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  1. If it could be gotten for $50-$75, it may be gone already. If I were in the market for that model, I'd prolly grab it for $99 if it checked out ok (as advertised). I wouldn't get too excited about battery life. Mfrs. tend to... be optimistic.
  2. Ah.... the impetuousness of youth! Best wishes on your journey/quest! Making/meeting some challenge ain't worth a lifetime of regret/pain.
  3. Schirf, I'm sensing a logistics problem from visualizing pursuit of this cache. S'poze GPS coords. do get a seeker within say... 10 to 20 ft. of the encyclopedia (about how accurate mine's been anywhere)--or of the book, what are seekers supposed to do--search every book within that range until they happen upon the hollowed-out encyclopedia? Did the library PTB think that through? (Rhetorical) ...And just curious ('cuz I gotta know... ), where are you getting/who's supplying a set of encyclopedias for hollowing out (and how're you going to do it--chainsaw) ‽ I kinda like the general idea; it's insidious, but I think it's got a few wrinkles bumps to be worked out. FWIW, if you haven't already, goggle: geocaching library. There's a plethora of caches, discussions, articles, ideas, and more to peruse...
  4. Incorrect. There would be no "repeat performances", so to speak. briansnat mentioned, " The general minimum is at least three months " and I would consider that an absolute minimum; realistically, I would expect quite a bit longer. I've addressed the collaboration issue several times already; is it somehow only appearing on my monitor ‽ Then it seems the only issue may be interpretation/negotiation of a "reasonable" time-frame. I've addressed that above, but I hesitate to be bound/constrained by a year (even though, realistically, some could be that long or longer--it depends on my future... ability).
  5. As I've said... That's what this thread has been all about. This strategy would work for my situation. With (estimates I've seen posted here or on YT range from 2.5 to 3 million) geocachers worldwide, I'm dubious that my "situation" is all that unique.
  6. I'm a noob myself, and after some considerable research, settled on a 64st (which I'm still learning--manual is woefully inadequate). Like it fine so far--even with the inferior maps (haven't upgraded to free new ones yet). I saw a vid on YT comparing 64 features to the 62, but it looks like you're even another generation removed.... Here's the process I used for arriving at my choice. YMM--of course--V. Not a parent, so I can't comment on suitability for an 8 yr. old (overkill?). I'm sure he'd grow into it--if it lasts that long(?) I'm retired, and find it challenging/sophisticated enough, but I'm still on the front end of the learning curve. You know your kid best.
  7. Thx--good to know. Did you mean to say that, or is it a typo?
  8. Shortchange? I'm sorry, but I don't think you're comprehending what I've been saying. I'm disabled. I know my limitations. I cannot effectively/reasonably maintain more than a couple/very few sites. Given those limitations, I think it's better to--and I'd rather--well-maintain a couple of sites than place a bunch that would likely fail in short order.
  9. Nevertheless, one doesn't get credit unless one signs/stamps the log.
  10. Didn't start out that way, and I apologize. I've no objection to moving to a different thread. Prolly should have--my bad. Among the items I left this morning were: (All brand-new items in pkg.) Hot Wheel 10 pack of colored dice. 5 pack of JUMBO colored dice. A skill & action game (should survive moisture; complete submersion may do it in) Pkg. of water balloons.
  11. IMO, something needs to be done about addressing/confronting/resolving this issue (wet soggy caches). Fer cryin' outloud, it's so common/prevalent, there's an acronym for it-- Small Wet Abandoned Gifts! I'm reading threads lamenting: the decline of this hobby.... inadequacy of swag.... abominable condition of caches in general.... etc. When 2/3 to 3/4 of the caches I've found personally--from film canisters to plastic "jars" to ammo cans--are soggy, mʊshy, regusting trash caches, I can't help but think much of it (not all by any means--there are certainly other reasons) is due to moisture infiltration. I see a problem in need/search of a solution (or solutions). Many of the objections raised to silica gel packets do have potential solutions (albeit not perfect, but what is?) Saturation can be determined by packets that change color when saturated. Some gel packets are "rechargeable"--they can be dried out and reused--indefinitely. Some sources also suggest there is no harm in overkill (using more/larger packets than required for a particular size container) to assure long-lived efficacy. Packets made of Tyvek® resist tearing & punctures. I'll stop there--I'm not some extremist/fanatic about silica gel (believe it or don't ); I don't think it's the be-all, end-all panacea for mʊshiness, by any means. I only mean to point out that criticisms/objections of ideas (in general) sometimes do have workarounds. I asked for (constructive) alternative suggestions; I still welcome them. There are a lot of creative intelligent folk on this site/in this hobby; putting our heads together, we should be able to figure this thing out. I believe a constructive dialog could solve--or significantly attenuate--the problem. It would benefit us all! And as always... YMMV.
  12. Considering the high percentage of wet caches with mʊshy logs I've been finding lately, would silica gel packets be good swag?
  13. Or just not even think of putting them online at all...ever. What a carppy thing to do. Another reason I (personally--YMMV, and no judgments) don't want to have anything to do with the consarned things.
  14. I envy you that (at ~the same age). The mind/spirit are willing, but the body.... I can't be too old, cuz the music ain't too loud... (yet). We tend to break easier too. After breaking/spraining my hand/wrist last week, I got yelled at today for going down a 10' escarpment after a T=2. (Didn't find/see the path until it was too late.) "If you break anything else, you can walk home!" Worst part was, for all my effort, it was a DNF!
  15. No, I wasn't playing around. "Guide to Buying..." did help, because I knew nothing about GPSrs, and less about what features I would need for geocaching. I found it originally via goggle (it came up in my initial search), and didn't realize it was outdated. By the time I did, I had learned enough to know what was being written about--even if some was... moot. I still think much of it is useful to neophytes. I don't know why it hasn't been updated. "What GPS Should I..." is outdated, but as you noted, an attempt has been made to keep it relevant, and I thought there were some useful nuggets in the discussions (especially pros & cons); they actually helped me rule some of those models out for me. Like I said in my own post, I tend to get very methodical (say what you want about my method(s)). I read everything I can find, and worry about discounting things (e.g. outdated material) later. Sometimes, some very useful information can be gleaned from older sources. My DW uses the same methodology with appliances. She actually likes doing that kind of research, making up spreadsheets (applying analytical stuff I don't even understand), etc.
  16. Likewise, and just for grins, I shrunk the map down and dragged it across the pond. I can see caches in Europe, Asia...
  17. Here are a couple of articles that helped me choose: Guide to Buying a GPS Device What GPS should I buy? and the method I used: What gps device do you use?
  18. IMO, that's a little like asking if DVD/Blu-ray is recommended or can you go with VHS? B/W screens are a bit of a dinosaur; you'd lose a lot, especially if you're talking about updating maps. YMMV.
  19. Free map updates can be gotten, and better than what Garmin sells. Updates of Geocaches are gotten here (Upgraded Membership is advised, but not abs. necessary).
  20. To answer your second question first, yes. I'm too new at this myself to provide details, but I expect someone to be along with them momentarily. As to GPS, after considerable research, I decided to eliminate Magellans; Garmins seem to be the way to go according to almost every rating/review/comparison I found. Many here are using/recommending models in the eTrex series. You can prolly find better deals here, Craigs List, etc. Refurbished is prolly ok with some kind of warranty. Others may have experience. Best Wishes!
  21. There's so much to learn on this site, and so many caches to find, that I missed this. Can you/anyone point me to where you saw/heard it? TIA
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