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  1. I like that--it's concise and profound. I hope it bears out.
  2. By that reasoning, there should be no problem with RoombaCats' sliding puzzle cache for the same reason--the container is isn't part of the gadget. I'm a bit surprised no-one has quoted the exact rule (and if they have and I missed it, I apologize). Geocaches are never buried, neither partially nor completely. If one has to dig or create a hole in the ground when placing or finding a geocache, it is not allowed.
  3. If s/he's still willing to proceed after all this, I wish him/her the best of luck... S/he'll need it.
  4. I happened across my first TB yesterday, and had planned to spend the next day or two reading up on them to learn the right thing(s) to do about/with it. After reading this thread, all I want to do is get rid of the thing and hope I never find another one again. It seems whatever the original intent/purpose, it is now moot and pointless--just another piece of swag.
  5. Hi John, That makes 2 of us, in more ways than 6.
  6. Since when is there an age component? Isn't that like saying, "Never trust a politician past the age of [Fill in Blank]" or "Never trust a politician.... period!"?
  7. That's what was unclear to me. Yes, without the commercial aspect, I think it's a small distinction. Anyone help me out here; I'm too new to know... DO any of the satellite businesses that have grown up around this hobby (the ones that sell GC gear, supplies, coins, apps, etc.) have/own or sponsor any caches/hides? As long as they don't violate Listing Guideline #4, would you even know?
  8. I'm guessing you mean used/full(?) My DW suggested leaving unused ones wrapped up with a surgical glove & twistie, for folks who GC with their furballs, but forgot/ran out. It's been... disappointing, but I'm determined to keep a more positive attitude, and do what I can to be part of the solution.
  9. Something special you'd care to share, or just for consistency's sake?
  10. That doesn't surprise me. (I just discovered Handicaching this morning while I was posting my previous.) I appreciate there are kind folks like yourself who'd do something like that, but I think it'd be even rarer for someone to ask, or even take you up on the offer. (Self-esteem & all.) But someone who, like I said, had the resources to hire it done, yeah, sure. But yeah, rare. So rare, I don't think there's a business there.
  11. Not wearing my reading glasses--read "tiling" as "tilling", and for a brief second had a very bizarre visual... Love the cache idea, but I can see some possible issues--hope you can/have resolve(d) them. The small log container may be a maintenance botheration--got replacements? Might someone try to remove the end-cap with the handle (kinda looks like it's spozeta be removed that way). Some may still (especially if vexed by the solution) try to remove the log container via the end that screws off (prying it out with sticks, etc.) If the string trimmer nubs don't work out, either a piece of plastic or leather with an ☼ cut into it might work (or a 1" check valve)
  12. ??? Isn't that what we're talking about? ? Could you please clarify; that appears self-contradictory with the previous statement. I believe that, but that doesn't necessarily mean such a need doesn't exist, nor a desire. I think the issue might be volume--is there enough of a need/desire within a geographical area/range to make such a venture feasible. Spoze... (I'm big on "spozin'" ) there were a person/persons who desired to concoct various types of caches--standard, mystery , gadget/puzzle caches, multi-s, etc.--but was/were unable to maintain (or possibly even place) them as they would care to, yet had the resources to pay someone else to perform those tasks for them? Granted, even with several million geocachers worldwide, I'd be surprised (delighted, but surprised) if there were enough people who fall into that category (especially the last part) within a geographical area to support/warrant such an endeavor.
  13. I'll--pardon the expression--pass. But seriously, what if whoever finds it doesn't... um... possess what it takes?
  14. Sounds interesting & fun. Wish I were closer geographically, so I could pursue it.
  15. So this is nothing new? Please elucidate!
  16. I've been working on ideas for coins, but this idea intrigues me too. I was going to ask what went on one, but I found some good examples on goggle images. Creepy... Disgusting... Weird... Sick... I LOVE it! You DO know that the Necronomicon originated with H.P. Lovecraft, right? Has anyone ever found/left a lump of coal? Anthracite, of course; bituminous and lignite are too... messy.
  17. niraD is correct. Having just gone through this a coupla times in my brief tenure here (Due to online translator inconsistencies, I briefly changed my username to RufusAllec, then changed it back.), it was a simple matter to check all my logs thus far. What didn't change were posts in which I was quoted (e.g. this post ). So far, that's all I've seen, but I may not have seen/noticed everything.
  18. That's what I meant; it never occurred to me that--in this day & age--someone would save without specifying a destination. Thanks for elucidating for me.
  19. Since the GPSr is already connected to the computer, couldn't you just 'Save File' directly into the Garmin\GPX folder of your GPSr? Or is there some reason for the (seemingly) redundant step?
  20. I've only been doing this a coupla weeks now--12 finds as of this writing.... Out of just those 12: 2 were within 150 ft. of active RR tracks At least 2 (and a DNF) were placed w/o property owners permission (I doubt the COs even know who the property owners are). Quite a few (at least another dozen) I've been looking at for the near future also fall into this category. 1 was fastened to a tree with screws (permission may have been given for this--I don't know). As a noob, I'm in a bit of a quandary, as I suspect other conscientious noobs may be. I understand the intent/reasons of/for most of these rules/guidelines, and while I agree with most of them (and will adhere to them regardless), there are a couple/few I think should be adjudicated a bit more flexibly--common sense & all... (e.g. IMO, partially burying a cache should be treated the same way as attaching a cache to a tree--there are some instances it should be allowed. Example?). I'm also quite uncomfortable being a "new guy" and put in the situation of playing "cache cop". Do I "Report a problem", drop the CO a private "heads up"/observation/suggestion, turn a blind eye, ignore it? While I want to support this activity/hobby by good example, I don't want to get a reputation as a hardbutt and start off making a pain of myself (and possibly enemies/hard feelings) either. WHAT'S A NOOB TO DO ‽ ‽ ‽
  21. I hadn't noticed they were missing but it was a feature I used occasionally. It was often useful to reference a specific post in a long thread when either the context got lost or it was one that answered a question. I concur; I've participated in quite a few forums over the eons--many that used the same/similar software. Message/post numbers can really enhance forum utility. I'd be surprised if a software update (vs. a different pkg. entirely--I don't really know which this is) didn't have that feature, though mayhaps it's "turned off"?
  22. I don't know where you moved from, but living there, it might pay to learn a bit about the Native (American) cultures. Talking Stick
  23. Take your pick... Why People Cheat There have also been many lengthy discussions in (what used to be Usenet Newsgroup) rec.games.board which can now be found in Goggle Groups. If you click on that link and search for discussions re: cheating, you'll find a drop-down with many choices. That doesn't really scratch the surface. As a contributor to that group for over 10 years (when it was still on Usenet before Goggle "adopted" it, I can attest that the topic of cheating and why people (would) do it was one of the most rehashed topics there. I'm sure there are a few topics like that here. Another searchable forum can be found on BoardgameGeek.com, where result #s re: cheating are similar. I notice that there seem to be a number of GCers on that site now as well...
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