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  1. What kind of metal does it use. A bullet with a lead tip will get the same effect you can right easily with any lead tipped rifle cartage. if your not concerned about lead would cost a lot less
  2. My dad goes to garage sales. He is a garage sale nut. He always brings me the free boxes. They are loaded with great swag. So I actually have stuffed some so full you could not get any more swag in them just to try and get some of this stuff out of my car. I have to go look for regulars just to unload. This stuff is way better then golf balls. So I have more problem finding big enough caches to put stuff in.
  3. I can't keep it a secret. I have a 6 year old who I take with me when I am going to the kid friendly caches. My 6 year old will talk to any body and I mean any body. If we stop for gas he will roll down his window and tell the Gas pump attendant (we have those in Oregon you can't pump your own gas) That we are going Geocaching. I find my self explaining this game to all the random strangers he tells about it. We were at a garage sale and I found a cool container. I asked the lady if she would take a dollar for it. He said we are going to use it for Geocaching and started talking about it. I was soon explaining it to her and she was righting down the website before I left. So no telling how many new cachers have been started from my 6 year old
  4. Also would it be posible to just get the same garmin and then get a water proof rugged case?
  5. Yes its true, I sacrificed my Garmin Nuvi 205 to the gods of geocaching. I have to wonder if Nuvi has something to do with new be just a play on words? This is the long story if you want you can just skip it and read question at the bottom. It was a dark night, We had been driving for more the 100 miles from Prineville or to Hole in the Ground were we got lost and ended up driving across miles of sage brush threatening to rip the exhaust system off my 90 Geo Prisum . We drove as far as the car would go with out really doing damage them had to walk about 900 yards to find Whole in the Ground. When we got there we found that there was flat gravel roads all the way there. The geocache was on the other side of whole in the ground which is about 1 mile across and 1 mile deep. Because we spent too much time to get here we did not have time to go get the cache. But we did see a great geological site. We made it back out the main road to head to Fort Rock Or, to see Fort Rock another great site. We hiked around Fort Rock and when we left it was dark. We had scheduled in a few caches on the way home. I told the story to let you know how tired I was which may have been the reason for this mistake. The last Geocache of the night we stoped at a little pull off to pick up GC1v128 This would be my 295th cache so perhaps the Nuvi rings true. my tired mind still failing me I forgot a pen and so did my friend. We found the cache rather easy we came back to the car I placed my Gatoraid and My GPS on the roof of the car grabbed the Gatoraid and we headed for home. My poor Garmin haning on for dear life. I had no recollection of leaving it up there till a 18 wheeler passed us going the other way and my heart sunk as I heard something slide off the roof. We were going 60 and this is not a rugged gps so I was sure it did not survive. We still stopped about 200 yards up 1st safe place to turn around and drove all the way back to the last geocache with flash lights out the window looking for the GPS. I was not sure if the noise I heard when the 18 wheeler went buy was it or if it fell off sooner. We never found it. So it is still up there laying some where in the ditch. Even though it lead me astray at hole in the ground and I am sure a time or two before I really did like that Garmin and it got me just shy of 300. Now that It is gone here comes the dilemma do I just go get another 205 Nuvi or something else. Here is the real question!!!!! What I am asking is what GPS I should get. I know this has been asked be for and I hope to be flooded with opinions and recommendations. Thank you for every one. List of features I would like on my next GPS. Must haves. Light weight mount on window. Enter and direct buy coordinates a must for geocaching Quick load up and accuracy Color screen Ability to use as no geocaching GPS I.E. to find the nearest gas station etc Would likes Hand held Water proof Rugged Elevation Funny and entertaining voices and graphics All at under $100 I know I am not asking for much I am willing to go with a used one.
  6. With more than 1,000,000 caches out there, do any have the same name? Is there any way to search for a cache by name? And while we are on the subject what's the best, funniest, or weirdest cache name you have seen.
