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  1. Saints shut down Vikings passing game. Saints 35 Vikings 27
  2. Its really appreciated GeocoinGuy, email sent. Thank you very much, RedJada
  3. Glad to see your listing up!! Please send me an email with an address that the coins can be sent to . Not sure what I'll send, but I can find something!! Thanks Write Shop Robert, check your email. RedJada
  4. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...&Submit6=Go just have to copy and paste the link in the address bar Thanks t4e, I think I got it. Thanks again RedJada
  5. I know its a few months out. Im looking for cachers to come help CITO at Dix Park CITO GC232RB. This is one of four CITO events that I will hosting. Take a look and let me know if your interested. Im still looking for donations, Trash bags, water, gloves, anything. Thanks and hope to see you there. RedJada
  6. Ok, my first of four CITO event has been published. Dix Park CITO GC232RB Dix Park CITO This is a little later than originally planned. When I saw the 8th Annual Cache In Trash Out Events are scheduled for April 24th & 25th, 2010, I couldn't resist and figured what a better time for a CITO event. So Im asking, if you would like to donate a unactivated geocoin for this event or any of the next three events please contact me through my geocaching profile. If you would like to send/drop an activated coin into any event I will make sure a fellow geocacher picks it up and moves it along. If you would like to donate anything geocaching. Stickers, swag, geocoins, anything geocaching related, please contact me. I don't have anything to offer back except to list your geocaching name on the cache listing (if you want). Im hopeful for a 10-15 geocacher turn out at the Dix Park CITO event. And hope that number grows as the events go on. As for Seneca Ponds, The Portage Bike/Hike Trails and Towners woods CITO events, Im working on the cache pages now and will be published in the next few weeks (three month rule) The goal is to knock out all events by the end of May or early June. Thank you for taking your time to read this. RedJada AKA Patrick
  7. Let me make sure I understand this right. The official CITO weekend is when geocachers around the world hold CITO events on the same day? If this is so, Great! I'm am planning four CITO events this spring/summer with the first one being held late April late May. If this is the case, I will schedule the first event during the 2010 CITO Weekend. Please let me know. Thanks, RedJada
  8. Thanks everyone, I almost have everything worked out. I am planing on four CITO events this spring/summer, all in the local parks. The park district has agreed to dispose of the trash. The first three will be quick 2 hour CITO's with (hopefully) some give aways T-shirts, Geo coins, swag, etc... The final event will be longer with a cookout and (again, hopefully) a GPS unit to giveaway. I'm thinking for the GPS giveaway, for each event you attend, your name gets entered into the drawing. Attend all four, get entered four times. Right now, Im waiting to hear something on the GPS's and trying to figure out the dates. Im thinking starting somewhere around late April early May. But NE Ohio is unpredictable. Hopefully in the next week or so, I will have the Event pages posted. RedJada
  9. I kinda figured that. I'm just getting my feelers out to see whats out there. As soon as I get a confirmation that I have someone to come pick up our trash, I will start creating the CITO cache pages.
  10. I am going to have 4-6 CITO events this spring/summer here in NE Ohio at some of the Portage County Parks. Still in the early planning stages, I'm looking for some geocaching stuff that can be given away in some drawings. I am working with the parks district on trash pick up, working with a local hardware store for a donation of gloves and trash bags. I will be contacting some others looking for water, etc... My plan is to give away a few things in a drawing at each event. Then the final event, having a big cookout and giving away lots of goodies. Swag, cache containers, geocoins, etc... So as I was going through my list of people to contact for donations, I thought of this forum. I'm asking if any of you would be willing to donate an unactivated geocoin that i could give away through out my CITO events? As soon as I figure out who will pick up our trash I will start making the CITO cache pages. Right now I'm looking at the first one being held around the end of March early April weather permitting. If you would like to donate a coin, I will mention it on the cache listing if you like. If your interested, PM me for more info. Thanks everyone RedJada
  11. I wasn't planning on posting the donations on the event listing page. Just something at the event it self. I think I would have a better chance if the donors knew they would be noted at the event. But if having a sign is pushing the guidelines. I guess I could mention where/what came from.
  12. I am planning to hold a few CITO events this spring/summer. I am planning on asking some of the local business to donate water, hand cleaner, paper towels, trash bags, etc... Would it be considered commercial if I had a sign at the event's saying who donated what? For example, Water donated by Johns Food Store. Thanks for your help RedJada
  13. Thanks everyone. I got it. For some reason I was thinking 250 feet from RR. Thanks again
  14. I have been trying to find the guide lines for cache placement that state how far it needs to be from RR tracks, freeways, turnpikes, etc... Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks
  15. I remember going to get the Christmas tree. Mom, Dad, and my to brothers would pile into the 1967 Corvair convertible, top down of course. Once dad had picked out the tree, he told us kids to climb into the back seat. And set that sucker right down on top of us. Told us we had to hold on to it and not let it go. Remember holding on for dear life so it wouldn't fly out, freezing at the same time. Now those were the days. Makes me chuckle just thinking about.
  16. Emailing geoscoobs now. Hopefully we can get this figured out. I know its a pain to see a cache page like this. I know it is for me, I can only imagine what its like for everyone else. I will post an update when I get it fixed. Thanks for the help.
  17. I hope this is the right place for this. For some reason my cache page has gotten huge? It takes up 2 and a half of my computer screen. It wasn't like this before. Could it be from the way the last log was done? HTML? Or something else? Take a look GC21DGP. Please let me know if there is a way to fix it so it is normal size. Thanks RedJada
  18. I use an old etrex yellow. It works good for me. When I needed a data cable, I posted here on the GPS Garage Sale forums and I got the cable for $10. Then I needed a serial to USB adapter. I posted that on the yahoo free cycle sight and got one for free. But if your handy with little tiny wires, you can Google and find out how to make one yourself. Just some ideas.
  19. redjada

    GS geocoin?

    I just received a geocoin that I bought from the GS web store (Signal Geocoin - Apr 06) On the clear plastic envelope that it came in. Printed on the inside is the info to retrieve the activation code and below that is an area to write down that code. It doesn't feel like a sticker, more like printed on. Is there anyway to wash that off so I can send it out traveling? Or do I need to get a new (plain) clear plastic envelope? Thanks RedJada
  20. I'm trying to see if there is an Airedale geocoin out there any where. My dad has had Airedales since he was a kid, were talking the past 60+ years. I would like to find one that I could launch here in Ohio and make its way to dad in AZ. My dad isn't a geocacher but I think I think he would get a kick seeing something like this getting to him via state to state through the woods. If anyone can has one or can point me in the right direction I really appreciate it. Thanks in advance RedJada
  21. You can also use an ipod if you have one. I use mine and its great.
  22. That's a good idea! Thanks for the help everyone.
  23. Just a quick question. My original TB went missing. I have the (copy) tag and was wondering if I can re-release another TB using the (copy) tag? And if so, do I have to keep the same theme/goal or can I change it? Thanks for your help.
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