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  1. The container has been picked up... Garvy, if you want me to mail it you, send me your mailing address... Jamie - NFA
  2. I think that it would be fine... Shortly after 9/11 I was flying to Miami and I had my mini-tool with a 1.5 inch blade confiscated by men with guns while a grandma in front of me walked onto the plane with 14-inch metal knitting needles...so needles must be safe! Jamie - NFA
  3. Sorry, yours was too long for me...could you summarize? Jamie - NFA Seriously though...I use the SBA log-type as a tool to alert the reviewers to the fact that there is a serious permission/legal/safety (outside of the parameters of the D/T ratings) issue that warrants archiving the cache...not if I don't like the cache location or contents or owner...
  4. The state purchased the property a number of years ago, and it is now a part of the state forest preserve... Jamie - NFA
  5. These are way too costly, and not as nice looking as the canadian micros I bought (for about half the cost) after reading through this thread... Geocoins need to be either a labor of love (of geocaching and geocoins) or a thing of beauty...the best are both, these are neither... Jamie - NFA
  6. Is the point of the cache to annoy people or creep-out childrens' parents? If yes, then the cache is obnoxious...if not then couldn't it be located in a better spot less likely to do those things? Jamie - NFA
  7. it tasted pretty much the same at the bottom of the pit of doom as at the top, although it was noticeably colder 25 feet down... DOH!!! {{{must stick to story...did not taste bad water}}} Jamie - NFA
  8. I would not be in favor of setting an expiration date on geocaches. I like finding a geocache that has been around for years, and don't like the idea of losing these caches in favor of what could be weaker ones. I have archived some of my own caches that either weren't great or got repeatedly muggled, and have logged numerous caches SBA...most of these end up archived before long. I feel as though this part of geocaching ain't broke, so we shouldn't fix it... Jamie - NFA
  9. let me respond in order: I didn't really taste it... nobody lives there...my son thought it was haunted...maybe it is... I would probably spend some time phone-tagging my way around the DEC trying to find someone to help me, and then it owuld not be fixed because it is not a priority... I like the rope on a string idea... I didn't taste it... I like the idea of hiding a cache in the tank via a rope hung down into the glop, and then covering it with leaf litter... Hopefully nobody will be going in...this tank has been in the woods since the beginning of time, and I saw no bones littering the bottom, so I may have been the first person to notice it in a long time...with the lid on, it's invisible... Jamie - NFA
  10. Ben and I were down south the other day, caching in the Long Lake/Newcomb area...not our best day...1 for 3...but it was a fun day anyway. While out in the Tahawus area, before taking a walk out into the high peaks area, we explored the ghost town left by the end of the mining operation for a while. Most of the old buildings are pretty far gone, grown back into the forest to some extent. It was really cool, and there's one more we want to visit when the weather gets warmer...it's across the river, but looks amazingly intact. [urlWhile in the woods looking at one of the more remote "haunted houses", I stepped on something under the leaves...it turned out to be the lid to an underground tank still holding some liquid...it tastes more like rainwater and dirt than sewage To be clear about the location...this tank opening is about 150 yards back from the trail, and 30-40 yards from the nearest ghost-house... topozone map of the approximate location of the hidden tank I had 2 thoughts at almost the same instant: 1) I should report it to somebody to avoid somebody falling in and/or getting trapped... 2) I should replace the lid after hiding a cache inside the tank... I'm leaning more towards option #1, but would love your input... Jamie - NFA
  11. I tried pasting something over in the new forums yesterday and was unable to do so...it could be because I'm a potato-head, but it's possible that it cannot be done... That being said, I think that we should move all Waymarking discussion over to the Waymarking forum-space...and set a date (say Dec. 1) to delete the old forums in the gc.forum-space...with a redirect built in to, steer people to the right place. Jamie - NFA
  12. nfa

    Cache Rally

    I would like to officially extend an invitation to interested souls to have the cache rally breakfast event in Saranac Lake, NY...I would be glad to arrange/host the breakfast at a fun local eatery, and then people can take off in any direction to try their hands at some Adirondack area caches...this might be fun in that people who have worked through their areas caches can start fresh in a new and beautiful location. Just a thought, and feel free to stay down South if you prefer...but do a search for 12945 first...we have some fun ones up here... Jamie - NFA
  13. on the other side of the discussion, I once had a somewhat crabby geo-curmudgeon tell me that I was mis-using some geo-lingo when I referred to an underwater geocache as a hydrocache...I was geo-markwelled to "THE" geo-lexicon site which made very clear that a hydrocache is a geocache that you paddle to... I disagree...a hydrocache is in the water, a paddle-cache is one you paddle to...and that's the way that I play...that is the way that people up here use the terms, and I'm quite comfortable with the terms and usage... I have trouble accepting dogmatic definitions in a field of play that is only a couple of years old...the language of geocaching is still in the early stages of its evolution, and will likely be in flux for years before settling into general acceptance...
  14. Has this already been proposed...I couldn't find a group or category Waymarking used book stores, and would love to see one added to Waymarking, as this is one of my favorite places to be in the whole world... I would be equally happy to lead, serve as an officer in, or observe this category...just wanted to guage interest... Please respond here if you have any interest in the category, and how you would like to be involved... absolute ruler boisterous officer yes-man (or woman) Thanks, Jamie - NFA
  15. Ownership of Tracking and Ownership of the Coin are two different things. Moun10bike for example retains the tracking on his coins even if he gives away or trades his coins to others. Some others do the same. Also unactivated coins can be stolen. Bad trade etc. In the majority of cases, accessing the tracking number would be effective, and it is much easier than a registry to implement...
  16. Have them tell you the tracking number so that you can check to see if it is an activated geocoin with a mission... if it is already activated, then don't trade/buy the geocoin...it's stolen if it is not already activated, then feel free to trade/buy...it's not stolen Jamie - NFA
  17. local live has a better/closer picture of my house and driveway than google earth does...
  18. They are against the guidelines, so I don't leave them in caches anymore (at one point I did leave tiny SAKs as a sig item, but I stopped almost 2 years ago)...I trade out knives that I find in caches to try and protect geocaching (and because I like them...)... Jamie - NFA
  19. 2 of what? It was a joke aimed at hair-trigger geocoin addicts who jump at these threads, and make possible the sale of solely commercial, poorly deigned, and poor quality geocoins...never mind... Jamie
  20. I'll take 2 of each metal
  21. I attend my events, so I attend my events Jamie - NFA
  22. Where's the "cut into glistening cubes of greed/pre-angst/inexperience by ginsu-wielding geocoin forum ninjas" smilie... Jamie - NFA
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