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  1. Thanks for your help! I went and made sure my GPS had its software up to date and then I checked the Garmin Communicator and it was indeed out of date. Once I had down loaded it the problem was fixed. Thank you!!!
  2. I have been deleting geocaches and other way points that I no longer need to use so it is way below the 500 waypoint limit that my GPSer has and I can enter in new Waypoints manually just fine and those stay. I have a Mac as well, so is this another Garmin vs. Mac problem onc again? How do I go back to using the older uploader and not the newee one?
  3. I have a four year old Garmin 60 GPS CSX. The device has been working very well for me but in the last couple of months it is no longer up loading new waypoints from the website. I have checked and the GPSer software is up to date and the website plugin is up to date as well. I have also tested my computer USB port with other non GPS devices and it worked just fine. So I dont know if it is the USB cable that is bad or if it is the plug part on the device. Does anyone know what has happened or is there anyway to fix this?
  4. Sorry I would send you an adopt request but since I live in Metro Vancouver and this cache is located in Toronto I don't think that is going to work all that well.
  5. That indeed was a very beautiful cache location. I would add too if you like earth caches then you should go and check out the Franz Joseph Glacier EC and Hole in the Rock EC up in the North Island.
  6. Don't forget to log a DNF so the CO knows it might be missing. Oh, wait, never mind. I have had that happen to me before too and in fact I have gone twice looking for it and have not been able to find this one cache in particular but others are still finding it. I am not sure whether I should be confused or just laughing at myself about this cache.
  7. How does $200 Canadian sound to you? I will cover for the shipping and handling costs. I am really motivated to sell this product and so I am willing to drop the price. I will sell it for $175 and I will cover the S&H costs.
  8. I have a cache that I no longer have the time to go all the way up north to check on at least a couple of times a year and I have somebody who wishes to adopt it.. How can this be done?
  9. How does $200 Canadian sound to you? I will cover for the shipping and handling costs.
  10. I have heard good things about the GPS Spot and how it can help you ICE. Otherwise I just tell somebody in my family, when I am heading off on hiking trail especially, where I'm going/for how long/who's with me and when I expect to be back.
  11. Finding my way to GZ for sure and the discovering of some interesting places along the way. I only keep up and find all the caches in my hometown area, otherwise, I am going another hike/walk/canoe etc to the next destination.
  12. And the date of the maps is??? (The latest is 2012, never mind that we're still in 2011.) Also, your asking price is??? (SD cards wear out very slowly. The concern is not the age of the card, but the age of the data and that it's a legitimate card that can be activated (however Garmin do that) in another GPSr. Regards, Ollave That is a good question but it is one that I have an answer too. It is a legitimate card and I know this because I bought it from gpscity.ca and the card activates automatically once you have placed it inside of your device. The cardn data is pretty up to date as Garmin hasn't released a newer card yet so it is the newest, or the most up to date SD Topo Card that they have. The time date Garmin has placed on this card is August 11, 2010.
  13. This pre-programed SD Garmin card is virtually BRAND NEW!!!!!!!!! I bought this card back in early July for $240 OBO when I went to New Zealand but now I no longer need it. In this price I will include the package, adapter and mini SD card. I used this card with my Garmin GPSMap 60CSX but it will work with MANY different units. On this card has the following listed below and this is directly from the package: Digital topographic & street maps for Australia & New Zealand Coverage of national, state & local parks Tracks, outback trails & 4WD destinations Perennial and seasonal lakes, rivers and streams Terrain Contours, summit points & topographic elevations give detailed lay of the land Elevation profile on compatible units helps you gauge terrain difficulty. Routable road content and searchable points of interest in urban, rural and outback areas provided by HEMA and NAVTEQ.
  14. That is a great story... thank you for sharing it with everyone. I know for me personally the caches I have placed are in really unique areas that are often "off the beaten path." That is what I really enjoy about geocaching is the ability to discover new areas that you never knew about.
  15. I'm sure it will be obvious when I know but what does "LPC" stand for? The only filtering method that I can think of is when you run a pocket query you just need to make the overall distance in the area that you are looking at much much smaller. To do that there is a cursor bar that you can move back and forth.
  16. It is easy enough to mark the cache as missing and just be done with it. There is also another option where you can try to get the cache back to you and then mark it missing on the webpage. That can be done simply putting a note on the webpage for it that you want it to be returned to a certain area of your choosing. However, that could be a very simple or a daunting task depending on the geography. I can see why the society frowns down upon TB graveyards... it sounds eerily reminiscent to when geocaching pirating was being allowed in the early days from what I have read.
  17. I completely agree with the above statement. Maybe just the act of putting it back into circulation might be enough to get the owner's attention once more.
  18. Wow!!!!! I have to say I am continually being impressed with some of the numbers various members have when it comes to finding and hiding caches. People must go out a couple times a week at least...... I try to get out once a week with my busy schedule and a good day for me is finding around 10 caches. (I wont mention too loudly that within that there are between 2 - 4 DNFs)
  19. I have only a couple friends now on my list... I usually add them if I have met them in the field.
  20. I have been wondering about those same abbreviations for a while now too..... now I know Thanks
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