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  1. At the risk of repeating myself, "... it's subjective, .... differs on myriad forums, and YMMV." [edited for emphasis] Example: (and where I'm coming from...) I know of several ~medical support groups that use rep points (or something similar/like them) to differentiate between posters/posts that are respected for being grounded, well-researched, helpful/useful, timeless vs. those that are popular, entertaining, ephemeral, and/or appeal to emotion rather than reason, etc. How/what they'll wind up here on Geocaching.com (important/useful or unimportant/useless or something else entirely), time will tell, as will how (seriously) they're received/taken. Personally, I'd give more weight to the intent of those who established them (or activated the feature in the software), which--unfortunately--seems a bit nebulous to me at this time. Maybe they're not sure themselves, and are running it up the pole & see what happens(?) The discussion I've found thus far starts here. Another reference (that I quoted above) starts here. And, of course, we're churning the waters HERE.
  2. Again, thanks for the input/letting me pick your brains (Ewww.... BRAINS!!!)
  3. Thanks folks! These last 2 posts were very helpful re: my own questions re the GCMAP64st
  4. IMO, that renders Rep points meaningless, so why bother having them at all?
  5. FWIW, the "Pros" specify making the design ¼" smaller than the coin, so for a 1½" (typical average size) coin, the design should be no larger than 1¼". I've been toying around with a similar idea myself (designer before retirement, and I just can't stop designing stuff). Inexpensive desktop laser cutters can now be had for <= $300, and some mfrs are now making 3-way units (Laser Cutter/3D Printer/CNC Mill) for small/reasonable money. See Goggle. I have a personal aversion to urethane, so I'd prolly go with a good quality spray lacquer for finish/protection. In addition to protection, it brings out the color/grain/beauty of the natural wood--just makes a nicer finished product, IMO.
  6. IMO, that changes the definition/intent of the reputation point (I've run into these on other forums over the years). AFAIK, putting +1 as a response to a post is tantamount to saying "Ditto" or "I agree", whereas reputation points are more like, "WOW, this is a really great post-- it has value. One is shorthand; the other is a vote of quality. Sure, it's subjective, and differs on myriad forums, and YMMV.
  7. After innumerable hours of research, (I think ) I'm ready to take the plunge and get a Garmin GPSMAP64st. I could use a sounding board for what kinds of accessories/extras I should be thinking about getting with/for it. I realize a lot of answers fall into the "it depends" category, but that's where the sounding board comes in--other peoples' opinions, observations, & experiences to help make better decisions/not repeat mistakes. IIRC, I've read here that it can take several hours to load some (kinds of) files into the unit, so is there some kind of AC/wall adapter I should be getting? Is that the same as... Serial Data/Power Cable? Automotive Navigation Kit? (DW has asked about being able to use it for driving) Case/Cover? (Can't see/tell difference between 010-11526-10 and 010-11526-00) Remote Antenna? (though I have no idea what that would be for--I'm tech-challenged) NiMH Battery worthwhile? Can 3rd party be gotten for less? While I've seen many admonitions that getting a microSD™ card is wise/highly advisable, I haven't been able to get a handle on what size card to get. (Yeah, I know... it depends... Let's assume the condom principle. ) Unit has 8 GB internal memory. Recommended so far is a Class 10 card formatted to FAT 32, but how many GB, and is Class 10 really going to be noticeably better/faster than Class 4 or 6? (I read that a GPS won't be writing to the SD card--just reading, so class 10 may not be necessary, but again--tech challenged.) Can the card be (re-)formatted in the unit? Also, better to get one large card or multiple small ones? Anything I've missed/forgotten/overlooked? Any cautions/opinions/wisdom on this choice of unit? ("State" models are nice, but a bit too pricey for us) Profuse gratitude...
  8. Likewise (newbie). I'm sure what'll irk me most hasn't happened yet, but the above just happened to me today. Also as a noob, I've been binge-watching GC vids on YT, and there are definitely some irksome things (and personalities) there. When I started watching (and getting curious about/interested in GC) I was watching just about everything. It wasn't long before I began reading the listings more carefully for length, who they were made/posted by, etc...
