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  1. Well, the last couple of posts have convinced me to hold off (at least for the time being) on getting that memory card for the 64st. It appears (if I'm reading this right) that even with updated maps and every cache in the world (which is far more than I care to load at 1 time--no judgment) I won't fill the 8GB of on-board memory. Profuse gratitude!
  2. I'm prolly one of the 1% that always has/does (even before the relevant SP episode, [title/link omitted due to family-friendly nature of this site]). In some instances, checking the box and clicking the acceptance has been construed the same as signing a legal document. Would you sign without reading it? Astoundingly, many people do that too, but I digress... I have a real problem with the POV that there should be a minimum # of caches found before hiding one, or some other "Literacy Test". OTOH, I know why some feel that way. That said, the OP makes me wonder what else s/he doesn't know about this "game" that s/he should. My suggestion is that s/he go back and actually watch/read ALL of what's available on this site about this subject. Geocaching—Hide a Geocache
  3. You say that as if it's rare. I must have found 100 blinkies in my career, and I think only one wasn't purchase from a geocaching store. No doubt! A geocaching store would be a perfect example. I'm still a noob (~2 weeks). What I know (so far) is what I've seen on some YT vids and what I'm picking up on this site. What I surmise is that buying pre-/ready-built gadget caches (what I was thinking when I wrote the above) is... let's say... uncommon, because--to quote Bill Maher, "I don't know it for a fact, I just know it's true."
  4. I don't disagree at all--just making an observation, and following through as a sort of thought experiment. Neither do/would I--as a lifelong gamer--advocate or condone such practices, however they're beginning to occur in this hobby, and there are precedents: Boring game? Hire a player Now You Can Hire Someone to Play Pokémon Go for You
  5. IC. That sounds like a multi. I guess I would see that as the latter type--gadget containers where the puzzle is to get (indirectly in this case) to the [log] container. Yes, 'tis a puzzlement. I'm pondering the same conundrum for when the time comes.
  6. Whatever you leave, crafty or otherwise, my best advice is make sure it's something that will survive the local (to the cache) climate and water. I opened a cache recently that had an item or 2 that had obviously been made (& left) with love & care, but water seepage (rain, ground, condensation) had rendered those items... undesirable. I haven't taken anything yet, but I've begun collecting for if/when I do--items I'd like to find myself, age & gender neutral. What I won't leave is "junk"--just for the sake of leaving something. Just a matter of personal taste.
  7. I got the impression (from watching some YT vids on GC Events) that there is a percentage of COs out there that (essentially) hire someone to build (or otherwise supply) their caches for them (buying/selling pre-built gadget caches, containers, etc.) Hiring someone to manage them seems like a logical consequent. YMMV. Unfortunately, the other shoe is players hiring someone to find their GCs for them. I had a**-u-me-d (silly me) that this was/would be "against the rules", but the more I learn about this activity, I'm learning that--as in so many other pursuits--there are loopholes.
  8. Autocorrect sure does some funny things. Freudian Autocorrect?
  9. Pardon my noobïveté, but is there any other kind? Fine blurry gray line (IMO) between gadget containers where the puzzle is just to open the [log?] container, and gadget containers where the puzzle is to get to the [log] container. Or am I misconstruing your meaning? Is there some other kind of gadget cache? I love the idea of gadget caches (as I understand them to be); they're probably the determining reason I got interested in GCing, and it's my aspiration to build & hide innovative/original GC² (Is there a unique acronym/abbreviation for them?) of my own. I say the idea because I haven't actually found one yet, and from the ongoing perusal of caches in my area, it appears I may have to do some considerable traveling to find one. I've seen many--if not all--of those videoed by cliptwings and RoombaCats (and probably others here--profuse apologies for not recognizing names), and appreciate their ingenuity. As far as how they should be labeled/listed, I... don't really have an opinion, short of making them a separate cache type, which (not knowing the rationale for why they haven't been) I spoze I'd support. Short of that, I think there are some valid points on all sides.
  10. .... Somehow I get the feeling we're not on the same page here.... (or maybe the same book, library, language, or... planet? ) The only medication ad I've seen on TV lately is this one.
