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  1. Really, it's just a game.  Yea, we're not face to face around the table, I get it.

    Rules to play the game are in place and you accepted the rules to play or, move on.  Sign the log, or active cache placers will most likely delete the find. 

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  2. Recently purchased the Garmin 700i w/o the camera and am happy with it's functionality and accuracy in Geocaching.  In our case, THERE IS A LOT TO LEARN coming from an old Magellan Explorist 710 is through.


    Main reason for the purchase is; the size of the screen for these ole eyes and the iN Reach capability during many off road events/travels should something happen to us.  


    My saved off road tracks (in GPX format) do load right up also the the 700i.  Routes that I hand made on Vantage Point (from Magellan) may not load up w/o conversion to some other source though.  Don't know yet really.  Base Camp wants to be a PIA to load too.


    We still use the phone to load FOUND remarks as a faster way to move on.  Again, that learning curve comes into play but the 700i will work when there is no cell service I believe.  Best wishes either-way, you decide! 


  3. I am getting spam from a person that is named Tristinwucherer that has been a basic member since 3/13/2022.  

    Her email asked that, "Can you bring it over E.Kane 708" on my cache Trucks and Trains.  Obviously spam as there is no such address in SC or anywhere near me.

    Regarding Trucks & Trains (GC8CM9C)



  4. I see this has happened just four days ago so I'll thry the "Contact Us" Button at the bottom of the message if I get more.

    MODS: Please feel free to delete this thread.

  5. I'm with the original poster  an enjoyed the Send to GPX button.  Can't find another way to download caches now to my Magellan Explorist 710 that actually gives street turn by turns to the cache.

    I do have a Smart phone and use it as well but the GPS works much better in the woods and when I am a long way from civilization.



    On ‎11‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 2:22 PM, cerberus1 said:

    Not sure what a "find piece" is, but if there's a legible code on a tag or other item, I'd drop it in a cache and move on.  It's not mine, and don't see why Geocaching.com would need to be notified either...

    Maybe it would depend on my mood, but if it's just an illegible piece of scrap, and no reply by the owner, I may just drop it in the circular file at home.

    The fine piece is a sliver of melted metal (best description I can give).  My idea was to see if there was a way to properly dispose of the tag to shut down that TB Number but, "in the trash it goes."


  7. I can't get the map to open now when I click on it to search my home location.

    I did recently download Internet Explorer 9 for my browser. Could this be an issue? When I go to a cache page, sometimes the "Bigger" maps work and sometimes they don't.


    Any suggestions?


    The Groundspeak lackeys have noted several problems with IE9. They suggest that you put the browser in "Compatibility mode". Since I don't have that browser, I can't advise exactly how to do that. I would check out the menus, or search the help file.

    The Compatibility mode button is located in the address window as a broken/torn piece of paper, Thanks, I'll try that!

  8. First, INAL, ...


    Thanks for the reply!


    Took me awhile to figure out INAL, that's funny. "I'm not a lawyer"


    I'm sure this conversation has come up at the local meeting here. I know many people that own propertys around town because of my work relation with these folks.


    My position in all of this is to help protect their property from vandals to ensure geocachers don't get caught up in the fray around vacant commerical property they really had no business there.


    I'll not inform any others and let the chips fall were they may. :blink:

  9. What constitutes having permission to come onto private property in the absence of the owner?


    Cache Owners say they have permission to place a cache but is there really any proof of that if, and when you are confronted by Law Enforcement? Many of the local caches aren’t even marked or, have any thing inside that describe what they are.


    Trespass laws aside, there are other laws as well that require the person to notify the owner in different situations as to his presence.


    In my experience so far, not many local cache owners are actually getting the owners permission to place caches. Much more, they are not clearly marking the caches as such. This puts a heavy burden of proof on the cacher should they get cited for trespass or just questioned during an investigation of their presence.


    Should a cacher question the cache owner out-right before attempting the find and report it if permission has not been granted?


    Maybe a letter of intent from the cache owner to the property owner notifying them and asking for a signature would suffice?

  10. It means that it will no longer be listed as an active cache. It will not appear in any of the serches (except by GC number or 'list of caches owned'.) Hopefully, it also means that the cache has been removed. (But don't count on that.)

    I was wondering how that works too. I thought "archived" meant removed but like you stated some never go away.


    Why is that?

  11. Does anyone have any good suggestions as to places to hide a 35mm container cache? Do these usually hide better in an urban environment or can you successfully hide one in a park? :)

    I'll give you a suggestion. You have to determine it it's "good" or not.


    You've been logging finds for four days. You are asking a question about one of the worst possible cache containers. They leak and the logs get soggy. I understand that you could put one of these out at absolutley no cost to you. Find more caches. Find some soggy 35mm film containers. Then decide if that really is the best you can do or afford.


    I am not a fan of any MICRO in a place that will support a SMALL or REGULAR. But if you are going to place a MICRO, at least use something that will stay dry inside.


    AMEN Brother!!!!! :)

  12. Somewhat new to this but recently there have been a few area's that have been hit hard by someone going through and removing caches. I have been wondering what ones most likely motivation is to do this?

