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  1. 46 minutes ago, canyonlander said:

     I guess they don't sell as many hiking units and that's why the data is outrageously expensive.

    Given the number of models they have for handhelds vs. cars, I wonder.  I really don't know how much competition they have in the auto market, but from what I've read here, they seem to have pretty much of a lock on handhelds, so it could be a matter of what they can get away with, (i.e. when you're the only game in town...)


    I used my 64s in the backcountry in Utah last month and spent quite a bit of time prior to my trip simply finding out how to mark a new waypoint at the cursor location- not intuitive at all, and a feature that is very useful when backpacking.

    :lol:  I'm sorry, but that really struck me funny.  Out of curiosity, what did you think the "MARK" button did/was for?  (It's very useful when geocaching as well. ;))

    BTW, another thing my unit didn't seem to like is when I reconfigured it (move/delete a lot of menu items to make it more efficient/usable for me).  A couple times, after setting things up the way I wanted them, the cache files all seemed to disappear, even though they were still there in the directory.  I still haven't figured that all out, but following advice from the other thread (I tried everything suggested) I found out someone had--unbeknownst to me--messed with the filter, and I wound up putting all the caches on a microSD, so I could pull it and reinstall in case the "bug" or whatever occurred in the field.

  2. 10 hours ago, canyonlander said:

    What is the best way to get geocaches loaded into my unit?

    I agree, it depends.  Most of the time, I do use PQs, but there have been lists & single files I've loaded singly/separately.  Each cache page has a button to send a .GPX file (which contains the most information) to your computer/unit.  There's also an option (under LOG GEOCACHE) to add a cache to a list you can download later.  I think you can do that as Basic Member, but not positive.

    I've never used Basecamp or any other software (I've downloaded GSAK, but haven't figured it out yet) for getting files from here and putting them on my 64st.  So far, I've gotten along fine.  YMMV.


    I do see the geocache as having been saved in the GPX directory, but it's not showing up in my unit.

    I've been having some problems with that, that I haven't exactly figured out myself.  It may have to do with (not) disconnecting your GPSr in safe mode, or needing to reload it.  See GPX or GGZ (toward the end).


    Once I get that to work, then how does the unit put something into the "Geocaching" screen versus just a regular waypoint?

    It knows the difference.  It helped me to set the unit up with the geocaching "profile" and geocaching "dashboard", but IIRC, caches should still show up when you select geocaching from the menu.


    Do I need a premium membership in order to load more than one geocache at a time into my unit?

    I don't recall if there's a limit on how many you can load individually, or if there's a limit on lists.  Trial & error or checking out the sections on membership privileges.


    Is there any wireless way to get geocaches into my GPSr?

    The only way I've used that feature so far was when I was at an event, and another geocacher wanted a cache that was on my unit.  I set mine to send, he set his to receive, and AFAIK, he got the whole file for that cache. (He checked after the transfer).


  3. So far, no-one's made a phone with large enough keys for my snausages finnerz.  (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :P)  I carry a small notebook (or scrap of paper) to make field notes, and then sit down at my desk & log them at my leisure.

  4. EVERYONE...


    Gimme a little credit.  I'm not about to just fling something out in the woods and submit it--I've watched far too many gadget cache vids on Y-tube, and I'm far too devious creative to do that.  I'm taking my time until the idea, location, and time--are all right. ;)

  5. 15 hours ago, niraD said:

    When I read "Mega Cache Container", I assumed that you meant ...

    Yeah, I thought it meant something larger than a "Large" (5 gal/20 liter or larger), but since "Large" is anything larger than that, the term seemed meaningless. :blink: 

    At the stated dimensions, this "Mega Cache Container" is barely ~13 liters (taking the rounded corners and shouldered opening/lid into account); not even "Large"--just "Regular".

    A .50 cal ammo can is roughly half the size (~7 liters) and can be gotten for about the same price--but without the UV issues.

  6. 1 hour ago, Viajero Perdido said:

    You've been bamboozled by Groundspeak's out-of-date maps (1.5 years) which are based on OpenStreetMap.

    At first glance, I was thinking this might have been what happened to me yesterday, but thinking for a second--it couldn't be.

    I was tracking down a cache along the edge of a (large) creek.  I was 30 ft. from the edge, yet my 64 showed me walking along the middle of the (40'-50' wide) creek.  That's like a 50' error(?).  The only maps I've got in the thing are the ones Garmin included.  I laughed about it at the time.  I even located the cache, but can't log it cuz I couldn't get to it to sign the log due to the steep embankment.

