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  1. I particularly like the backgroundof the TB listing main image...
  2. so are earthcaches back on gc.com? if I submit one, do I go through the Waymarking site, gc.com, or the earthcaching site? I have a couple of sweet spots that I have developed the materials and coordinates for, but don't want to send it to the wrong site... Jamie - NFA
  3. Adirondack Murder Mystery...21 stages of challenge in the Adk wilderness... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6d-5bc9c204ad53
  4. Hi, I'll be making my annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas either the 1st or 2nd week in April (I am a teacher, and that's my spring break)...my sister and I meet up each year, share a room/suite, gamble a bit, drink a bit too much, sleep late...and last year I added some caching to the mix... I had a great time last year, got to visit some cool places, had one day with caches found in 3 states (NV, CA, & AZ), and this year, as I began to make my plans, a bizarre thought occurred to me... I would like to host a geocaching event during my stay in Las Vegas I love hosting events in my part of NY, really enjoy the geo-stories, love meeting other geocachers, and think it would be cool to do it in another part of the country... I checked, and it doesn't seem to be in violation of any of the guidelines, it's not really a vacation cache (as there is no physical maintenance needed), and it would be a new thing for me and for the LV-area cachers... I think that some public place like a starbucks or casino restaurant/buffet/bar or the pool area at the Tropicana (my current planned base-camp for my 2007 trip) - provided I make arrangements with the management to permit a group into the pool area for a couple of hours... What do you think? {{{about the idea, not about Las Vegas in general, or the Tropicana in particular please}}} Jamie - NFA
  5. They meet the guidelines for hosting an event...more than that, they're funny... If you don't like micros, don't hunt them...if you don't like events that make gentle fun of micros, don't attend them... I think that they were created as a humorous slap at lame micros, not as a slap at the geocachers who like micros...there's a difference... The OP has, by starting and continuing this thread, exposed these 2 humorous events to a much broader audience than they would have otherwise been seen by...at first, I assumed that it was a thread designed as a PR device, but subsequent posts have convinced me otherwise... Jamie - NFA
  6. I have an earthcache in the works, and will likely wait until they come back to gc.com once things are sorted out... Jamie - NFA
  7. nfa

    northern new york

    like cache-er falls jamie - nfa
  8. Hi, I don't know if this has already been suggested, but would it be possible for Mega Events to get a broader notification range than regualr events...like 200-300 miles, or maybe a one-time notification for each mega event within 1500 miles... Thanks, and sorry if this question highlights either my stupidity or laziness... Jamie - NFA
  9. I had an overzealous forest ranger who is famous/infamous locally for not being a fan of geocaching come over and tell me that I was not allowed to use my GPS inside the Adirondack Park...I told him that I was a local geocacher and had hid numerous geocaches with DEC permission...he had a "wait...this isn't a parachute" moment, seemed to have an internal debate over getting angry with me, and then left... Jamie - NFA
  10. Hi, I like looking at event listing pages, and have lots of fun with Halloween Events in particular...please list any Halloween Events that you are hosting or know about... The Evil Zombie Bog of Despair...and Slugs!!! Thanks, Jamie - NFA
  11. as soon as it's archived, or if it's judged to be placed against either gc.com guidelines or local laws/regs... jamie - nfa
  12. I leave the DNF as is, and write an additional "found" log Jamie - NFA
  13. what do you think about additional logging requirement caches? Jamie
  14. Hi, I'm working on a cache with an orienteering component as one or two middle stages of a multi, and need some help... I assume that it is possible to mark waypoints with my GPS and place them on a map for use in orienteering...I would like to print/laminate a bunch of copies of this map and leave it in one stage of my multi, so that geocachers would then have to switch gears, and use the map and a compass to find the next couple of stages, before finding the coordinates for the final stage of the cache... Can someone give me a slap upside of the head, and point me towards the software/site/explanation of how to do this easily (if such a thing exists)... Thanks, Jamie
  15. I assume that the cache owner got permission to place the cache, and to have cachers remove and replace the bolt... Jamie - NFA
  16. I've the acronym for years, but in NNY it means: Left Something Silly, Grabbed Nothing, Logged Jamie - NFA
  17. the outdoors the challenge the physical activity going on someone else's idea of a nice walk/hike/paddle having fun with my family and friends torturing Theragleb jamie - nfa
  18. First is fun...I have 10-30...somewhere in there...not sure... Jamie - NFA
  19. I would trade them out, and chuck them...they may simply be bubbles, but even if they are, those bubble containers can leak and mess up a cache...I'd take them out, because that's what I'd want someone to do with one of my caches... Jamie - NFA
  20. Hi, In the categories in which I'm an owner or officer, I've approved my waymarks numerous times...I don't have a problem with this as I know that my submissions meet the waymark category criteria... I've noticed that some officers in categories that I'm a member have included a pledge in their comments section to the effect that they will never approve their own waymarks...why? I would like to hear from the community about their feelings about approving your own waymarks... my feeling is that so long as the waymark category does not state that I shouldn't approve my own waymarks, and I am meeting any other stated criteria, there shouldn't be a problem... What say you? Jamie - NFA
  21. sorry...it froze, and then triple posted
  22. I've been caching in as much as 25 degrees below zero, and wore the GPS inside my long underwear shirt, next to my skin...I just took bearings every few minutes, and it worked fine... Jamie - NFA
  23. 26 degrees below zero for a FTF! My pen didn't work, I broke the ziplock bag that the log was in, my exposed bits were blue, it was a blast!!! My first day ever of geocaching, it snowed 7 inches, and I fell through thin ice on a pond during my last hunt... I once tipped over while canoeing to a cache during a light snow... Another time I paddled to a cache during such a hard rain, that my canoe almost swamped due to the 3-4 inches of water sloshing around in the bottom... Another time, I was caching in Moab, UT at the end of July, and spent an hour in 115 degree sun looking for a cache...I only stopped when I started getting dizzy... wait...I'm a lunatic...I need to develop better judgement about when to head out caching...please...send help!!! Jamie - NFA
  24. why go with decon containers at all...about half of the decons I've found have been completely waterlogged...you have to close them correctly, and most people don't... American Science and Surplus has the nalgene-type 16 ounce jars for sale for $2.95 for a pack of 6 (50 cents each!!!)... I just bought a bunch for use in a 6th grade geocaching program I'm teaching over the next couple of weeks...they're awesome, easy to close, and make a great small sized cache container! Jamie - NFA
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