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  1. I upgraded to the latest firmware and the unit is working perfectly now. It took them a while to figure out the problems but all seems good now.
  2. Both software and GPSr worked great until I updated the VP software to 1.60. Now VP locks up every time I connect the GPSr. I get a VP not responding message. Tech support has been useless. I have uninstalled reinstalled both VP and GPSr firmware with the same results. I even tried a new Triton 1500 on VP. Worked great until I updated firmware 1.42 and the same problems started. I have also tried everything on two different PCs and OP systems. Magellan is saying I'm the only one complaining about the problem. I find that hard to believe. Any similar experiences? I have been so frustrated I went out and bought a Garmin 60CSx. Magellan, you are chasing away customers!
  3. Hello, We are a small Cub Scout Pack in Northern CA. and we are trying to start a Geocaching club within our Pack. We feel this would be a great way of getting the boys outside and enjoying nature. Many of our families do not have the financial means to purchase their own units so we are asking for help. If you have an old GPS unit that you no longer need, would you please consider a donation? Thanks,
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