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  1. Thanks for the bug reports! A Mystery Cache type's final cache stage visibility is locked to be "Visible" until you choose to add another stage. The date validation bug is indeed a problem - we will fix this ASAP!
  2. I put it back. Not sure how it disappeared. Gremlins, maybe? ... and what's this? I'm hoping to get this fix out next week if possible.
  3. I'll try to figure out the icon issue next week. :-)
  4. Waymarking and Geocaching are both wildly different as far as the code is concerned.
  5. This was a very difficult bug to find. Only after connecting to a computer on the other side of the world with slow internet was I able to reproduce the issue every single time. Most pages load a Javascript file from Google for initializing the map in the top right. This script contains a reference to a separate function on the page that is used to center the map on the waymark's location. Under certain conditions, the Google script was executing far too fast and trying to call the centering-function before it could be created by the page. Before the fix the map would simply stay centered on Seattle. Now, if the function returns too fast and the function doesn't exist it waits a few hundred milliseconds before trying again.
  6. No worries! I'm a old usenet veteran. I've seen worse. Glad some (most?) of you enjoy the feature, and please feel free to send me a PM if you have any constructive ideas!
  7. We actually had a lot of debate on the best way to name those souvenirs, and this way made the most sense in order to have all the souvenirs appear near each other. Putting in a "Is this souvenir hidden?" column into the database was relatively easy so it went out first. Now we just have to figure out how best to store things like custom grouping/folders, sorting, etc. Stay tuned!
  8. I see 9 of yours. The greyed out mean that other people cant see them. Maybe I am wrong. Correct. Hiding a souvenir only removes it from your public profile page. You can use the Find a User page to get a direct link to your own profile page.
  9. Radnor

    Remove Souvenirs?

    For a moment I was worried some of my code was accidentally released, as not too long ago I implemented this very feature as a proof of concept. I've asked that this feature be put in sometime soon (after extensive testing) so keep your eyes peeled!
  10. This issue has been fixed and search should now be performing correctly on all servers. Thanks to everyone for the issue reports and I humbly apologize on behalf of the development team!
  11. We are indeed aware of the issue and are trying to track down the source and fix it as soon as possible.
  12. We have found the issue and are working to resolve it ASAP.
  13. Same here. The Overview Map at the bottom of the print-friendly page isn't showing in either Firefox 18.0.1 (my default browser) or Internet Explorer 9. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit. --Larry Nor in latest Chrome. Same Windows 7. Not there in older Firefox and XP either. There was a small JavaScript error - it has been fixed.
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