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  1. I think that strong and active local orgs are the key... Jamie - NFA
  2. Hi, I haven't been here is a while, but I was contacted, and made aware of the 2 caches (there are probably more that are similarly effected by the new ban on caches in those areas)... NNYGeo will take care of retrieving the 2 caches before the July 1 deadline. Not for nothing, but these should have been archived or adopted when the owner moved away... How have things been in these forums? Jamie - NFA sorry for the multi-posting...the forum software was slower than I had remembered, feel free to delete the extras
  3. {{{Shameless Bump}}} about half of the geocoins I'm selling on Ebay are still available for less than $5... http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZjamiesheffQQhtZ-1 Jamie - NFA
  4. nfa

    northern new york

    Hey! I resemble that remark...
  5. yup, after I logged in I could see some of them. bid some off the ground. Thanks...it seems as though the prices on a lot of these coins are still really low...well, Ebay should determine the fair market price... Jamie - NFA
  6. I don't know how to do it without it getting complicated...if there's something you really want, bid/win it, and I'll email you once I figure out how much it'll cost... Jamie - NFA
  7. http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZjamiesheffQQhtZ-1 I don't know what I'm doing wrong...the above link works for me even when I'm not signed in... Jamie - NFA
  8. Huh...don't know why...it works for me, but you can look at: Item number: 330058056440 - 2 ROT13 Geocoins and look at my other auctions from there... Jamie - NFA
  9. Hi, My interest in geocoins is shifting towards only personal geocoins, and to that end, I'm selling off many of my other geocoins (including some rare one) on Ebay. NFA's Ebay Auctions of Geocoins I am the owner of these coins, they are all unregistered/unactivated, and none of them came out of geocaches. Thanks, Jamie - NFA
  10. My father has hinted that he might be buying me a 60CSX for Xmas this year!!! I do not know what size sd card I will need. I do not know what mapping program(s) make sense for me...I cache primarily in the Northeastern US, with some trips out West, and occasional adventures outside of North America, and have loved having the ability to load topo quality maps into my meri-plat prior to caching adventures. I know nothing about auto-routing. Any help, advice, and expressions of congratulations will be appreciated... Jamie - NFA
  11. I have owned and used a gorillapod since about a week after the OP last year...it is way better than any other tripod that I have owned/used/seen. It weighs a couple of ounces, takes up a negligible amount of space (perhaps a touch more then the one the briansnat showed), and can set up and support your camera on surfaces that simply would not work for an ordinary tripod...it is infinitely adjustable as regards levelling. The hidden bonus is that the legs are bendable enough, and rubberized enough, to grab onto vertical stuff like trees, vines, poles, etc....thus making picture possible in places where there aren't other things to rest an ordinary tripod on up off of the ground...the perspective makes lots of my shots look as though there is another person with me, taking the picture. All in all, a great geocaching accessory. Jamie - NFA
  12. I will release all of my captive jeeps for $20 paypal-ed to me for each jeep... Jamie - NFA
  13. I think that significant numbers of both finders and hiders expect the "Golden Rule of Geocaching" to be in effect...that is, they would like to find the kinds of hides that they {{{perceive}}} that they hide...they would like people who find their caches to treat them/trade they way that they {{{perceive}}} treat/trade when dealing with other peoples' caches... I hide (and maintain) the kind of geocaches that I like to find, but not everybody likes them...I always trade up(leaving better than I take), rehide caches, and perform simple maintenance on the caches that I find...the geocaching world would be a better place in many respects if everyone did these things, but they don't... and I'm generally OK with the gap between how I geocache and the way that experience has taught me a lot of other people geocache...many people are not...and that, I believe, leads to the endless compaining in the forums... The Golden Rule Gap Jamie - NFA
  14. nfa

    Finally home

    Welcome home Cav Scout!!! I'm glad to hear that you made it home safe and sound. Jamie - NFA
  15. out of the 20 geocaches that I found in my first 3 months geocaching, 19 are still active... Jamie - NFA
  16. Don't worry, you're ok...
  17. My DNF rate runs around 4%...anyone who DNFs either more or less than that is a bad geocacher who is doing it wrong and deserves a flogging with a frozen salmon. Jamie - NFA
  18. Looking for a cache in Vermont 2 years ago, I started smelling decomposition as I approached GZ, and found a huge contractors' garbage bag (they're huge and very thick). It was certainly big enough to hold a human body, but I didn't want to call the police without being sure, so I went closer to check it out...the bag was torn in one spot, and I could see dog fur. I gave up on my cache hunt, and went out to meet the animal-control officer to lead him back in to the body-dump. After explaining geocaching, he asked why I bothered to call it in...I have dogs, and assume that something bad happened to the dog, and hoped that they could catch the person. Jamie - NFA
  19. for me...50, 100, 200...so far...300 will be big, 500 will be huge, and 1000 (if I get there) will be enormous...for me...for some people these numbers are a walk in the park (or in many parks...) Jamie - NFA
  20. Office Space was a fun one that took me to an interesting spot in Burlington, VT...I'm sorry to see that it has been archived... Jamie - NFA
  21. his one find is in CA, it was logged the day before the cache was approved, and does not show up on the cache page...maybe Eire PA is somewhere in SoCal... Jamie - NFA
  22. This post has a very different tone from your other recent thread, in which you decry a cache that puts people at risk from cactus needles... {troll}
  23. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6d-5bc9c204ad53 The cache linked to above should definitely be archived...every single person who has attempted it has sustained some level of injury!!! Geocachers who attempt it without reading the warnings or paying attention to the the D/T ratings or being mindful of the attributes or reading the logs of past attempts could be in for a surprise!!! Allowing people to enter into dangerous activities is... GREAT!!! as long as they enter into the adventure having been made aware of the potential risks... Jamie - NFA
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