  11. Move it back a month and it'll coincide with Worldwide Articulate as Thou Wert a Freebooter for 24 Hours (or something like that... "Arrrgh," says I)
  12. Thank you both. Leave it to the Germans (which I'm half ) to associate boring with a friggin' machine gun! (Not to mention, what ever happened to fabled German engineering?... ) <Sigh> I think there's prolly a 420 joke in there someplace, but I'm pooped from cachin' all afternoon.
  13. LOL! I just got a mental flash of you saying that to Michelangelo... just before he drives a chisel into your head. Humankind's been decorating rock(s) since... well... since there's been humankind (cave paintings). In my youth I used to feel the same way about body art--but I've mellowed a bit. Now I just smile--biting a hole clean through my lip...
  14. Could be. A lot of folks do those nowadays; I have no idea how many GCs are doing it. I recently saw a vid on YT of a GC who does acrylic painted rocks. I think she said she puts one in each cache she finds (that will accommodate them)--kind of a signature drop. Apparently, her "minions" are in fairly high demand. I'm not suggesting you do or don't do what someone else is doing, but whatever you do, do something that's yours, and sign them--ya never know. If done right, they might also make nice trackables.
  15. That's generally not done due to electrolysis/galvanic corrosion. But as colleda noted, there are ways around it.
  16. IME, park managers & such DO--on occasion--move these things (as well as picnic tables, BBQs... and in some cases I can think of, even TRAILS!) And I pretty much agree with the rest of cerberus1s' observations. I've been wondering the same question (about how often caches go missing) from a newbie GC POV, as many I've searched for haven't been there, come to find out they've been muggled. Could this be one reason we're seeing fewer reg/large caches and so many small/micro/nano caches? Or do they need to be hidden better than we think they're being hidden? Or is it just bad luck/coincidence? To the OP, I think 4 is too small a sample to make any assumptions/conclusions.
  17. I think it's an excellent point re active vs. "inactive" (sorry--not familiar with the official term) cemeteries. OTOH, one cemetery in my area that has an active cache is both active and historical (established 1838) with many historically relevant... "sites". And as I noted earlier, there are many cemeteries (nationally) that are still active that offer tours, etc. This is a tough question, and one that I don't think can--or necessarily should be--resolved by a hard & fast rule. If there's one thing that's been shown in this thread, it's that many/most of us ARE sensitive about the issue, and will respect the rights/sensibilities of others.
  18. I agree. I'm doing only a few/week, and with some judicious cutting & pasting of the cache listings & goggle maps (I'm not even using a GPS or phone yet) into OneNote, I'm not doing so badly--fitting 2-5 caches on an 8.5 x 11.
  19. Apologies for the non sequitur; I'm considering a 64st. Are you/will you be using a MicroSD chip, and if so, what size (GB) for those numbers of caches? Thanks.
  20. If you had come out and said that to begin with, we wouldn't have had to put any thought or discussion into it--just pointed to your intent. Thanks for the clarification... finally.
  21. Depends on how good a painter you are... I left a similar answer on the other thread ('cuz I read that one first). What I'll add now is to consider the climate you're in: Crayons melt Pens freeze or dry up (Pencils are better IMO) Batteries also suffer effects of extreme climates A lot of what I've seen lately has been destroyed/ruined by water, whether rain seepage, condensation, other. So if it'll freeze, melt, or otherwise be affected by temperature or water, think twice or find something else that won't be.
  22. I'd think twice if they're old enough to be lead (or containing lead) without at least attaching a warning label. Also check on the local/regional legality of what you can/cannot do with old lead figures. If not lead, then nevermind...
  23. I'm aware of the other threads on this topic--I just happen to be here now, so... I'm finding enough too much "junk", so I'll be putting in things I wouldn't mind finding myself.
  24. I haven't become familiar with all the rules/ins & outs of trackables yet (I can only absorb so much at a time), but wouldn't (or shouldn't) claiming possession of something you haven't actually held in your own hands be contrary to the spirit of the hunt (or game, or whatever)?
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