    I think of three basic options.

    1. Could it be an "extreme environmentalist" who thinks we are destroying the enviroment?

    2. Some idiot who is actually stealing them for whatever their value might be (hardly seems worth it)

    3. Some idiot who is just doing it to be an idiot.

    any suggestions from those who have been geocaching for a while?



    In a perfect world, the caches are clearly marked and well hidden. Contents are sealed and dry in a waterproof container. Cachers are directed to places of interest and maybe get to help out by the CITO decree.


    In the real world that just isn't so, we've all seen it. Cache maintenance is a must and I wonder why many more losses don't occur because of the trash some people put out as caches. Yea, we've all seen it.


    I suspect some non-cacher witnesses cachers and then go to inspect what the "Draw" to this particuliar spot is. Finds the "trash" in their words and hauls it off. A "wet soggy log in a film cannister" as a micro pretty much describes that situation. Of course there are other examples of poorly sealed containers holding rusty and melted goods that have never had a Official GeoCache label applied with the contact information that would help dispell the non-cachers mind with a simple phone call.


    I do see a lot of the mentioned trash in my area and wonder why many of the Cachers don't do a better job of following the guidelines on bothsides of the game. I do report some for archiving especially if they go missing for over a month and or, a lot of damage is being done in the area.


    I do enjoy the sport and love the outdoors. We had many good caches in a local forrest here removed because of the governor signing a ban on such activity. One or two bad examples doomed them all I'm afraid.


    Whatever the reason, following the guidelines on both sides of the game might help improve the losses some, I think.

  13. It's all the hypothetical scenarios that prevent a set of guidelines that will work in all situations. Each cache is different and will require evaluation to determine the correct steps required for removal, if it needs or should be removed at all. For this reason, I have identified my MINIMUM for dealing with archived caches.


    One of the poster's was correct in that I live in near several military installations where over 3,000 families are transient members. There are also lots more that are in the Reserves which have also been called to duty. I would hate to remove a cache placed by one of the people that is still active. However, this is one of the reasons that I will place a note in the archived cache listing that the cache was physically removed and the log book is available.


    At least in my searches, since these will be a series of caches by a single owner that I will be currently working when they become archived, I should have a decent understanding of why the cache was archived.


    In this particular case, I know the cache owner is still active on GC, so a non-response will clearly indicate a lack of interest in these caches. I will further be able to evaluate that the owner has been active and on line since my attempts at contact further indicating a lack of interest.


    Based on all the post, I feel confident that my minimum guidelines are adequate, provide reasonable time to hunters with old data, and provide sufficient accountability to the cache owner and GC.


    Thanks to all the posters for you have shown the errors of my quick un-thought out actions and aided the formation a well thought out set of guidelines for possible removal of archived caches.


    Kohldad's Cache Removal Guidelines

    1. Wait a minimum of 12 weeks after cache is archived. This provides time for the owner to remove the cache plus any cacher with old coordinates still has a valid hunt.

    2. Check to see if the cache container has been removed, leave note in log book (if present and useable).

    3. Attempt to contact the cache owner at least twice with at least two weeks between attempts.

    4. Attempt to determine if cache has been cross-listed on other sites.

    5. Wait at least 2 weeks after last attempt before revisiting the cache.

    6. Remove the cache if in same or worse condtion then when found in step 2.

    7. Any trade items will be non-traded into next few caches visited

    8. Add note in archived cache log indicating my actions of physically removing the cache

    9. If log is salvagable, will store for at least 12 months.


    Well now, the Charleston, SC Chief of GeoCache Police has been self-appointed.


    When does the posse sign up begin?















    Sorry Not being on the BOD of Geo.com I just don't know any better. I would think it up to the powers that be to bring this decision about, as to who, what and when a cache gets "Officially" removed from it's hidding place. Afterall the Owner made an agreement/contract with them to maintain it, not us.


    Also not being a dues paying member I might not be informed well enough to discuss this endeavor but IMHO I would think the person that wants to act on behalf of another (orgainization or person) would first gain their written permission at least for a chain of custody/events issues.

    Without written permission, your just forcing your opinion of the subject matter, on others, in the name of the owner or orgainization in charge.


    That's my half gallon o' gas money anyway... :)

  14. I have never heard of that one. You'll often find that the suggested bearing jumps around a lot when you're very close (say 30 to 50 feet), but on my 500 the icon stays there until I cancel or replace the GOTO (at least I think it does...it's in my wife's car right now so I can't double-check). Does the compass pointer maintain the bearing despite the icon disappearing?


    The only suggestion I can think of is to reload the firmware. Maybe somebody else will have some ideas.


    I don't think it retains the compass heading either so as ReadyorNot is suggesting maybe he IS loading a route to the cache. Using the Magellan Sportrak Pro I don't have that problem.


    Now that the wife has given me a Meridian Color unit and reading here I think it might be the Routing situation.


    BTW, thanks for the replies, I do understand navigation well as I had lots of it in the Navy but this was before the explodsion of GPS. Makes life very easy as long as we have electrons!


    I plan to work with him on this on a more personal level and try to understand his GPSr unit requirements and functions as compared to mine.

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