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  1. Back to the original topic, In some of his cache descriptions, he's stated that he'll archive any of his caches to allow someone else to place one. ("If you want to put a cache here that is more clever just let me know.") In July, I put together a puzzle cache and one of the CO's caches was located about 100 ft. away from where I wanted to place the final. I contacted the CO, and he quickly and kindly archived his cache, so I could place mine.
  2. Add me to the list of people having problems with connecting to GC.com. for the past 2 days The server won't respond, multiple refreshes required, difficulty logging finds and downloading PQs.
  3. Recently Viewed Caches doesn't update.
  4. CarlottaP


    Same problem as reported by others. I have to login in every time I access Geocaching.com.
  5. I experience the same problem. Using my iPad, when I press on the cache icon, no cache information comes up.
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