  7. 1 hour ago, thebruce0 said:

    I wonder how many charges of "the cache probably isn't there" and "but caches are meant to be found!" and "why would anyone place a cache they didn't want to be found" this CO received for 10 years... merely because it was difficult. :ph34r:

    I've gotten some of those just asking hypothetical questions. :P

    Something tells me I'm going to get into big trouble once I actually start hiding caches...  :ph34r:

  8. 4 hours ago, barefootjeff said:

    Going back through the logs, it often gets batches of several DNFs in a row. The longest one was seven (not quite justintim1999's magical ten but close), after which some "helpful" soul with 8000 finds dropped a film cannister throwdown, followed very soon afterwards by a terse note from a previous finder saying the original cache was still there but they couldn't find the dadgum throwdown to dispose of it.

    I don't know if it's the heat here, the lack of sleep or coffee, or what, but that strikes me funny this am. :rolleyes:

  9. :huh:  I'm not following; I thought you were looking for ideas for gadget & mystery caches.  There's no reason I can think of that those types of caches have to go on business/commercial properties, and very few are actually on those kinds of properties (though some/many are on private property).  The one I found most recently was in the deep woods of a county park.

    With a little thought/effort, most ideas should be adaptable.


  10. 11 hours ago, justintim1999 said:

    All anyone has to do is ask themselves that same question. How many dnf's on one of your caches would prompt you to head out and take a look? 

    I don't think I could put a specific number on it--too many variables, and as has been noted, depends on the reasons for the DNFs.


    How long would it take you to respond to a NM?

    Me, or some average/typical person?  Again, there are variables.  I'm not even sure yet what's average/typical in this game; therefore I don't have a handle on what's reasonable, and a reasonable length of time is--IMO--the answer.  I think the reviewers may have a better idea of that--they're ostensibly dealing with hundreds of these things a year.

    With one cache I recently thought was missing, the CO responded to my NM literally within minutes (dumb luck & totally unexpected) and said he'd look into it within a couple days.  It took him 5 (IIRC) but I'm not complaining.  Another cache I reported as possibly missing took the CO a week to acknowledge.  It's now been a month with no further action, and said CO hasn't been on here since 8/27.  I'm not complaining about that one either (though I am wondering/curious).

    Meanwhile, I'll just keep on cachin'... (...to the tune of Truckin'  :P)

  11. 3 hours ago, HHL said:

    NB: Actually you are uploading a file onto your GPSr. ;-)

    How is that determined?  When I down(?)load a PQ from here, I save it directly into my GPSr's GPX directory, (or now into the GPX directory on the microSD chip inside the GPSr.  That's still uploading?

  12. 4 hours ago, justintim1999 said:

    There's no reason why anyone shouldn't be able to  look at any cache page and instantly know the overall health of that cache.  At least that should be the goal.    

    Yes, it should be the goal, but for some reason, many people seem afraid/reluctant to say anything critical about a cache whatsoever.  Many we've found had long strings of "Found"s, with no critical commentary, yet when we got there.... YEESH!  Dirt/mud, bugs, moisture/sitting water, rust, holes/cracks, mildew, unidentifiable... (well, it was unidentifiable).  Is "Tftc" code for problems?

    I think lack/absence of full-compliance candor (and since that's subjective, it can be difficult to ensure) not to mention in/actions of COs (like deleting logs they don't like) complicates achieving that goal.  YMMV.

    How far back should someone reasonably have to look to determine overall health?  5 logs? 10? 20? Back to publishing?  IMO, more than 5 isn't "instantly" and I say that only because that's generally how many are loaded into my GPS in a PQ.  I try to check caches out before going into the field, but in the real world, things happen, and it's not unusual to have to improvise and pursue some we hadn't planned ahead.  5 logs is all the "Health check" that can be done on the spot.


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  13. 19 hours ago, NanCycle said:

    If a cache is submitted and the reviewer is not told that it's buried, is the reviewer going to ask about every cache?  And what if the CO says it isn't, just so they don't have to provide proof of permission?  

    I think that--or something similar--could be said/asked about every prohibition in the guidelines (e.g. railroads, transportation hubs, underpasses, fastening to trees, etc.)

    I originally wrote something very similar to hzoi above, but you can't preemptively stop someone from lying/intentional misrepresentation.

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