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  1. Under these circumstances, I would suggest a thoroughly-washed cookie tin with a tight-fitting lid.

    No rubber gasket, so no possible latex issues.

    The metal container will certainly keep rodents out.

    Much less noisy as the contents are accessed throughout the night! :)


    I'm pretty sure an ammo can's seal is neoprene, but it could be Buna-n.


    good thinking...thanks!



  2. Maybe best not to open a cache at all then. Could be many things made of latex in the swag. Another reason for swag free caches!


    We're not caching, we're using it to store food for them at a sleepover camp, to keep it away from mice and such in the cabin. This student needs a food supply throughout the night, so an ammo-can seemed like a possible solution.


    Jamie - nfa

  3. Does anyone have any experience and/or knowledge of/about this device:






    I'm asking because it sounds like a cool idea, but only if it works.


    I would be interested in using it outside of the car as well, so I need to know if it needs to be plugged in, or if there is a battery that is charged by the included usb plug.


    Any help that you can give me would be very much appreciated.




    Jamie - nfa

  4. That sounds very interesting but the podcache thing is going to be difficult to get past the reviewers if it requires downloading any files or players or plug-ins to listen to the podcast.


    Nobody has to download anything, people can choose which of the 3 routes they wish to go in finding the cache:


    1) puzzle/encryption

    2) multi-stage physical challenge

    3) podcache


    So 3 different cachers could each choose to solve it in a different manner...


    Jamie - nfa

  5. I haven't been in these forums in a while, and just wanted to check about a few things concerning a geocache that I would like to make.


    I would like to do a mystery cache with (at least) 3 potential avenues of discovery:

    1) The first would be a encryption/puzzle task (mental challenge), the solution of which would yield the final coordinates.

    2) The second would be a multi-stage terrain/environment task (physical challenge), the completion of which would bring the cacher to the final coordinates.

    3) The third would be a podcast-driven task (technological challenge), , the completion of which would bring the cacher to the final coordinates.


    I have read through some of the myriad threads about podcaches, and am confident that potential issues can be avoided because:

    i) the cache can be found without going the mp3 route at all

    ii) people don't need to login to/join any site to download the mp3 file


    I would appreciate any constructive input that you have...which means that, "you're stupid to even ask, podcaches aren't allowed" and "GC.com is stupid not to allow podcaches" are not welcome/useful as replies.




    Jamie - nfa

  6. Thanks...did it...but still no satellites to be found...crap...any ideas?




    Does it clearly say "Acquiring Satellites" on the Satellite page? If not, while on the Satellite page press Menu and make sure that "Use with GPS" is active.


    It says "Acquiring Satellites" on the satellite page, and shows the satellite #s, but doesn't show any lines/bars...



  7. Im pretty sure its always been illegal to litter in parks.


    Geocaching isn't littering...and the Adirondack Park is a 6 million acre park comprised of public and private land, where geocaching has been allowed for years...until without any notice the policy changed overnight in the high peaks area...


    just sayin'



  8. I haven't read every post in this thread, but here's an idea...


    Instead of making it Jeremy's job to make a ruling on multiple logs for an event, let's put the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the cache and cache page where it already belongs...with the cache owner.


    I have hosted a number of events, and some attendees logged multiple times due to temporary caches that I placed in the area...I have no problem with that, and so did not delete them.


    Nobody, to date, has multi-logged in a way that I didn't feel comfortable with (like logging for showing up, then for swimming, then for eating lunch, etc.)...if someone did, then I would delete the log.


    I have a "Stupid Rule Cache" which places demands on cachers locating the cache before being able to log a "find"...I have deleted logs by people who did not follow the stupid rule...the point of this isn't my stupid rule cache (that's a whole other discussion), but to emphasize that the ultimate control with any cache (including event caches) should, and does (according to TPTB) lie with the cache owner.


    Event cache owners should therefore control their caches as they see fit, making it plain on the cache description if they have will or will not allow multiple logs; and if they choose not to allow multiple logs, then they should feel free to delete those logs, since the offending cachers were warned in the cache listing not to do it...


    Problem Solved



  9. Thanks for the link Rick!


    The one I'll miss the most is "Ward's Rusty Box"...I was one of 17 finders since it was placed in 2001, and it was a marathon caching day (Memorial Day 2004) for me, especially given that I only found 2 caches... :P


    Today's Cacher Article


    My log of the other cache I visited that day...


    It's a shame to see this area added to the list of places that don't understand geocaching...


    Jamie - NFA

  10. Thanks for the reply Michael, see you next year... :blink:


    Jamie - NFA



    PS - I am a bit curious as to how this project can be said not to be on the back burner after more than 2 years with no change...the software must have been in place since long before my OP in 2005 to allow the other images to already be in the system, so it would seem to be a case of just not having added any new images to the collection...it's your sandbox, so whatever...

  11. {{{BUMP}}}


    This is my annual bump on the local organization logos aon the GC stats banner...I am still interested in this, and would love to hear any information about the timeline for allowing local orgs to participate in this...


    This thread was started in 2005, and the only substantial replies have been requests for patience (just sayin')... :blink:




    Jamie - nfa

  12. I log events that I attend as attended...once.


    I don't have a problem with people logging my events multiple times if they want to, in the case of temporary caches that I put out...


    I do have a problem with people logging my events multiple times just to boost their numbers..."attended" breakfast, "attended" lunch, "attended" coin swap, etc.


    jamie - nfa

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