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  1. I'm on version 7.7.0 and my souvenirs still aren't synching. In fact, neither my old or new souvenirs show up in the app anymore. This has really gone on far too long. Is there any fix in sight? Version 7.7.0 Android 8.0.0 samsung SM-G930W8
  2. Version 7.2.0 Android 8.0.0 I've been having this problem since about mid-October 2018. All my souvenirs received up until then show in the app. I qualify for the souvenir and it shows up in my account when using the browser version, but any attempt to refresh the souvenirs on the app just results in spinning refresh icon. Today I uninstalled and reinstalled the recent version and now none of my souvenirs show in the app.
  3. Version 7.2.0 Android 8.0.0 Still seeing the same problem even after uninstalling & reinstalling the newest version. Unable to drop, visit, or discover trackable from the app. I get the notifications "trackable logged" but nothing is actually saved to the log page.
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