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  1. I've been thinking about this problem (keeping logs dry) for awhile. I'm not familiar with the particular kind of bag in the OP. The best idea I've come up with so far is flat freezer containers. There are different types, so they'd have to be field tested.
  2. Based on earlier responses, that's what we did. To save time (get out there while the weather was still good) we went to the local pharmacy to pick up a cheap chip. The smallest they had was 32gb, but they were on sale 2/1. So far, so good, but I haven't got the customizing back where I'd like it yet....
  3. Good to know (the first part)--too bad it never came up in any reviews or discussions I'd read/posted to before buying the thing. Checking ahead of time... this last time it went kaflooey, I did. It worked fine the first couple/three times I turned it on, then the next time... nada. If I'd been in the field... IIRC, twice that it happened was after I messed with the menus/customizing things. Everything worked, I made some changes, and turned it off. The the next time I turned it on, it couldn't find the caches. See next response.
  4. No saying one can't do both. If one is going to spend the money on a stamp, why not use it? Write whatever note, and use the stamp as the signature.
  5. and People actually DO that ‽ I've had to give up on many I've pressed "GO" on, realizing at some point or other that they're beyond my ability (T--not D--or distance ) but I've never considered those DNFs. I don't consider it a DNF unless I can't find one at GZ. Then it's the internalized debate of whether I've missed something, it's been muggled, or something else.
  6. I suggest you spend some time watching geocache/gadget cache vids on Youtube.
  7. By "plain sight" in the thread topic, I thought the OP meant something different. We once followed a trail a short way into the woods to find an ammo box sitting atop a bare 3' high knoll. I moved it 3 feet to behind a fallen tree just out of concern that it'd be muggled.
  8. Does that mean due to a string of DNFs, or might it happen just because nobody looked for it in a long time? It also makes me wonder if a health score or CO might be penalized for hiding a cache too well? Perhaps the algorithm accounts for high D/T in that respect?
  9. Congratulations, and I hope she puts up with your obsession with a smile after the nuptials. (Might be a discussion that needs to be had. )
  10. I've logged 2 where ants had taken over the cache and nested (eggs inside cache container). Everything in the container was literally crawling with the little buggers (pun intended). In both cases, it was because someone had put comestibles/scented items in the cache.
  11. You might (or might not) think differently if you read the actual logs (which is why I posted a link to the cache). What's happened in this case is the container has disappeared entirely, leaving only a log, in apparently continually deteriorating condition.
  12. POP QUIZ... In prepping for a breakfast GC Event this morning, we checked out the area (some distance from home) to see if there were any GCs worth pursuing afterward. One of those found was: GC2QNXR Log Summary: Problems First Noted: 6/19/2015 (No "NM" logged--No Acknowledgment--No Action Taken). Seven more "Found" Logs (8/27/15 -- 9/3/16), Six of which mention problems requiring attention. CO Last Visited: 10/15/2016. Two more "Found" Logs (11/13/16), One of which comes back & logs "NM". First "NM" Logged: 11/26/2016 (No Acknowledgment--No Action Taken). 2 More "Found" Logs. Second "NM" Logged: 6/11/2017 (No Acknowledgment--No Action Taken). Another "Found" Log: 7/14/2017. As of This Posting (9/17/17), No Acknowledgment--No Action Taken--in 27 Months. I'm considering logging "NA", even though I've never actually attempted finding this cache, which brings up another question related to the OP.... Back to hypotheticals.... Can/should a "NM" or "NA" be logged even if/though one has never actually seen/attempted a find (going just on the strength of Log entries)?
  13. Well, shut my mouth and call me, "Cornpone". Thing was working just fine until this morning, then whammo--it went kaflooey again. Now I am stumped completely, not to mention frustrated & infuriated. Can't trust a frat, and now can't trust a Garmin...
  14. I know this is an old thread, but apparently there is still a problem. I've just encountered it--"No Geocaches Found"--even though the .gpx files appear on my 64st (I've long since deleted the pre-loaded .ggz files). My suspicion--from this recent experience--is that it may be Windows related. Here's why... Until last night, I've had no problems (of this nature) whatsoever. I've been doing everything directly--copying/dragging/deleting extracted .gpx files on & off the 64st directly via File Explorer (not using Basecamp, GSAK, or anything else). My computer is a bit outdated--I'm still running Vista. Coupla days ago, I ran into a problem of trying to fit too many .gpx files onto the 64st. In trying to solve that problem, I downloaded GSAK onto my DW's laptop, which is running Windows 10 (because GSAK ostensibly won't run on Vista*). I plugged the 64st into her laptop to copy the .gpx files into GSAK. After disconnecting it is when I started getting the "No Geocaches Found" message. I didn't immediately make the connection; I tried looking up troubleshooting the 64st, which recommended things like removing & replacing the batteries, backing up data files & restoring factory settings... None of that worked--then I found this thread, and LukePackham's mention above... Not USB, but Windows! (methinks ) I still had copies of everything that was on the 64st from before copying onto it, so (as described above) I deleted everything in the Garmin/GPX directory, powered it up (to recognize the files had been deleted), recopied the (presumably uncorrupted) .gpx files back onto the 64st, powered it up again, and VOYLA! Now I've still got to reconfigure the 64st again, but things could be worse. I could be wrong, but since everything was fine before getting Windows 10/GSAK involved, and went kaflooey immediately after, it doesn't seem too far-fetched to me to suspect/wonder about something there... Does this make sense to anyone else? Or could it be GSAK? I dunno. YMMV. * GSAK only runs on Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
  15. I won't argue, Assasin (Momma told me, "NEVER argue with an Assassin!" ) but I observe that the converse is also likely: the more experience you have finding caches, the better you're likely to be at where & how to hide them. There are--of course--exceptions, and no guarantees.
  16. On the advice of some folks I met at a GC Picnic Event, I've been (slowly--as I learn the MAH-SHEEN ) removing some screens--and rearranging others--to make the unit more efficient for our GC outings. (I'm sure many here have done the same.) One screen I'd really like to re-arrange is--[first image below]. I see that on an earlier model (GPSMAP 62) the screen did look slightly different (reasons not germane to this question)--[second image below]. Is there any way--front door or back--of re-arranging this menu? For us, the ideal order would be something like--[third image below].
  17. Profuse apologies--found problem after another 1.5 hrs. of trial & hair-pulling. Somehow a filter had been applied on GPSr. Didn't even know it could do that--I've always applied filters when generating PQs. Date of filter indicates it may have been when I was showing it to visitors, and they were playing around with it. My face is sufficiently red.
  18. Just ran a very local (20 mile) and limited (Trad., Reg., ALL/<=3) PQ for this weekend, and I've noticed that some DNF caches within those parameters show up, while others don't. Have triple-checked the caches criteria. Any guesses what I'm doing wrong? TIA
  19. Actually, it happened to us 2 days ago, and it's happened once before (that I can think of). If birdhouses are a bad idea, who's going to tell WVTim?
  20. Yeah, there was that cache in Yellowstone...
  21. Huh? I didn't say there was inaction, nor did I say the OP's action was not reasonable. I expressed my own feeling/point of view on the subject; anyone is free to consider or ignore.
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