  7. Well now I know what ISP stands for yes you need a broad mind will say this I thought a bison tube was used for well bison like the put a radio transmiter in it the they feed it to the bison and then you could find out where they go.
  8. That's said. Half of our twelve family members love to cache. Answer get a larger family LOL for some reason my preteen kids don't like it ether. My dog will go of course and my 5 year old will go but he is hard to keep an eye on my wife likes it but she is too busy some times so I go alone too. I don't like to go alone because I feel if I get caught by a muggles I won't look as crazy if there is another crazy person with me and we have to explain our self’s. I would be open to another cache buddy in Or better be male so I don’t have to explain to my wife
  9. Realist in CA. when I was in CA last I carried a stun-gun. Depends on where you live. thank God I don't live in CA. I carry a 9mm sometimes. even when I am not alone WA is much safer than CA, although if I were in NY I'd be watch out!!
  10. I always take my dog. Then it looks like I am walking my dog. As of right now the closest not found is 1.2 miles I know thats weak I went to find it 2x but no luck yet. There are some Member only I have not found close by. I still need to cough up that 30$ but maybe when I get 1000 caches. Then I will have some close by to get. There is one 3.3 miles away I have not gotten its a 5 star terrain. This gives a few Ideas for new topics. The farthest one from home. How many larges. Whats the smallest cache.
  11. Wow Well a lot of people responded to this topick. I get asked about my name so I thought I would respond too I know I have a weird name so I explane it in my profile but here it is When I got my first GPS I was so excited, (that was only jan 17 09). I had herd of geocaching but it was stuffed in the back of my mind with all the other 100’s of things I would like to try some day. But when I started to tinker with that 1992 Magellan it moved to the front of the list. Having only herd the word geocaching (not even in my spell checker) not knowing much about it and never talking to any one about it. I went to the source for all answers the internet. I was short on time as usual but wanted to get started. I was also weary of the nothings free and the tons of spam you get when you give out an email address. So I made a new one. And not wanting to give up any important info I tried to be as anonymous as possible. So I started with some cool names and after about 10 tries and getting unavailable one of the many voices way in the back of my head yelled pickled dreams. I tried it and much to my surprise it was available. So I said what the heck because I wasn’t sure there would be that many geocashes to find any way, and I didn’t even know if I would like it. Now that I have been doing it for 5 months, I realize that aside from all the gas I spend driving around to find them. And the 30$ a will spend some day to become a premium member it is free! I have also found that there are hundreds of thousands of geochaches every where. And all the geocachers I have met are very cool people. The website dose not send me any spam, and I am addicted to this hobby. I have thought about changing my name but it dose kind of fit me and I would have to establish a whole new geocaching identity. You can see how hard that would be for me. I like pickles, pickled eggs, carrots, any vegetable, peppers, and green olives. But what the voice in my head wanted to focus on was not so much the pickle but the dreams. Lets look at pickles for a little. Wikipedia says Pickling, also known as brining or corning, is the process of preserving food by anaerobic fermentation in brine (a solution of salt in water), to produce lactic acid, or marinating and storing it in an acid solution, usually vinegar (acetic acid). The resulting food is called a pickle. This procedure gives the food a salty or sour taste. In South Asia edible oils are used as the pickling medium instead of vinegar. The distinguishing feature is a pH less than 4.6[1], which is sufficient to kill most bacteria. Pickling can preserve perishable foods for months. Antimicrobial herbs and spices, such as mustard, garlic, cinnamon or cloves, are often added.[2] If the food contains sufficient moisture, a pickling brine may be produced simply by adding dry salt. For example, sauerkraut and Korean kimchi are produced by salting the vegetables to draw out excess water. Natural fermentation at room temperature, by lactic acid bacteria, produces the required acidity. Other pickles are made by placing vegetables in vinegar. Unlike the canning process, pickling (which includes fermentation) does not require that the food be completely sterile before it is sealed. The acidity or salinity of the solution, the temperature of fermentation, and the exclusion of oxygen determine which microorganisms dominate, and determine the flavor of the end product Now just think of that in the terms of dreams; day dreams, night dreams, even nightmares. Take your favorite day dream laying on the beach in the sun. The dream of a beautiful sunset, or spending time with that special person, becoming rich. Mabey just retiring and spending your days geocaching. O wait some of you are doing that right now, (I wish I was, I am sitting here at work typing this up) Some times we have lots of dreams but we get stuck in the 9-5 of normal life. Ok so take your dreams and put them in salt water or vinegar, so you can preserve them for ever. Kill most of the bacteria in them (bad stuff). So you can enjoy them any time you want and they just taste a little sour or salty. Ok now that you know way more about me then you wanted to.
