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  1. When Android first came to SA, we had a very crummy version of the app market that was controlled by Leaf(Distributors for HTC). That was with all versions of phones running Android 1.5. Then they saw the light and released 1.6. We had full access the the proper market overnight. It was like seeing the internet for the first time! I have yet to buy an app and I have more than 60 on my G1 and my girlfriends Desire. This more than cover our every need. You can buy apps here in SA for some that offer payments via PayPal. But like I say, I have yet to need to buy one. With regards to geocaching apps, The best 2 are Geobeagle and c:geo. Both are free but having a geocaching.com premium account helps(!). Be prepared to experience frustration at the battery life. Another thing to look out for is the brut.mod version of Google Maps. This enables the turn-by-turn navigation in SA. We too use Android in those desperate times, but is no replacement for a proper device. The GPS may say 3m accuracy, but it really is dreaming. By the way, 2.1 is really great. But wait till you try 2.2, its mind blowing!
  2. We are bok, Noddy. Let us know when we start.
  3. No problems Fish Eagle. I will get it from him this weekend. I don't think he is active anymore.
  4. If any one is keen, I've got a copy of "Splinterheads", the movie with geocaching in it. We watched it last night and got all inspired to head out! Give me a shout to arrange a drop off or something. The other thing I wanted to say was that don't even try to place a cache at Makaranga Gardens, Kloof. The guy there was totally against it and kept on watching us like we were about to steal something. We had a very professional looking example and presentation though. Would have been an awesome venue...
  5. Any one know what happened to the http://www.geocachingranking.com/ page? Looks like its disappeared.
  6. Hello fellow KZN geocachers. Found this forum during my wanders on the net. What a wonderful device to keep in contact. By the way, what does a cat do in a sandbox?!
  7. Hi all. I had some spare time so I did some browsing and stumbled on this forum. (What does a cat do in a sandbox?!) What a nice thing to be able to chat to all the local geocachers!
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