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  1. 1. Yes, it actually unzipped into 2 files. One is just under 5,000KB; the other is ~150KB. 2 The GPX folder has what appears to be some demo files (~2KB ea.) and another folder called Current. The Current folder contains a 32KB GPX file (and that's supposed to contain 250K pre-loaded caches?) 3. I've moved/copied them into a file on my computer--just in case/ 4. Yes. Which of the 2 unzipped PQ files go into the Current(?) directory on the GPSr, and should one or both be renamed?
  2. I'm not sure exactly what that is, but the 64 does allow for some customization--mostly moving menu items around (from what I can tell so far). Sorry if that's a standard feature on all units.
  3. I'm brand-new to geocaching, but I'll tell you how I went about choosing a unit. First, I went to goggle and searched, "best gps for geocaching" to learn what I could about these things. One of the first hits actually came back here to Guide to Buying a GPS Device. Then I read other similar articles, followed by several articles comparing/reviewing/rating different models. Then I made up an Excel spreadsheet listing all the models I read about and all the features they had (whether pertaining to geocaching or not), ratings, prices, etc. Then I went to Amazon, and made note of customer ratings there (both good & bad, sometimes numbering in the hundreds to thousands), and plugged them into the spreadsheet. All this easily narrowed my choice to a couple of models. I came back here, read some discussion threads about my final candidates, and made my choice--the best choice FOR ME. Lots of work? You bet, but I use a similar procedure for any major purchase--especially for things I know nothing about. Bottom line, instead of relying on the recommendations of a few people who aren't me, I've made my own decisions, am happy with my choice, and sleeping well with it. YMMV.
  4. 550 caches doesn't seem like a reasonable number for an average person to maintain. I'm sure this has been discussed before. I would think if a CO (Basic OR Premium) had a certain # or % of their caches archived for lack of maintenance, the rest of their caches might be in jeopardy of archiving, and that CO barred or probated for a period. I don't propose limiting the # of caches a CO can hide, as long as they can demonstrate they can keep them reasonably maintained. Responsible maintenance is one of the reasons I started this thread. I KNOW I cannot reasonably maintain many.
  5. I spoze that would depend on your relationship (e.g. employee, relative, friend...) Most forum sites I've been on have similar rules; IME, a customer with no affiliation (or incentive) is generally acceptable, but that's really up to the folks here. My experience & opinions are irrelevant.
  6. That's... strange. It works (apparently) on any round avatar, but not the square ones. Hovering over the round ones says, "View Your Profile" Hovering over a square ones says, "Go to RufusClupea's Profile" I'm guessing this is what's meant by Private (the former) and Public (the latter) Profiles(?) It's somewhat confusing. I'm not usually this slow--there's a lot to take in.
  7. Wait... I was on that earlier, but I have no idea how I got there. How DO I get there?
  8. Forget it. I've sent my question to Groundspeak directly.
  9. That's what I was asking about in my OP. What's the official procedure? Actually, it does (if you comply with what you agreed to), and there is.
  10. I'm just trying to understand my responsibilities under the contract in order to act in good faith.
  11. IANAL, but I don't think they have to. AFAIK, it would depend where burden of proof lies.
  12. IANAL, but that's not how I read it. "Term: The license granted by this Agreement shall commence upon Licensee's receipt of the Data and Related Materials and shall continue until such time that (1) Licensee elects to discontinue use of the Data and Related Materials and terminates the Agreement or (2) Groundspeak terminates for Licensee's material breach of this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement in either instance, Licensee shall then return to Groundspeak the Data and Related Materials." As a layperson, I interpret that to mean when I'm done using a particular PQ, I have to return it. NOT returning the data could constitute a breach in and of itself. Subsequent/additional PQs would generate subsequent/additional licenses. If I'm interpreting this incorrectly, I'd like to hear/read it from someone at Groundspeak authorized to give a definitive answer.
  13. I can hear Cousin Vinnie responding incredulously, "You were serious about that?" As I've said previously, I'm prolly one of the 1% that actually reads the pages of legal gibberish before clicking the "I accept" button. In some instances, checking the box and clicking the acceptance has been construed the same as signing a legal document. Would you sign one without reading it? Astoundingly, many people do. I don't.
  14. I notice in the Waypoint License Agreement that when we're done with PQ data, we're required to return it to Groundspeak. "Upon termination of this Agreement in either instance, Licensee shall then return to Groundspeak the Data and Related Materials." I've seen no mention of this in the forums; how is it accomplished?
  15. I don't see anything like that on my profile page--new or old format.
  16. Not until it's removed from the ground. I think we're getting too far afield/OT here. A gadget cache I'd like to see is one that has a slightly different solution each time it's done/solved.
  17. Then someone should go through the entire database, and archive every cache on the planet that's on a pole that's been approved since that rule went into effect. I don't think that's reasonable, nor rejecting a cache because it's on a pole (Do you?). But I don't make the rules, nor adjudicate them. .... or are you yankin' my pole chain? If we're going to "rules lawyer", another solution is finding a previous depression, placing one's cache (or pole) on the ground, and filling in around it. Digging is not necessary to fill. And filling in is not creating a hole unless/until the cache/pole is removed. The rules only specify when the cache is placed--not when it is removed. Any type of pole can also be cast into a mass of concrete on top of the ground without creating a hole. Given the choice, which do you think a landowner/manager would least object to--a pole (of any kind) stuck in the ground (like a fence post) or a mass of concrete?
  18. Partnering has always been part of the plan, but so far, no takers, and a good plan always accounts for contingencies. Personally, in my years on this planet, I've learned to hope for the best, but plan for the worst, and have a Plan A. If/when Plan A fails, there are 25 more letters....
  19. Was I not clear about that in my OP? Cache type would be the same--gadget for gadget. Coordinates would be the same; same tree or post, or whatever... Well, that contradicts much of what's been said by previous respondents. I've no problem with submitting new cache pages; I considered that part of the process. Last ¶: Yes, they'll see a familiar place, tree or post, and a gadget cache right where the last one was.
  20. That's why I asked. Didn't I say "several months"? I thought I did. I'd be upfront about this, describing what I'm doing in the listing, and changing the listing as necessary/warranted. The reviewers would be aware; I wouldn't be trying to conceal anything, and if there's a problem, I'm sure it could/would be worked out. If not, I just don't do it.
  21. Yeah, thanks--I got that. My main concern is my mobility issues. I've no shortage of ideas, and can well-maintain one or two easy sites, but realistically can't trudge through the woods to place/maintain many.
  22. Good point. (A little besulted you'd think I'd build/put up a piecea carp, but I won't take it personally... ) I spoze that'd work for my purpose... If allowed periodically.
  23. This is difficult for me... I don't really have a dog in this fight. In fact, if I had my druthers, I'd prolly side with (some degree of) burying be allowed/optional. But as a consummate lifelong gamer, I don't cheat (which is partly why I'm having some difficulty in the current TB thread); I play by the rules--even when I don't agree with them (but I may discuss/argue them). In Schirf's case, if s/he switched to a metal post, it could be driven into the ground without any digging or violation of rules, and removed later.
  24. Is there anything in the "rules" or intent/spirit to bar/dissuade a CO from changing/modifying a cache? It's difficult for me to get around (sometimes more difficult than others) SPOZE... I build a gadget cache and get it approved as, say... D=3, T=1. Then after a while (several months?) I come up with another gadget cache of similar difficulty. Can I switch them out? Can I keep doing that, using the same location (someplace I can readily access & maintain). Would this be considered a Lab Cache?
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