  9. Do all that many cachers carry UV flashlights as part of their regular accoutrements/paraphernalia?
  10. One of my first was a TB hotel. Being a noob, I didn't think twice about it being in a yard (I had seen many YT vids depicting yard hides). The description was very clear and accurate, and I could see the cache as I drove by the yard (had to go past & turn around to park). In the future, I guess I'll fall back on the old... "it depends..." I hope the OP informed the CO, so CO could liaise with the aggrieved neighbor. IME, Fresh home-baked pies can work miracles. I've also considered putting one on my own property (if/when I get to that point). Still on the fence, and likely will be for some time--my property is large enough, but landlocked between neighbors, so access would have to be between houses or in my front yard (which might be the least objectionable option). Just don't know yet--lots to consider...
  11. Ran into a skunk on my very first cache a couple of weeks ago. Just as I was about to enter the brush, I caught some movement in my peripheral--looked just in time to see that flash of black & white about the size of a football disappear into the undergrowth. Proceeded with caution--lucked out and didn't see him/her again. I was actually glad I didn't bring Ol' Furface along on this one... Expecting/hoping to see many many more critters (not necessarily stinkers) in adventures to come...
  12. I was wondering how some folks have [space]s in their handles (?) (Sorry, couldn't get multi-quote to work right.)
  13. FWIW, those states are both in the "Bible Belt". Honestly, if it were my grave, I'd be delighted if someone found a use for it (and the surrounding area) other than just a repository for my ultimate contribution to compost/recycling. I also realize I'm likely in an outlying minority in this respect. I can't help but think about the many cemeteries in this country that are historically relevant because of the grave sites they contain. Some (I'm thinking celebrity sites) sell maps, offer tours... Check out goggle for videos of all kinds of cemeteries. As far as confrontations, it's been my experience that there is a subset of people in some menial jobs who get on power trips; they may have been given some duty/responsibility that in their own inflated self importance blossoms into something far above & beyond their actual job description, Couple that with individuals of certain opinions/values, and you've got a recipe for confrontation--NO MATTER WHAT. This can also include some individuals in the "nosy neighbor" category. A skill that has helped me in dealing with such individuals is the ability to read people, and to think fast on my feet. Short of that, I would try to come up with a plausible answer ahead of time. (See potential trouble coming before it does.) This doesn't necessarily mean a lie, either. In a similar situation to the OP's (I wasn't there, so I can't really evaluate), I might have said I was doing research (well...). Beyond that, it depends. It helps some that I also have some training in dealing with irate neighbors and conflict resolution. Again, I defer to goggle for elucidation/specifics.
  14. I figured that much out, but after I previewed, I wanted to go back and continue the post, but couldn't figure out how. I tried going back one page, but wound up losing what I had composed, and had to start from scratch. mphmumbletechnology...
  15. Doggone if the online translators aren't fickle and have changed to what I originally chose. So I changed it back, and I don't care what they do from here on, I'm sticking with this one; I like it better anyway...
  16. Of course! My autograph and the vibrations I leave are worth... priceless!
  17. Not confusing--misreading, but you're absolutely right--my bad. :blush:
  18. Yossarian, you're a very weird person.
  19. I agree. You might be surprised how few muggles are actually paying attention (or care) what someone else is doing unless it's something that begs to be noticed. (Setting oneself on fire, screaming, doing acrobatics...) I once hesitated retrieving a cache in a park because there was a vehicle parked some distance away. Turned out the driver wasn't even in the vehicle, but off doing something in the wilds... (I didn't ask/care either).
  20. One of the few caches I sought said right in the description to "bring a tweezers". I've carried one since. <shrug>
  21. 37!! I'm over 60 (Egad--did I just say that ‽) but my brain is still in my 20s. Unfortunately, when I was 45, my doctor told me my body was in its 90s (no, not drugs... Just bad genes ) But like they say... I may get older, but I refuse to grow up! (or was it, "Getting old is not for sissies" --I forget...)
  22. Hmmm... Cold hard cash might be nice... Gold bars, gems, winning powerball tickets... whatever you have lying around...
  23. ROTFLMAO! I'm sorry. I'm admittedly a noob myself (with only 8 finds at this writing), but I've been searching through dozens (hundreds?) of caches in my area, and of those <= (the only ones I can get to--I'm disabled with a cane), I haven't found any (save one, and that was... underwhelming) larger than a pill bottle. I'm planning a celebration for when I find something containing more than a slip of paper requiring a jewelers loop to read/sign, but I'm not holding my breath... Before anyone jumps on this--yes, I know it's about the hunt--not the find. My point is, IME, beginning caches <> beginning terrains; on the contrary, there seems to be a disconnect. YMMV.
  24. It's Latin. I had originally chosen something slightly different (and arguably technically more accurate and distinctive ) but the online translators felt differently.
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