice-n-Easy GC1PWCN, I am trying to stay with a 15-20 mile radius of this so I can maintain it easily if need be. Another concern I have is although there always new cachers popping up in this area, I don't want the existing cachers to have to keep going back to where they have already been. Since T-day, I have just searching Google earth. I have gone and looked at a couple spots, but they just didn't appeal to me. I don't just want to throw this cache out there, I want it to be interesting too.
  4. I'm working on a five stage multi. I have found places for the first 4 stages. The final stage is going to be a large ammo can. The problem, I cant seem to find a good location for the final stage with out being right on top on another cache (528ft) This multi is designed for you to travel around the local area. I have been pondering asking some of the local cachers for some advice. But I thought I would ask here first to see if anyone have any ideas. Thanks
  5. What do Ghost like to eat? SPOOK-GHETTI As for the costume, Im going out on a limb and say she is dressing up as a Cache. Thanks for the cointest.
  6. Trying to locate Red & Jada's Baby. It was last place in MD Cache GC1R78M on 6/2/09 and has been MIA since then. This is our first and only TB and would love to have it back home. So we are offering to reward to the first cacher that can find our baby and get it going back to Ohio. Please email or PM if you have any info on our baby. Thanks RedJada
  7. I had to download a driver for mine. Look here. http://www.delorme.com/support/supporttemplate.aspx?id=212
  8. <p> Or you could have added the attribute for poisonous plants to the cache page.
  9. I have a pile of bicentennial silver dollars I like to add for the FTF. But keys to a new car is always a good FTF prize.
  10. Mods, Please delete this thread. The post didn't go through.
  11. I have a Magellan eXplorist 100 for sale. A great little unit for the beginner. $65 shipped (OBO) in the US. Used very very little, still in new condition. Comes with GPS'r, manual and the box it came in.
  12. I send to my ipod. Works great!
  13. redjada


    Your Caches are only 30 miles from me. I would be interested in taking them over. I am I Kent. Email sent.
  14. This has been asked before. the question should be. "What was/is/where the 1 mil. cache published?" Im sure GS knows. Maybe the mods would like to add some input?
  15. Any opinions on this unit? I have been using an old Garmin Etrex (yellow). It works OK for caching. A friend gave me the Magellan to try out. He bought it for his dad to use while out on a sail boat on lake Erie. Well, it was never used. I know this isn't the best unit but just thought I would throw it out there and see what you think?
  16. redjada


    Take a look here GC1PWCN.
  17. I agree with StarBrand. Sometimes you never know. One thing I can suggest to make things a little harder. Is don't mention what the cache container is. If I know what I'm looking for then I can zero in on the hiding spots, well most of the time.
  18. OK A few months ago I was at a yard sale and picked up this 50 cal. ammo can for $3.00. I thought what a find! This will make a great cache!!!. So I got it home and cleaned it up real good and camo painted it. Now, where to put it i thought to my self. Self, where, where, where? Ahhh, down by the river I remembered the last time I was there fishing, that little cave with the old drift wood long. 18" in diameter 3 feet long and hollow. Just about 10 feet from the rivers edge.
  19. redjada

    MWGB Egg

    Copper 25 coins Gold 50 coins Nickel 75 coins
  20. There's no way to do that with a ipod. But what I do. I bookmark all the caches I want to find. Then run a PQ on your bookmark list and load it into your ipod and gps'r. Then after I have found some of the caches and log them. I delete them from my bookmark list. Then when I run another PQ on my bookmark list, everything is fresh. I know there is a way to delete stuff off of an ipod, but never played around with it. Just do a google search. You'll find something.
  21. You dont. When you add more caches to your ipod. It will over ride anything in your extras folder. So the caches you had before will be replaced with the new ones.
  22. No Glass!!!! Check your local dollar stores. I have found small Lock-n-Locks there for a dollar. Then you can also pick up some swag while your there.
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