  12. I have wondered if there is a way to tell which one of the 900,000 caches out there has the most logs in the shortest time. I have noticed you can statistisize ( I know that’s not a word) a cacher to death. You can tell what kind of cache he or she has gotten and where the most caches are. But can you get statistics on what type of cache gets the most logs?
  13. http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/528b89...d6e1ade6655.jpg I could not get this pick to show so click on the link. This lot includes the hint but its worth reading. But read it after you find the cache if you don't want the hint. This one was on our rout of 15 for the night. I have to say this one was the most exciting. I got new pics for my gallery and something to put in the strangest things I have seen next to a cache discussion. Let me set the seen. It was midnight in these woods lightning in the distance. The crickets where singing there legs off or so we thought. I held the GPS and pickledcousin was close by. I walked out on the colbert as the GPS led, and pickledcousin walked down beside it like the hint says. I was standing on the cobert as pickled cousin was touching it and leaning around the tree. Suddenly he let out a sound that resembled that of madness. A long high pitched well that changed octaves mid breath. "What??? I asked. He stammered something like there is a spider or something the size of a crawdad in the tree, as here ran back up to the trail. When he got to the trail still very jumpy he said when I was looking around the tree my nose came with in an centimeter of what looks like a crawdad and a spider combined." "Sounds like a scorpion" I said "It had antenna scorpions don't have antenna" he replied "well I think there is a type of scorpion that does I got to see this. Is it still there? I asked." "I don't know I'm not going back down you look" he replied. I walked down and flash light out and carefully looked around the tree. I saw it. I could not blame him for being so freaked I was expecting it and it freaked me out. It looked like a spider with a big horn on its butt, and yes it was as big as a crawdad. The body was easily as big as my thumb. I decided to take some pics check them out. I should of had something to place beside it for size but I did not want to get any closer then I had to. After I took pics I looked around and started to see more of these things. But none were close to the size of this one. They were all over the place and I kept thinking of that big horn on its butt and wondering if it could sting or bite. We went back to the car with out finding the cache. After we got back to the car I looked at the camera to see the pics. Not too bad for this cheep camera in the night. After I got to looking at it I said. "I think its a cave cricket I have heard of them before." "That’s a cricket like Jiminy Cricket? well if it started talking I would not be surprised." pickledcousion said. "If it took us hostage I would not be surprised" he added. "I’m going to catch it and take it home to show the kids." I said. "You do that I will be right here." he replied. I got a big gulp cup and headed back. I guess you don't get that big buy being stupid she was gone. ( I say she because she was the biggest and in the insect world that’s the way it works) There was still lots of the little ones around. I say little ones compared to the big one but even the small ones were bigger then any other bug. I thought well probably better to leave them be, a pic is enough. I went back to the car. Pickledcosin said "I think I know wherer the cache is its by the other tree." "Lets get it" I said We went back down and got the cache it was not by the tree with the big cave cricket on it. But there was small ones all over this tree to. I got the cache and handed it up to pickled cousin he stayed on the trail. did not want to even see the little ones. We got out the log and signed it. Thanks for showing me a bug I have never seen before check out the picks.
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