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  1. another new waymark in this category...still looking for additional officers and members... Thanks, Jamie - NFA
  2. ....and three "Waymarks" to boot. for that store/s --- where did that cigar store indian come from? The indian lives inside when the art portion isn't open, what's the 3rd waymark possible? Jamie - NFA
  3. Howdy, Humorous Combination Businesses passed peer review, and has already got its first waymark! Please check it out and, if you are interested, join the group. I think that this category will be lots of fun!!! Jamie - NFA
  4. There are also lots of places to camp for free nearby...I'm looking forward to this event, and hope to meet a bunch of geocachers there. Jamie - NFA
  5. I read through some of this thread, agreeing with some of what I read...laughing at some of the rest... I have decided to do my part to help fight the ongoing saturation process in my corner of the world by archiving 3 of my caches...all 3 were in cities, were small containers, not among my most inspired hiding/placement, and not breathtakingly beautiful... When I hid them, caches were sparse in the Adks, now they are not, so I'm pulling them in... Jamie - NFA
  6. It looks from the article as though they were running across peoples' yards...I would be happy to have had local police ask them to leave and not come back if they were running around my yard in the middle of the night... Why is the typical response to defend the rights of boneheads to be boneheads? Jamie - NFA Running through peoples yards is a bit much, especially late at night. Still, the police responce wasn't "Knock that crap off and stick to public areas" It was "Leave, Leave Now". you say potato... they were doing something wrong, something stupid...the police could have arrested or cited them for a bunch of piddly stuff but didn't...
  7. It looks from the article as though they were running across peoples' yards...I would be happy to have had local police ask them to leave and not come back if they were running around my yard in the middle of the night... Why is the typical response to defend the rights of boneheads to be boneheads? Jamie - NFA
  8. I found a travelling cache twice (so far), and as both times, the cache was hidden in a different place, by a different hider, I like that my find count shows them each as a find...
  9. {{{BUMP}}} I added a nice picture, clarified the category name/description a bit, and wanted to bump this thread to remind people to vote: "YEA" (or modify your nay vote made in a moment of weakness or while on a bender or under alien mind-control) http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/peer_review....cst=6&gid=6 Thanks, Jamie - NFA
  10. My Honda Element is a pretty sweet cache-mobile...
  11. I don't see the need for a new type of log. Why would type-A cache-owners have less problem with logs on their caches that they could not read than with TNLN TFTC! logs? Anything I don't want the geocaching world to see/read/know I simply leave out of my found it log (or didn't find it log)...if I wish to make a personal note about the cache, I enter it into the cache's visit-entry of my personal TB, which I log into and out of every cache I visit. People who choose not to log their caching online will not change their habits with the addition of a new log-type. jamie - nfa
  12. I'd love to trade personal coins with you... Jamie - NFA
  13. It's now up for Peer Review... http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/peer_review....cst=6&gid=6 Please vote early and often in the affirmative! Jamie - NFA
  14. NYAdmin, whether one person or more, does (do) a great job!!! Thanks!!! Jamie - NFA
  15. I was planning on recommending the legend (if they don't want to spend much money) or the 60CSX (if they are ready to invest a bit more)...I didn't want to ignore any other viable options, but think that these are 2 good choices... Jamie - NFA
  16. Howdy, I have some thoughts on the matter, but a friend just asked me what they should get, so I figured I might as well put it out to the audience...this unit will be used for use in navigating the backcountry of the Adks, and should have topo maps available... Thanks, Jamie - NFA
  17. nfa

    girl geocoins

    I respect my coins' privacy too much to check...some of them may be girls...
  18. The Shops with Humorous & Contrasting Sub-Businesses group will manage a category to identify and locate shops with funny and surprising and contrasting sub-businesses under the same roof. An example which gave me the idea for this group is a local shop that is a coin-op laundry/Native American Art/homemade donut store... I think that there are plenty of these sort of businesses out there...pet/cheese shops, guns/childrens' books stores, video/handloom shops, and so on... Combinations that make sense, like a UPS store that handles copying and printing and shipping, or a travel shop that sells luggage and travel-related books...these do not belong in the group and category... I'm looking for a small group of people amused by the contrasts to help write/create/manage a category to help mark these oddly multi-tasking businesses... http://www.Waymarking.com/groups/details.a...17-cd216393eb37 Thanks for your help! Jamie - NFA
  19. Hi Garvy, I hope that not getting the answer you were hoping for doesn't turn you off...please don't just leave the container out there as geo-junk...send me the coords, and I'll make sure that someone gets out there to pick it up, and I'll mail it home to you. Vacation and shared caches are just a bad idea... Jamie - NFA
  20. a pace, as measured by the roman army, works out to 5.28 feet...this is the unit of measure behind the mile that is used today...mile...mille = 1000...1000X5.28 feet = 5,280 feet... given that you are 6'4", and not trained as a roman soldier, I would pace out 90 left/rights, and then start looking for a likely cache-hiding-spot as your paces may be slightly longer than standard... edit...to add...HOLY CARP, I'm a geek!!! Jamie - NFA
  21. Hi, You haven't been geocaching in 2.5 years, and back then only found 3 caches...why did you decide to hide one now, and why so far from your home? If you send me the coords, somebody from our local org, NNYGeo, can probably go and pick it up, and we can send it back to you to place nearer to home. Jamie - NFA
  22. I think the answer is that there is no container to maintain, so the "vacationosity" of the cache is less important...if the cache meets the guidelines set up by the earthcache org, there shouldn't be any problems that require the earthcache owner to live close by...just my thoughts on the matter...I do think that the return of Earthcaches to geocaching.com from Waymarking.com does, or should, open the door on the virtual cache discussion...again... Jamie - NFA
  23. Too late in the evening for me, I'm afraid. I believe that Jeremy was referring to the geocacher in the altered logo in your forum picture...he appears to be wearing a dress...and to my eye also one of those viking helmets with horns sticking out...maybe a Wagnerian opera singing "fat lady"...but I'm sorta punchy after a stunningly bizarre week... Jamie - NFA
  24. 2 logs good, changed log bad Jamie - NFA
  25. I just got my new weekly gc email...it looks good...I like the idea of a "Signal's Tips" section (images of frog toes flooding my brain...). Jamie - NFA
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